Holidays with your Parents – Foil Arms and Hog

I want all alarms set for 6am. Six? Oisín, you need to be at the airport… at least 2 hours before the flight At least 3 hours before the flight 5 hours… 16 hours before the flight Mum! I’m not leaving anything to chance. I want to be there and I want to be settled. Alright, are we getting a taxi? A taxi?? Oisín We’re not millionaires. Don’t go around telling people we’re on holidays. Why not? We might get burgled. Now unplug the TV. Disconnect the internet. Defrost the freezer. Cut the grass. Water the plants. Take in the garden furniture. Turn on the radio. Pull the blinds. Leave a light on upstairs. Why?? So people think somebody is home. Someone who never leaves the one room?? We need to empty the fridge before we go. But don’t let anything go to waste Eat up that bit of bread that’s left over. Finish those yogurts. Eat up those olives. Finish the gherkins Gherkins?? Don’t touch those crisps… They are for guests. Leave a note for the milkman Last time we came back to 16 litres of the stuff sitting out in the sun… Like cheese it was. Mum, can we visit the football stadium? I don’t know we have a lot to get through Oisín There are 17 churches on that street alone and they all have frescos NO! Why can’t I just stay home? I’m old enough. Not after what your brother did 2 years ago. The floors were destroyed. The begonias never recovered. All the toilets were blocked I found spaghetti in the porch I found your fathers shoes half way down the road. I’m not Daniel OK? My God, they found family photos in the neighbors backgraden I’m only remembering it now. Is that everything? Yea! Right God the stress! I’m not looking forward to this holiday at all. Ye well neither am I. Oisín! Doomdah! Thank you very much for watching we’re Foil Arms and Hog We have a new video every Thursday Please subscribe to the YouTube channel Like actually do it this time. You’ve heard it before and you didn’t do it. I know. If you want to see us live We’ve got the last ever show of ‘Oink’ Its in Vicar Street on June 17th And then we are over with our new show ‘Craicling’ to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Aye And if you want to see more There are way more Anne Flanagan and Oisin videos I’m not in enough of them Doomdah Hi Is Oisín in? I assume that’s you Barry? Ye. How did you get in? Door, was open. And you just walked in. Ye. You didn’t knock?

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