Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.107 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.10.02]

Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.107 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.10.02]

(Episode 107) Hey. Grandma! Yes. There, there. It’s okay, Yeoreum. Come here, Yeoreum. I am your grandmother. Mom, what’s going on? Geumdong, take Yeoreum inside. Pardon? Quick! Yeoreum, let’s go in. Yeoreum. Yeoreum. I’d like a word with you. Sure. I’m all ears. Yeoreum, are you okay? What’s wrong, Yeoreum? Mom! What’s wrong with him? Did something happen? I don’t know either, Geumhui. Yeoreum, what’s wrong? Tell me. Why are you crying, Yeoreum? Mom, is Mr. Ju my birth dad? What? That’s what some older lady said. She also said you were fake. What in the world were you thinking? How can you blindside a child with something like that? What’s the problem with telling the truth? Even if it is the truth, did you even consider the trauma he would suffer? Yeoreum is only six. Still, it’s something he has to know about. His birth dad is right under his nose. You can’t keep it a secret from him forever. His mom and dad would have told him in time. For someone who’s his grandmother, you didn’t even show the tiniest bit of consideration. You sure care a lot about someone else’s grandson. Someone else’s grandson? Your daughter didn’t give birth to our Yeoreum! Am I wrong? When you visited us last time, it weighed on my mind. But after seeing what you’ve done today, what little doubt I had is now all gone! W-What do you mean? We won’t let your family take our Yeoreum. I thought it over many times with Sangwon in mind, but now I know someone like you cannot raise Yeoreum! Says who? I’m going to file a lawsuit right away. You better brace yourself. A lawsuit? How do you plan to do such a thing when your son wants to cut all ties with you? I’m still angry at how your family treated my daughter, so I can’t let you do this to us again over Yeoreum. And how will you stop me? If you don’t want your butt kicked in broad daylight, you better watch yourself. Good heavens. My butt kicked? How could you say something so uncivilized? Uncivilized? So your lack of discretion makes you civilized? My goodness. I am warning you. I’m not going to let you do this to us again! Oh, my. Good heavens! What? Kick my butt? What an ignorant woman! Seriously. A long time ago, your birth mom and Mr. Ju fell in love. That is how you were born. But something happened, and Mr. Ju had to move abroad without knowing that you were born. And during that time, your mother passed away. Mr. Ju and I only just found out too that you were his son. So Mr. Ju really is my dad? Yes, he is. I was going to tell you when you were a bit older. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner. But why did that lady say that you were fake? It isn’t true, right? You’re not fake, right? Of course not. While you weren’t born from my tummy, you were born from my heart. So your birth mom and I are both your real moms. So don’t cry, Yeoreum. Yongsun, give me some cold water! No, make it ice water! Aunt Yongsun isn’t here. What did Sangwon say? Is he going to forfeit his parental rights? I didn’t even get to see Sangwon. But I met Yeoreum. You met Yeoreum? You met him to do what? What do you think? I told him who his birth dad was and that Geumhui woman was a fake mom. Mom! But her mother just happened to show up then. Gyeong-ae! How could you just blurt that out to a child? Blurt what out? You’re better educated than I am, but how could you be so thoughtless? Yongsun, are you lecturing me? Mom, let’s go to my room. Let go of me! What is the matter with you? Let’s talk upstairs. Let’s go. Come on. Seriously. So did you and Geumhui’s mom have a fight? There is no way she would have let you get away with calling her daughter a fake mom. She was foaming at the mouth. What? She’ll kick my butt in broad daylight? I have never met a more ignorant woman in my life. She got the better of you, Mom. What? Why in the world would you say such a thing to a child? I didn’t plan on it, okay? It just happened. And why didn’t you get to see Sangwon? Oh, I don’t know! I was so spent after arguing with that brute, so I just came home. If you think about it, you’re very simple-minded, Mom. Excuse me? Welcome home. Where is everyone? Are you all alone? Gyeong-ae and Sangmi are upstairs. They are? Why? What is the matter with Gyeong-ae? What do you mean? She met Yeoreum and told him that Sangwon was his birth dad and the mom raising him now was fake. What? Isn’t it wrong to blurt out such things to a child? Geez. Go and tell your mother-in-law to come downstairs! Yes, Father. Geez. I’m home. Hey. You’re home early today. There wasn’t much traffic. Father wants you to come down. Okay. It must have been rough on you. Pardon? Your former mother-in-law, I mean. With her wild temper, she must have been hard on you. You met Mother? What? “Mother”? Sorry. It’s just habit. If she is your mother-in-law, what am I? What am I? Mom. It was my mistake. Please don’t be angry. Is this just any old mistake? In your mind, they’re still your in-laws, aren’t they? Aren’t they? Go downstairs, Mom. Why are you worked up over a slip of the tongue? In any case, I don’t care for you. Why are you being angry when it was you who messed up? Why wouldn’t she be upset? You called your ex-mother-in-law “Mother”? What kind of person does that to her son-in-law over something he said out of habit? You shouldn’t put this on Mom. You mention Geumhui in front of me too. What? I wonder sometimes if you do it on purpose to anger me. Aren’t you and Mother doing this to me on purpose too? What are you talking about? Aren’t you purposely making me hate coming home? Junho! I’m begging you. You and Mother have to stop testing my patience, okay? What were you thinking? How could you say such things to a child? Sangwon might forfeit his parental rights, so how could I sit and do nothing? I went to talk Sangwon out of it but ran into Yeoreum, so I just… So you just what? Blurted out whatever without thinking? Apart from anything else, why did you tell him his current mom was fake? Am I wrong? I merely revealed the truth. What is wrong with you? I’m so upset. Seriously! Why can’t I even hug my own grandchild? It took a lot not to just grab him and bring him home. Please, Heo Gyeong-ae, think before you act, okay? Think first! Good grief. What? Fake mom? I didn’t see her that way, but what an ignorant woman. Thank goodness Geumhui explained to Yeoreum right away. I cannot send Yeoreum to a family like that. Whether we send him or not is not important. What’s the most important thing right now? It’s Yeoreum and Geumhui’s happiness. Are you suggesting Geumhui marry that woman’s son? Did I say that? You can’t force anything that happens in life. Everything works out just the way it should, so let’s trust in Sangwon a bit. Yeoreum, do you want to see Mr. Ju? Why not? You used to like him. But he was just Mr. Ju then. Does that mean you don’t like that he is your dad? It’s not that. That’s good then. If you keep seeing him, you won’t feel uncomfortable anymore. Then can I go see Mr. Ju tomorrow? Of course. I’ll take you to him tomorrow. Let’s go to sleep. It’s me. Is Yeoreum asleep? I guess he was tired. He went to bed earlier than usual. Did something happen today? Oh. Truth is, Yeoreum ran into your mother today. My mother? Yes. She told him you were his birth dad. Pardon? Is Yeoreum okay? Yes. He seemed rattled at first, but after I explained, he seemed to understand. I’ll reach out to Yeoreum. Yes. I think that is a good idea. You must have had another difficult day. You should turn in. Geez. Why did you go to all this trouble? I told you to sleep in. As a human being, how could I shamelessly let you make breakfast for me? I had to do this to make myself feel better, so enjoy. If this makes you feel better, thank you for breakfast. You should eat too. Okay. This experience has shown me who is truly on my side. What are you talking about? I mean Junho’s wife. Although I pleaded with her for a loan, she didn’t even hear me out. Don’t say that just because she didn’t lend you money. Money is one thing. But shouldn’t she at least call to see if the matter was resolved? Don’t expect too much of her. If you’re going to be like that, then no food for you. Oh, come on. Good grief. Always smiling lately… What a pushover. Is Geumju busy these days? No. She has a lot of free time. Really? Then have her come by this afternoon. Why? Why else? Because I want to see her. She came off as distant and cold at first, but the more I get to know her, she’s sweet and caring. When I asked her if she had any money, she offered me $5,000, which was everything she had, with no strings attached. Thank you for taking kindly to her. But I have to go to the TV station later today. We’ll be fine without you. Wait a minute. When Geumju marries you, she’ll outrank Sangmi, won’t she? Pardon? What? It’s nothing! Eat. – You too, Stepmom. / – Okay. (Mother-in-law) Hello, Mother. Today? No. It’s not that I’m busy. What time should I come? Okay. I’ll see you later. What does she want to bother me about? (BEST CARRYOVERS / No refunds or exchanges) Okay. These two. They’ll be fine once you get them dry-cleaned. Thank you. Come again. Bye. Long time no see, Sangmi. Are you here to get something for your mother? Yes. How about this one? This one. Orders are flooding in for this new fall piece. It’s nice. Should I find you one in your mom’s size? No, that’s okay. These are carryovers from two years ago. I don’t think your mother would wear that. It’s not for my mom. Could you gift-wrap this, please? We don’t gift-wrap carryovers. But we will, since you’re a VIP customer. This can’t be returned or exchanged. Is that okay? Yes, sure. I’ll get this wrapped. It sure is hard to see you. You saw me over the Chuseok holidays. Here. I got you a gift. How? You got me a gift even though you’re broke? Anyway, thank you. Have you been well? Do you think I have been well? What? Did something happen? Oh, right. You said you needed money. Has that been resolved? Yes, my son Junho came to my rescue. Junho? You and your husband don’t talk about such things? How much did he give you? Did Junho give you all $200,000? Yes. So what? But where did Junho get that much money? My goodness! Welcome, Geumju. Thank you, Mother. I’m so sorry for what you went through. You don’t say. I didn’t think I’d ever get to return, but my devoted sons came to my rescue. Thank goodness for that. You… Aren’t you Geumhui’s sister? Oh, my. Do you two know each other? But then again, I suppose that’s not a surprise. But why are you here? Because I have every right to be here. You haven’t changed. Still as rude as ever. Hey! Mind your tone! How dare you speak that way to Seokho’s future wife? Excuse me? What do you mean? She’s going to get married to Junho’s older brother, so she’s going to outrank you, of course. Excuse me? Come outside. We need to talk. Why not? She just won’t let up. But this should miff her. Let’s see. What is this? Where is her sense of style? Geez. Is this true? You’re going to marry my brother-in-law? Of course. And your parents have approved? Yes. Their approval was hard-earned. Unbelievable. Apart from anything else, are you okay with being part of the same family as me? It’s worse than death. But? Don’t worry. I’m not interested in pulling rank on you or seeing you, so let’s avoid each other as best as we can. Are you and your sister both out of your minds? What are you talking about? Geumhui’s involved with my brother, and you’re involved with my brother-in-law. What do you mean my sister is involved with your brother? You didn’t know? Ju Sangwon, the restaurant owner, is my little brother. So Yeoreum’s biological dad is… Yeoreum, you’re ready, right? Nothing will change, so don’t worry about a thing. Okay, Mom. Hello. Hi, Yeoreum. Did you have fun at kindergarten? Yes. Are you taking him out? I’m taking Yeoreum on a picnic. Picnic? Do you want to come too? But what are we going to do? It’s going to be just be the two of us today. Okay. Have fun then. What time should I pick him up then? I closed the restaurant to spend all day with Yeoreum, so would 7:00 p.m. be okay? Very well then. Yeoreum, I’ll come pick you up later, so have fun with Mr. Ju. Okay, Mom. Thank you, Geumhui. I’ll get going. Okay then. Shall we head out too? Let’s get this helmet on you. Are you ready? Yes. Okay. Let’s go then. Upsy-daisy! Yeoreum, hold on tight. Okay. Oh? You’re going to fall. That’s a good boy. The ride will now start. Here we go. Yeoreum, are you having fun? Yes, it’s fun. How fun is it? A lot. It’s a lot of fun? Yeoreum, which one would you like to eat? This one. This one? Okay. How is it? It’s good. Mr. Ju, open up. This is for me? Thanks, Yeoreum. Do you want to try this one? Here. Yeoreum, aren’t you tired? Yes, a little. Hang in there just a bit. I wanted to celebrate the six birthdays that I couldn’t be with you in one go. What do you think? I like it. Okay. Blow out the candles starting with this one. A year old. Two years old. Three years old. Four years old. Five years old. Six years old. I was up all night making these. Do you like them? Yes. They are so pretty. Yeoreum, you were pretty shocked yesterday, right? Yes. I was shocked too. I was so surprised to learn that you were my son. But I was also very happy. I didn’t even know you had been born. Mom told me. I am so sorry that I didn’t even know that you had been born. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you took your first step, said your first word, or rode the tricycle for the first time. What I’m sorriest about is that even when you were right in front of me, I didn’t recognize you right away. I’m so sorry. But I’m so glad that I know now. I’m so very grateful you are growing up as a healthy, upright little boy. Don’t cry. You too. Don’t you cry either. I promise you, Yeoreum. I’ll never make you suffer or be lonely again. From now on, I will always be with you and your mom and go wherever you go. I know it’s late, but I’ll be a very good dad, Yeoreum. Dad! You’re bringing Yeoreum here without telling Geumhui? Yeoreum is my grandchild. Ms. Heo, Geumhui and I will move overseas. Yeoreum. Your mom said she’d accept my apology too at my house. At your house? I’d love it if you lived here, Yeoreum. What? Yeoreum is missing? I can’t find Yeoreum anywhere.

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