Holidays! British VS American | Evan Edinger & Bry

Holidays! British VS American | Evan Edinger & Bry

Hi there everybody, so today I’m here with
my friend Bry. Hi.
And we’re on holiday. And you have called this video American VS
British. It’s part of a series.
Even though I’m Irish. You wouldn’t change the title for me.
You know some British customs though right? Oh yeah. We all do.
I mean, you’re part of the area. Right.
Europe-ish. Ok.
Ireland is like best buds. Evan, it’s alright.
Let’s just make the video. So today we wanted to talk about the cool
and interesting differences between holidays cause we’re on holiday so I was like why
not! Let’s do it. Let’s do it. The biggest holiday for family at least where
I’m from is Thanksgiving. Like that’s where all your extended family comes around
a big table, eats turkey, yams, sweet potatoes, you got some marshmallow on those yams, those
candied yams. You got stuffing. There’s pumpkin pie no matter what.
Sweet pumpkin pie. Sweet pumpkin pie. Or sweet pecan pie.
Sweet potato pie. Sweet potato pie is amazing. But then when it comes to Christmas, we don’t
really… like, it’s big, but it’s not really as big as thanksgiving.
I guess you guys don’t have that. We don’t have thanksgiving Evan, but on
November 1st every year, I put my Christmas tree up with Candice.
November 1st? November 1st. That’s so early! That’s a 55 day countdown.
Wow. Wow, you got that memorised.
It’s not really that hard, but… Yes, I love Christmas. Not in a religious
way cause I’m not religious, but just the giving and receiving I find of presents is
just enough for me to get excited. And fairy lights. If fairy lights were all
year round then that would make me… No actually, no cause then I wouldn’t get excited about
Christmas. So do you like literally just take off your
costume from Halloween and go CHRISTMAS! I don’t like Halloween. There it is.
Really! Yeah.
Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. I hate it.
Do you guys celebrate it really big in Ireland? Yes, and that’s why I don’t…
*sigh* Ahh it’s gonna get real deep.
If you’re not as popular as the other kids, Halloween isn’t a nice night for you.
Oh really? Yeah.
I would just go Halloween trick or treating with my brother and I dress up as something
silly. But I just wanted free candy. We got so much.
That’s great, but you can’t do that after you’re what age?
I kept going till I was 17 because I had a baby face, and I was like… gimme some candy!
Bit creepy, but. Well I just wanted candy, mate.
That’s not really socially acceptable to go after the age of 12 in Ireland. You should
be drinking after that. I don’t drink anymore, but I used to drink
back then so Halloween was just this nightmare of a night where everyone would just get plastered
and fireworks, and when you are drunk and there’s fireworks everywhere… bit dodgy
ya know? We get 3 months of school holidays from June
to August. Okay, same. We have this thing called the Gaeltacht in
Ireland cause that’s where I’m from; I’m Irish. Like I said.
The Gaeltacht? Yeah.
The Gaeltacht basically is an Irish-speaking only place where you go if you’re a 15 year
old insecure boy. You go there for 2 weeks. The good thing is it’s where you meet girls
for the first time. Oooh.
But you can’t speak English. If you speak English more than 4 times your name gets put
in a book every time and you get sent home. I was in the book 5 times, man.
Wow. So I’d just be like… Dia duit
Exactly. I mean, we just had boy scouts so.
With the little… Yeah, I’d be in summer camp so we’d spend
1 week in summer camp, but that was just with boys. So I mean… unless I was looking for
boys. You coulda been looking for boys.
Coulda been lookin. Were you looking for boys?
I wasn’t lookin for boys. In America, I know from where I came from
one of the biggest holidays of all time was St. Patrick’s Day.
I appreciate that. But like literally, there’s a bar at my university in New Jersey that
had a clock on it that said how many days were left until St. Patrick’s Day. That’s
really sweet. I do that for Christmas. I don’t even do that for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s such a big drinking holiday. Everyone
just goes out and gets completely wasted. Do you know who St. Patrick is? He was a man who played a flute and got snakes
to leave the country of Ireland. He did get the snakes to leave though cause
apparently Ireland was full of snakes which you could believe easily, and he got rid of
them. And we celebrate his existence every 17th of March. And everybody just gets pissed
and four leaf clovers. Ireland doesn’t even do it the best. Like
we don’t even celebrate it… really? Well we do celebrate it; we don’t celebrate it
good compared to America, compared to Asian countries. Everybody just goes mad for St.
Patrick’s Day. Do you guys have a lot of fireworks during
holidays and things? We do. We love a good firework.
Cause we’re like: oh is it that day the county might’ve been founded? Yeah. Go for it! Next
week, oh it’s somebody’s birthday! Fireworks. Have you ever lit a firework yourself?
I have. Was it alright?
It was alright. Same as firing a gun. You kinda just do it and *excited giggle*
You fired a gun? I fired a gun.
You fired a gun!? I fired many guns.
Ooooo I was in the boy scouts.
You fire guns in the boy scouts? I used to own a 4 10 shotgun and a 12 gauge
and a 20 gauge. Okay, boy scouts is vastly different in America.
Well we did bow and arrow as well. I’m good at archery. Oh sure, yeah.
This became less holiday and more like Evan holding guns. Boy scouts seems so much cooler
now than it did 5 minutes ago. Yeah, everyone takes the piss out of me in
England because when I came to England I was like Oh I’m an Eagle Scout, where in America
everyone’s like oh yeah, here’s a job. In England they’re like *laughs* What? When the school year’s just about to end around
June do you guys have some big type of school holiday where you all go out for recess all
day? We call it flag day. And we all have to wear red, white, and blue. And we play
loads of fun sports. We play video games outside like little tik tak toe games. It’s really
fun. Yeah we call it sports day.
Sports day. That’s literally one of my favourite days
and memories of school. Is all this stress and then fun all day. For most people watching from Ireland or Britain
right now (because they’re different places)… different places.
would wear a uniform to school so the idea of a non uniform day…
Oh so you get to for one time not wear your uniform.
Aww yeah like once every 3 months and you pay a pound and it goes to a charity of some
choice, but that day is just… everything is so much better. Yeah.
When you’re not in that, you never experienced that. Itchy.
No, I wore whatever I wanted. That’s disgusting Evan.
I feel like I would’ve been better off without a uniform cause I always looked terrible because
I just wore like… My thing as a kid was I had this mindset where I was like I don’t
care what people think of me. So I didn’t care for myself, I didn’t look good, I didn’t
dress good. I was like I don’t care; I’m here to learn. So I didn’t really have many friends
because I looked like a tramp. Right.
But if I had a uniform maybe I might’ve had more friends.
Maybe. Well, my name is blurryface and I care what
you think. *laughs* Do you guys celebrate Valentine’s Day as bigly
as we did? Bigly. As bigly. I don’t anymore, but back in the day I did,
but I will give you a little story if I may. I gave a girl when I was 12 called Susan,
hello Susan if you’re watching. I’m sure she watches Evan Edinger.
She’s a big fan. Big fan.
Susan, I gave her a necklace. Now I went to the local jewellers and got this. It cost
15 pounds which was a lot of money for a 12 year old at the time.
Yeah wow. And I wrote her a Valentine’s Day card and
I gave her a little necklace and I asked her will she go out with me, and that was completely
not like me cause I was very shy, but I just really, really liked this Susan girl. And
then she accepted and I had a girlfriend, and then 2 hours later she sent one of her
friends saying Susan’s changed her mind. And that kinda ruined Valentine’s Day for me since.
Wow. Did you get forced to do it in school?
Oh yeah big time. It’s awful. I remember everyone had to have these little
folders in the front of their desks and you had to like… I remember like the day before,
my mom would help me and write Dear Gina, Dear Susan…
and ya know I’d have to write all these out and like with
a little candy, and you pop them into everyone’s little things and it was very happy. What if you are demisexual?
Well, what if you’re demiromantic or aromantic, you just kindof go with the flow still. That’s
what I did it’s like I’m just doing what society wants me to do.
Yeah. Was there any boy to boy, girl to girl?
Oh, I mean, you did it to everyone. Oh! It was very lovely in that way.
Well that’s quite nice. Yeah you kinda just put them in everyone’s.
But what if you’re like the Ralph Wiggum? He doesn’t get any.
Oh, that does happen. I got a very small amount I think my last
year doing it and I went… oh…. We have Arthur’s Day in Ireland which celebrates
the guy that made guinness. Really?!
He made us great beer, celebrate. Arthur Guinness made guinness in the year
1752 and basically what you do on Arthur’s Day is at 17:52 you’re supposed to drink a
pint of guinness and cheers your friends. That’s a good marketing campaign. It’s brilliant. There was a tradition in my family that every
time New Year’s Eve came you all gathered round the tv and watched the ball drop in
New York City. Maybe that’s just cause I’m from that area.
Or you could go outside. And do what? You gotta watch the ball drop on tv!
We do fireworks and essentially what happens on Halloween.
Oh yeah we’ll do that. We’ll have these noisemakers and things, but we’re also gonna watch the
ball drop and be like yayyyyy. You build up to it so much. It’s gonna be
the best. It’s gonna be the best. And then you’re like… oh….there it is.
It’s the same. It’s 12 o’ clock. I used to love Easter because…
free candy well free candy, but also because my family
were very into the whole Easter bunny thing. The doors got closed and they’re all like
*gasp* he’s here! He’s here! And I genuinely thought behind that door was a big stupid
man in a bunny costume which is so stupid now that I think of it. Well I liked it because
my family did this thing for Easter where the Easter bunny would hide his basket of
chocolates and I had to find it. And I remember one year which is the last
year we did it, I ended up crying because I was so upset I couldn’t find it. My mom
was like keep looking and I was like “I don’t want it anymore!”
And then she had put it like under my pillow and I was like, but I slept on that! And she
went, you’re a deep sleeper. Oh God. I don’t know. I liked that part though. It
was fun. And the Easter egg hunt though. That was fun. Yeah we did that.
In America, we have a lot of really silly holidays and by silly I mean just a day off.
You’re like why we off today? Oh it’s like George Washington’s birthday or something.
There’s a bank holiday in Ireland at the start of May to celebrate Mary. Oh. Well that’s
nice. Yeah, I guess we’re similar in that way.
My mom’s name is Mary. Ooo congrats.
She gets a day every year. She gets a day. And you have a different name for this and
we’ve argued about it before. Ooo what is it?
It goes by the name of Pancake Tuesday. Ooh.
Which you call Shrove… what do you call it?
Fat Tuesday. Ok that’s even worse.
Some people call it Shrove Tuesday, but we call it Fat Tuesday. That’s when you go to
church and you eat everything you can in terms of carbs. Pancakes, waffles, french toast…
all of it. Covered in syrup and you just for dinner, for breakfast, for lunch. I loved
that as a kid. Fat Tuesday? America. Pancake Tuesday. I was
born on Pancake Tuesday. Really?
Yeah, so I visit my family every year on that day and I get one more pancake than everybody
else because I was born. Happy birthday, we didn’t get you a present;
here’s a pancake. What do you guys do on Pancake Tuesday in
Ireland? Just eat pancakes? Believe it or not you eat pancakes.
Yeah, we have a bit of lemon and sugar in there.
Oh no. Bit of cadbury’s buttons melted up.
Bit of nutella. Bit of strawberry and cream.
Pancakes in your country aren’t pancakes. They’re crepes.
Pancakes in America are these thick cholesterol things. I prefer the crepes; I’m more of a
French kinda guy myself. I’m not a crepper.
Not a crepper, well I don’t give a crepe what you think.
*slow clap* Did you guys ever have a clown for your birthday?
I don’t wanna say that clowns terrify me cause that’s kind of a cliché, but I don’t find
them to be pleasant in any way. No, they’re not enjoyable. That’s just a man
with really weird makeup on his face. Yeah. I liked the balloon animals. And I liked face
paint. I never liked face paint. A child. A big sticky
child coming up to you with face paint. Ugh, stay away from me and my children.
Ya know? Yeah, they’re a PAINto look at. Stop.
If they’re a lion and they go rawr. Stay awak. The whiskers come from inside.
The whiskers come from within. And I said come from inside. Sounds a bit worse.
*screams* Is there any specific thing you think of when
it comes to September? Sadness. Well in the past yes. Sadness. I
was happy to go back to school. I liked school a lot. But I’m weird.
No, that’s not weird. That’s very commendable, and I appreciate
that. Yeah, so I don’t know if you’re from a different country other than Britain or
America, if you have different holidays that we missed out on I’m sure Chinese New Year
has really cool celebrations. I’ve been to one of those. And Jewish and muslim things.
Yeah, so tell us. Otherwise, if you did like the video give
it a like below. Also, please check out Bry’s channel. He makes really good music. I did
a cover with him once. It was pretty good. You did! God only knows with Dodie.
Yeah, and also, subscribe to my channel because I make new videos every Sunday. Other than
that, I will see you guys next week. Thank you so much for watching. Good bye. Bye.
*cue catchy whistling outro* *swoosh* Wait can we wait for this police car?
Someone on holiday’s been a naughty little boy.
My mom just instagrammed this picture of me the other day.
Okay. Right here. You see it?
Wow. I can’t believe I just did this naturally
and you looked over.

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  1. Dude now a days in America if you try and force kids to do ANYTHING aside from learning academic things, there’ll be a riot

  2. Why do the American's not allow girls in scouts? As an assistant leader for the scouts association in the UK (where we do let girls in).

  3. I’m in England. No one was forced to celebrate Valentine’s Day in my school.
    Most Schools in England don’t break up for summer till July and we go back a week or two into September.
    In England we call it both shrove Tuesday and pancake day. On calendars it will be written as shrove Tuesday but people will sometimes in a fun way say pancake day.

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