Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.128 [ENG,CHN / 2019.11.01]

Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.128 [ENG,CHN / 2019.11.01]

(Final episode) The donor… The donor has disappeared. What do you mean the donor has disappeared? Ms. Wang’s bone marrow donor is gone. What do we do? W-What? Are you out of your mind? Mom, this doesn’t hurt at all. They don’t extract the bone marrow like they used to. They’ll just draw my blood. Why would you give your blood to a complete stranger? Mom! I don’t need an explanation. Let’s go. Mom! Come on! I have to go. I’ll be right back. Go where? It won’t take long, Father. Sangwon. Sangwon! What now, Hon? What do we do, Hon? – Hon, are you okay? / – What will we do? Hon, are you okay? Wait. Wait! Is he nuts? Are you crazy? What are you doing? What are you doing? Please. Please save my wife! The person receiving your son’s bone marrow is my wife. If you take your son away, my wife might die. Please. Please save my wife! I am sorry about your situation, but I can’t give you my son’s bone marrow, so move. Ma’am, please! I said move! What are you looking at? Get in the car. What are you doing? Get in the car! Go by yourself, Mom. What? Let’s go. Thank you. Thank you so much! Kim Dongha, stop right there! If I leave and something happens to his wife, I’d live the rest of my life full of guilt. I don’t want that. So go without me, Mom. Let’s go. Dongha. Kim Dongha! What is the matter with him? The donor is back, Mother and Father. What? Are you serious? He’s really back? Yes. They’re drawing his blood right now. What a relief. Thank goodness. But how did you know who he was to convince him? They don’t reveal the donor’s identity. I was very lucky. Anyway, thank you. Thank you so much, Sangwon. How did it go, Mom? Did Geumju’s bone marrow transplant go well, Dad? Yes, the transplant was a success. Really? Are you serious? Yes. So did they say Geumhui is okay now? She’ll be fine as long as she takes care of herself. Thank goodness. Yeoreum, Mom is okay now. She won’t be sick anymore. Really? Is Mom really not sick anymore? Yes, Mom is okay now, so don’t cry, Yeoreum. Mom. Mom! It’s okay now. Mom! It’s okay. It’s alright. Mom! Are you awake? How do you feel? Does anything hurt? No. Are you sure? Don’t pretend it doesn’t hurt. Really, I’m not in pain. How did the bone marrow transplant go? It went well. It went very well. Very well. Thank goodness. Yes, indeed. Now all you have to do is get better. Thank you, Sangwon. Thank you so much. Me too. Thank you so much, Geumhui. Grandma, it’s me, Yeoreum! Let’s go in. Yes. Grandma! Hi, Yeoreum. Hi. We’re here. Welcome. Welcome, Sangwon. How have you been? You don’t have to ask that. You guys come every week. Where’s Geumju? Is she not here yet? She called to say they’re almost here. Mom, we’re here! Mother and Father, we’re here! That must be Geumju. Welcome. Thank you. Did you have fun on your honeymoon, Seokho? Yes, we had a great time. You didn’t fight on your honeymoon? Why would we fight? We didn’t even have enough time to share our love. Geez, Geumju. Young folk these days. Seriously. What? But why is everyone standing around? We just got here. Geumhui, you’re looking healthy. Yes, I’ve never felt better. Why don’t you all sit? We’ll bring out the food. I’ll help you. You sit too. Your mom and I can do it. Okay. – You sit too, Yeoreum. / – Yes, sit down. Gyeong-ae! Gyeong-ae! Oh, Gyeong-ae. My goodness! What is it? What’s wrong, Yongsun? Are you sick? Are you hurt? Gyeong-ae, the baby is coming. What? Already? You’re not due for another 10 days! Oh, I don’t know. The contractions are more frequent. Gyeong-ae, help me get to the hospital. Yongsun, are you okay? Lean on me and try to get up. Lean on me and get up. What are you doing? My hair! Yongsun, let go of my hair! I’m sorry, Gyeong-ae. I couldn’t help it. Yongsun, stop it! Let go of my hair! Yongsun! Yongsun! Gyeong-ae, this won’t do. I think the baby will come out on the way. No, we have to go to the hospital! I’m the only one here! Gyeong-ae. Gyeong-ae! The baby is coming out now! Gyeong-ae! No, Yongsun! You can’t! No! No! Yongsun! Yongsun! That’s right! Breathe, Yongsun! Really? Yongsun had the baby? At home? So how is Yongsun doing? Is she okay? Okay. Yes, I’ll be right there, Gyeong-ae. But is it a boy or a girl? Thank you. Thank you so much, Gyeong-ae! I’ll be forever indebted to you. Okay. Your wife had the baby at home? Yes. So is it a boy or a girl? A girl! Congratulations, Mr. Park! Yes, congratulations! Thank you. I’ll treat you both to a nice meal later. I really hope my daughter doesn’t resemble me! Good for Mr. Park. Yes, good for him. I want to have a child too. Why don’t you get married first? Are you seeing anyone? I did see someone I liked at Geumju’s wedding last week. I’m thinking of asking him out. Wow. Good luck. What about you? Are you seeing anyone? I prefer being alone. There she goes again, acting all cool. Gyeong-ae! W-Where is Yongsun? In your room. Go on. Okay! Yongsun! You delivered Yongsun’s baby? I was scared stiff that something might happen to Yongsun and the baby! Where’s the doctor? She just left. Good job. This is the best thing you’ve ever done! Give that to me! I’ll take it. I’ll do it. Okay. What? The best thing that I’ve ever done? Mom. Good heavens! I’m here. You didn’t tell us you were coming. I’m just dropping by to get some paperwork done. Then why didn’t you call us? For what? Then you should have at least gotten here sooner. What’s with your hair? Is something wrong? Yongsun just had the baby! And I delivered the baby alone! I was scared out of my mind! Really? Isn’t she pretty? Yes, she is. She is so pretty. Yongsun, you did a fine job. Let’s do our best to raise this child, Sucheol. Of course. We’ll do our best to raise Sarang well. Sarang? Oh, right. What do you think? I thought of it on my way home. I love it. Sarang. Let’s raise our Sarang with love. Yes, let’s do that, Yongsun. My goodness! Sarang, I’m your daddy. Really? Yes, okay, Mom. Please congratulate Aunt Yongsun and Uncle Sucheol for me and tell them we’ll visit soon. Bye. Did your aunt have the baby? Yes, it’s a girl. That’s wonderful. Are Aunt Yongsun and the baby healthy? Yes, both are very healthy. Given her age, this is great news. Dad, did Great Aunt Yongsun have the baby? Yes. I wish I had a baby brother or sister. You want a younger sibling? Yes. Then I’ll work hard and give you a baby cousin. Okay. We should go now. Why? You should stay for dinner too. Yeoreum wants to go see his friends at the orphanage. Really? Okay, then go ahead. We’ll get going too. Why don’t we stay for dinner? I’m tired. Fine. Go then. Everyone knows you want to be alone together. It’s really because I’m tired, Mom. Okay. Get going all of you. Then we’ll see you next time. Yes, let’s grab a drink some time. Okay. Wait. Is Geumdong taking a nap? Your sisters are leaving, Geumdong. Are you okay, Geumdong? Yes. I don’t know why I’m the one who keeps seeing this. Say bye to your sisters and then you can get back to what you’re doing. – Okay. / – No, no. I’m spent. You should take a shower. In a bit. Seokho, come sit with me. This is nice. You’ll be tired again once you start filming tomorrow. You have to work on the synopsis for the next series. Are we going to be too busy to see each other? That won’t happen. We need to make a baby. Geez, Geumju! By the way, have you called Mother? I did but she didn’t answer, so I talked to Junho. I told him we’d visit next week. I hope they’re doing well. I don’t know. Are you going somewhere? Well… Are you already done with your house calls? Where are you going? Oh, just… Going to Seoul. Why are you going to Seoul again? The kids just returned from their honeymoon today. I should go welcome them back. Seokho already called. They’re visiting next week, so just stay put. They’re busy. Why make them come all the way here when I can go to them? Do you know you used all kinds of excuses to spend 10 days of the month in Seoul? That’s what I mean, Junho. I’m just not cut out for the lifestyle here. It’s so stifling. So can’t I just go live in Seoul? Is it that bad living with me? No, it’s not that! I was trying my best, so this hurts my feelings. I swear it’s not because I don’t like living with you. If you don’t like living with me, then go to Seoul. Oh, okay! I won’t go, okay? I won’t. Why do I keep falling for that? Junho! Wait for me! Wait for me, Junho! Hello, we’re here. Welcome. Yeoreum wanted to see his friends. I see. I’m glad you came. So is Yeoreum playing with his friends? Yes. Please have a seat. Block it! Shoot! Goal! Hi, Yeoreum. Hi. How are you, sister? Good. Oh, it’s a baby. Yes, it is. Isn’t she pretty? Yes, she is very pretty. So this baby was left in front of our gate? Yes. My goodness. A child as precious as this… You don’t say. She can’t be more than 100 days old. Mom, can’t she be my baby sister? What? I’ll take good care of her. Please? Please, Dad. Yeoreum, you see… Sister, may I hold the baby once? Would you like to? How pretty. Sangwon, isn’t she pretty? Yes, she is. She’s very pretty. You’re so cute! Sangwon, are you asleep? No. What is it? Sangwon, what do you think about adopting that baby from earlier? Adopt her? What? You don’t want to? It’s not that. I actually wanted to adopt her too, but you haven’t fully recovered yet, so I was a little worried. But you’re going to help me. And Yeoreum will take good care of her too. Are you sure about this? Yes. It’s what Yeoreum wants, and I really want to adopt her too. Okay then. Let’s adopt her. It’s amazing how much we think alike. It is. It surprises me too. I know it’s because you always put me first. I’m not the only one who does that. You put me first for so many things. Thank you for recognizing that. Me too. Thanks for your acknowledgment. You are so adorable! Mom, I’m going out. Where are you going? There are some documents I need. But you sure she’s Yongsun’s baby? One would think she was yours. Tell me about it. I’m off to work. Okay. Sarang, Daddy’s off to make money. Have a nice day! Here. Sarang needs a diaper change. Bring the diaper. I’ll change her. Geez, Gyeong-ae. Okay. How adorable are you? Look at you sleep. So adorable. Hello. Oh, just look at those lips! Mom, I’m off to Seoul to buy some medicine. What? Junho! Junho, wait, wait! Can’t I go? If you give me a list, I can get the medicine. I’m off. But… But I can go. How have you been? You look good. I heard you were on an island somewhere. Yes, I came to get some medicine. What about you? I heard you were studying abroad. I’m on a short visit to get some paperwork. I see. I did wonder if I’d ever run into you, and I really did. But that’s not to say I still have feelings for you. I was just curious how I would feel if I saw you. So how do you feel right now? Apart from the initial shock, I feel calmer than I thought I’d be. Take care. You too. Take care. I’ll trust you to take good care of her. We’ll raise Ga-eul well. We’ll get going then. Yes, be on your way. Yeoreum, is Ga-eul that cute? Yes, she’s very pretty. Are you going to stay home from kindergarten for her? I’ll look after Ga-eul after I come from kindergarten. I’m counting on you, Yeoreum. Okay. By the way, Sangwon, let’s make a stop on our way home. Where? I was going to suggest taking a family portrait too. You were? Yes. I knew it. Ready? Here we go. Please look here. One, two, three. Very nice. One more. Okay. Look this way. Right here. Okay. One, two, three. Just a moment. Mom, can I hold Ga-eul this time? You want to hold her? Are you sure you can hold her? Yes. Okay then. I’ll help you, so you can hold Ga-eul for this shot. Geumhui. Okay then. Yeoreum, take good care of Ga-eul. Let’s hold her like this. Good. Very good. Very nice. Look here! Okay. Here we go. One, two, three. Very nice. Very nice. Right here. Look here. One, two, three. Smile. Sweetheart, right here. Look here. One, two, three. Very nice. One, two… (Thank you for watching “Home for Summer”)

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