Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.124 [ENG,CHN / 2019.10.28]

Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.124 [ENG,CHN / 2019.10.28]

(Episode 124) Are you ready? Yes. Mom, you can put that down and wait outside. It’ll only break your heart to watch. Excuse me. Would you mind if I cut her hair? I’m sorry, but I’m a hairdresser too. Mom. May I please? Sure, go ahead. Mom, please don’t. You’re breaking my heart. I want to cut it nicely for you. Mom. You have a pretty head so it’ll look nice even shaved. Ready? Keep your eyes closed. I’ll tell you once it’s done. Okay. Make it look nice then, Mom. How is Geumhui, Dad? She’s brave. Now with Sangwon by her side, she seems to be showing more strength. Didn’t I tell you to let him know sooner? But I do understand what Geumhui did too. I would have done the same thing. Wang Geumdong, don’t you dare. What? You better not keep anything from me. If you do, you’re going to get it. Why are you being so aggressive in front of Dad? What do you mean aggressive? It’s only natural. Sangwon is a saint. If Seokho did something like that, I would have thrown a fit. Since when have you two become such good friends? It turns out Suyeon and I have the same personalities. The same. That’s odd. My ideal type is like Geumhui, not Geumju. You can reconsider then because I’m definitely more like Geumju. Hey. Let’s stop. We shouldn’t be goofing around like this while Geumhui is sick at the hospital. There’s no need to do that. Smiling and joking as usual brings good fortune. It makes me very happy to see you guys joke around. Now that you know how Geumhui’s doing, get back to what you were doing. Okay. Hello. Why are you here? Well… I would like to speak to Geumhui. What do you have to speak to her about? Mom, go on in. I’ll have a talk with her. About what? You don’t have anything to talk about. Mom. I’m sorry, but could you push my wheelchair? Yes, sure. Where is Sangwon? He went to see Yeoreum. I see. Junho and I got divorced. I see. So it came to that. Yes. Looking back on things, I’m appalled at what I have done. And it makes me think that I brought this upon you. You don’t have to feel that way, Ju Sangmi. When I first found out I was sick, I did blame the world. I resented you and Junho too. But after some thinking, I realized blaming others wouldn’t do me any good. Rather, it would harm me. Geumhui. And being sick isn’t all bad. Although I’m in physical pain, thanks to it, it’s become very clear to me how valuable my life has been, how much my family has loved me, and how much I have loved them. So that’s why you should stop feeling guilty and be well. Don’t waste precious time by living in the past and blaming yourself. Then does this mean you forgive me? Forgive you? If that will help you turn over a new leaf, I’ll forgive you. But rather than my forgiveness, you probably need to forgive yourself. Right. I understand what you are saying. Thanks, Wang Geumhui. Thank you very much. I’m so glad we got to have this talk. Geumhui, promise me you will beat this. For your loved ones if nothing else, okay? Okay, I will. I will make sure to beat it. Dad! Did you have fun with your friends, Yeoreum? Yes. How is Mom? Is she okay? Yes, she is. And Mom now has me by her side, so you don’t have to worry, okay? Okay. But I want to go see Mom too, Dad. I’m sorry, but we won’t be able to for a while. Why not? Starting from today, it’ll be a bit tough for Mom. She has to get a really big shot. Then that means Mom is really sick, right? I bet she will beat it though for your sake. Dad, there’s somewhere I want to go. You do? Where? Do you want to pray for Mom to get better soon? Yes. Okay. Then let’s pray together so Mom can get better soon. Okay. My mom is a very good mom. I promise I’ll be a good son too, so please help my mom get better soon. I want to live with my mom and dad. I don’t know why we have to suffer this hardship. But this ordeal has allowed us to reconfirm our love and further strengthen that love. The three of us will prudently overcome this crisis and make sure to care for and love each other even more. So please watch over us. (Ju Sangwon) Hello? Could I see you for a moment? Geumhui begins her cancer treatment today. Really? It’ll be rough on her. Probably. Take good care of her although I’m sure you’ll do just that. I will. So why did you ask to see me? I figured I should thank you. If not for you, I would have gone to the States and never known Geumhui was ill. And then I would have regretted it. There is no need to thank me. Geumhui had no room in her heart for me because her love for you was so great. Nevertheless, if you hadn’t told me, we both would have been miserable. Thank you for protecting our love. By the way, Sangmi and I are officially divorced, so hurry up and reconcile with your parents. There are no more obstacles for you two, so they’ll probably give you their blessing. Okay, I will. Not that you would, but don’t cheat on her. I’ve been there and I truly regret it. I’ll take that to heart. I guess I’m not completely over it yet. I don’t feel comfortable sitting across from you. I’ll be going. Goodbye then. Did you go out? Geumhui started her cancer treatment today. Really? So did you go see her at the hospital? No, I didn’t so don’t get worked up. Where’s Mom? She’s been holed up in her room all day. What are you up to, Stepmom? Me? Nothing. What happened? Are you hurt? It’s my back. What happened to your back? Did you get a job or something? What? Well… I got a job at a restaurant to pay off the loan you took out for me, but I guess my back gave out. Is that what happened? Yes. Junho’s out of work, so at least I should earn money. How much did you make? I got $80 a day. So in five days, $400. You made a lot. If I work without taking off a single day, I should be able to give you over $2,000 a month. You can repay the loan with that, Junho. How can you work around the clock with that back? So that’s why I’ll have to give up washing dishes, and be a ridesharing driver at night instead. That’s not too punishing on the back. No, that’s too dangerous. How are you going to deal with drunk customers? Then what can I do? That’s all I know how to do. Why don’t you just cook for me instead? What? We can’t live here once Seokho gets married. So let’s get our own place and you can cook, clean, and do my laundry. I’ll consider that your loan payment. Then you can do that, Stepmom. What? Okay. There’s no way I can live with him. Why not? Of course you can. Seokho! Oh, woe is me! Oh my goodness! This is going to be a nightmare! A nightmare… What am I going to do? Hi, Dr. Park. It’s me. Has Ms. Wang Geumhui started her cancer treatment? I see. I have a favor to ask. I’ll pay for everything, so move Ms. Wang to a private room. Don’t tell her it was me though. Private room? But a private room is much more expensive. I’ll just stay here. We’ll charge the same rate as here, so you should move. We just happened to have an empty room. The same rate? Yes. But how? By any chance, did Dr. Ju Yongjin call you? Pardon? Who is Dr. Ju Yongjin, Geumhui? Sangwon’s father. What? It was him, right? Yes. He asked me not to tell you, but you figured it out. What’s going on? Your father wants to move me to a private doom. My dad? Yes. Please tell him I appreciate the gesture. But I’m just going to stay here. Geumhui, how about doing as my father would like? He probably feels it’s the least he can do. Sangwon. Please, Geumhui. Mother, let’s move her. I don’t mind, but… Doctor, we’ll move her to the private room. Good thinking. I’ll let you know once everything is set. We will start the cancer treatment after she moves. Okay. Sangwon, are you sure this is okay? I’ll thank my dad later. It’s me, Dad. Hi. Thank you, Dad. For what? For moving Geumhui to a private room. So you found out. I told Dr. Park to keep it from you guys. I know it’s shameless of me, but I’ll accept your help. Good. With the way things have turned out, make sure to take good care of Geumhui and bring her back healthy and well with Yeoreum. Yes, I will. Thank you again. Family doesn’t need to thank each other like that. It seems you’re at the hospital, so you should go. Okay. Bye. What was that about, Dr. Ju? Is Geumhui ill? Oh, yes. A little bit. What does she have? What’s wrong, Dr. Yun? Pardon? What do you mean? You look upset. Dr. Yun didn’t scold you, did he? No. Right? It doesn’t look like it was that. So what is it? It’s nothing. Dr. Yun! Why do you keep ignoring me? I even complimented you and said you were cool. Hurry up and tell me. What is it? Oh, hi. It’s been a while. Geumju, I heard your sister was ill. Oh, so you heard too. Shame on you. You should have let me know. I thought we were best friends. Why call to share bad news? They say share an illness, encourage a fight, and stop a haggler. There’s a saying like that? You are so ignorant. I still don’t understand what Seokho sees in you, but please let your sister know I’m rooting for her. Tell her I’ll be happy to help in any way. Thanks for the kind words, Jeong Sora. Bye. Ms. Jeong. Yes? Could you repeat that saying once more? What saying? “Share an illness” and so on. Oh, that. Share an illness, encourage a fight, and stop a haggler. Good grief. You have it all wrong. I do? How? How do I have it wrong? Share an illness is correct, but I think you mixed up the fight and haggler. Pardon? You stop a fight instead of encouraging it and you encourage a haggler. Is that so? You’re so silly. Everyone makes mistakes. Geumju’s more ignorant so she probably didn’t notice. Stop a fight? Encourage a fight? Where did you go without saying a word? I went grocery shopping. Grocery shopping? I got everything that would be good for Geumhui. What? Why? I can’t? Did I say you couldn’t? Are you sure you didn’t get something weird for a silly folk remedy? Is that how little you think of me? Don’t worry because I got mostly mushrooms. But is Geumhui your daughter-in-law? Why are you looking out for her when I’m not? It doesn’t matter as long as she gets better, right? Save it. I’ll pay you, so say this was from me. Pardon? Don’t you catch my drift? You’re going to call Sangwon again so he’ll come fetch this for Geumhui, right? Yes, so? So tell Sangwon it’s from me. I’ll pay you for your time and effort too. Do you catch my drift? Are you trying to get on Sangwon’s good side? Excuse me? Okay, I’ll do that. I’m all for improving your relationship with Sangwon, so you don’t have to pay me. Good grief. She is so self-righteous. While the room is certainly nice, I still feel uneasy. I’m sorry, Mother, for all the grief my parents have caused you. I apologize on their behalf. I didn’t mean I wanted you to apologize. That’s right, Mom. Don’t stay angry at them. I won’t. What choice do I have now that they’re your in-laws? Ms. Wang Geumhui, let’s start your cancer treatment. Don’t be too nervous. Side effects of the cancer drug include nausea, vomiting, and dizziness, so tell the nurse if it gets bad. I will prescribe something for you. Okay, doctor. Nurse, let’s start. Yes, doctor. Wait. May I call my son first? Hi, Mom. Hi, Yeoreum. But Mom, why are you wearing a hat? So I can look pretty for you. What do you think? Do I look pretty? Yes, you do. That’s a relief. Mom, Dad and I went to church earlier to pray. You did? What did you pray for? I promised to be a good son so you could get better soon. You did? I’m going to get better just for you, so don’t worry about a thing. Make sure to eat and sleep well while you wait for me, okay? Yes, I will. I can always count on you, Yeoreum. Let’s talk again soon. Okay. I am so proud of you. How did we get so lucky to have him? My goodness, Yeoreum. Doctor, I’m ready. Let’s do this. Please lie down. We’ll start the cancer treatment. I’ll administer the medicine. Geumhui’s been hospitalized for over a month, right? I really hope the cancer treatment goes well this time. I’m sure it will. What are you going to do now? I’m looking into studying abroad. Do you have a plan? I’d like to volunteer as a doctor on a remote island. Honeymoon? Go unwind for a few days and get some fresh air. She can’t travel yet, Mom. Let’s go, Sangwon. Are you sure?

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