Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 – Ep.98 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.09.19]

Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 – Ep.98 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.09.19]

(Episode 98) You remember me, right? Let go. Let go of me! Why did you lie? What do you mean lie? I didn’t lie about anything. You said my son Kim Jiseok died in a big fire at the orphanage. So? So why is Jiseok not even on the orphanage list? And even though there was a big fire, no one died because they were all away on a picnic. So why did you lie that Jiseok was dead? You had better answer me! Gosh. I had no choice because of that former detective. What? Former detective? Yes. He came to me before you did and told me to say Kim Jiseok was dead if anyone came to ask, or he would put me in jail for gambling. Why did he make you lie? That I don’t know. What about Jiseok? Was Jiseok even at the orphanage? I don’t know that either. My father ran the orphanage, not me. What? Anyway, I only did what that man told me to, so stop harassing me. You don’t know anything else about him? Please. Do you recall anything other than him being an ex-cop? No, nothing. What did he look like? What were his height and build like? Please help me. Anything will do, so please tell me what you remember. Jiseok is my son. I thought my son died, but it turns out he’s alive. I don’t know if you have children, but can’t you sympathize with me? He was under 175cm and rather stocky. And? Any other distinctive physical traits? He had a burn mark that extended from his left cheek to his neck. A burn mark? I don’t remember anything other than that. Excuse me. Are you planning to send Geumhui and Yeoreum abroad and then join them after you divorce me? That didn’t even occur to me, but you have given me a great idea. Junho. So that’s why you shouldn’t provoke me. What you’re doing will only make me distance myself from you. Have you talked to the guy you hired? I’m sure he’s on it. Geez, Sangmi. Why are you so indifferent? Call him to see if anything has happened. Fine. She even got me a motorbike, so I bet she’ll go berserk to find out I lost her brother. (Ju Sangmi) Hello? What took you so long to pick up? You’re keeping a close eye on Sangwon, right? Of course. Of course I am. What’s wrong with your voice? Is something wrong? Nothing is wrong. I’m just bored since nothing is happening, that’s all. I see. Then keep up the good work. She doesn’t know, right? No, she doesn’t. There’s no way. She can’t know. Darn it. That’s it? What else did you want? So what did he say? That nothing is happening. Really? He says things are so quiet, he’s bored. Can we trust him? If you’re so skeptical, you should do it yourself. Your mom should do what herself? – Hi, Dad. / – Hi. It’s nothing. How is Sangwon’s search for his son? Have you asked? Why don’t you call Sangwon instead of asking me? I would call and ask if he answered my calls. So why did you have to make your son not want to take your calls? Excuse me? Hi, Yongjin. Hi. Dinner is ready. Go wash up first. Okay. Can I believe what you said this morning? That sending Geumhui and Yeoreum away was in our best interest too. Can I believe that? Yes, you can since that is what prompted me in the first place. Okay. I will trust you. I’ll trust you and wait, so keep me updated on what’s happening. No. Junho. I have no intention of reporting to you, so whether or not you trust me is up to you. Then do you want me to tell Mom everything? That you’re trying to send Geumhui and Yeoreum abroad? If you want to, go ahead. Then I will tell Sangwon that Yeoreum is his son. Is this how you’re going to be? Let’s just go downstairs for dinner. Yes, Dad. Why haven’t you called? Did you find the orphanage director’s son? Yes. Really? So why did he tell such a lie? Well… I’ll tell you everything tomorrow at the clinic. Hey. Yes. I’m sure these children will remember Jiseok. Who were you talking to? Sangwon. Sangwon? What did he say? He was saying something but then stopped short. About what? Like I said, he stopped himself short. He didn’t find the orphanage director’s son, right? What? It’s like you don’t want Sangwon to find him. What are you talking about? Why I would not want him to? Exactly. So why do I get the feeling that you don’t? Yeoreum, what is your name now? Wang Yeoreum. I didn’t hear you. Would you say that again? Wang Yeoreum. Yes. You’re now Wang Yeoreum, not Seo Yeoreum. You are Wang Yeoreum, Wang Geumhui’s son no matter what anyone says. Do you get what I’m saying? Yes, Grandma. This is why Geumhui must make the tough choice, so his name doesn’t change again. – Geumju! / – Wang Geumju! / – Geumju! / – Geumju! Gosh. My goodness! Yeoreum, you didn’t understand what I said, right? What did you say? No, it’s nothing. I must have been distracted. Don’t worry about it. Okay, Aunt Geumju. But what is Geumhui doing in her room? (Canada) (If you want a quiet life in Canada…) (Immigrating to Canada) Hi, Eun-gyeong. It’s been a while. How are you? I have something to ask you. How is it in Canada? Is it nice? Your kids aren’t finding it hard to adjust? Yes. I see. Why are you following me out? Isn’t it my duty to walk my girlfriend home? What? Translating is probably tough, but hang in there. I’m going to change too. What do you mean you are going to change? Geumhui has given me much food for thought. Seeing her trying to protect Yeoreum no matter what, I realized the importance of being prepared. She could do it because she was prepared to be a mom. Yes. So? So I won’t heedlessly ask you to marry me anymore. Instead, I’ll work hard to prepare. Prepare for what? Prepare to get married. I’ll work hard to improve our salon and help my friend who does celebrity hair for TV. I’m impressed with you today, Wang Geumdong. You are? Okay. I will unconditionally believe what you said. Good thinking. I’ve become keenly aware that the one who loves more must cave. But what can I do? I must give in because I can’t bear to lose you. But promise me one thing. What is it? That once this is resolved, we will work on having a baby. What? You can’t even promise me that? Do promises mean anything between us? Junho. Fine. Let’s do that. Because we have to. I’m off. Yeoreum, do you like the sauteed sausage with veggies? Yes, Grandma. Good. It’s super delicious. Very good. Let me know if there is anything else you want. I’ll make you whatever you want every day. Every day? Of course. Until you leave, I will… – Mom! / – Hon! Weren’t you the one telling me to be careful? Yeoreum, you can go play with Suyeon if you’re done eating. Suyeon, could you take Yeoreum? Sure. So have you decided? Going abroad is the smart thing to do. Are you still not grasping the situation? I agree with Mom. You don’t have to take unnecessary risks, and if he sues, Yeoreum will find out. It may confuse him. If it could affect Yeoreum, then you’re right, but you can’t jump the gun on this either. That’s why I can’t decide. I don’t know what the best decision for Yeoreum is. Dad. I’m sorry, but could you come with me when I drop Yeoreum off? Are you worried his biological dad will show up again? Yes. Sure, sure. I’ll come with you. See if Ms. Lee Seon-yeong can come in tomorrow. Yes, Dr. Han. Are you here to see Father? Yes. How is the search for your son going? Why are you looking at me like that? You seem more interested in the search than I expected. But of course. We’re family. It seems I’ll find him faster thanks to your help. Oh, hi. Come sit. So what’s going on? Dr. Ju, should I bring some tea? Yes. Former detective? Yes. What does he look like? Do you know? He is under 175 cm and stocky. He has a burn mark from his left cheek to his neck. But that is all I know, so I don’t know how I’ll find him. Don’t worry about that. I’ll turn to all my police contacts to find him any way I can. Really? Thank you. Thank you, Dad. This is to find my grandson. Don’t thank me. But you shouldn’t just wait around for him to be found. That’s why I’m locating the kids from Happy Orphanage. I’m sure they will remember Jiseok. Then get going instead of sitting here. Call me if you find out anything at all. Okay, Dad. I’ll get going. Okay. Hello, Commissioner Park. How have you been? Yes, yes. This is Ju Yongjin. The thing is, I have a huge favor to ask you. Sangwon. Hi. Hi, Uncle Sucheol. How is the search for your son going? Is it going well? I should be able to find him soon. Dad said he would spare no efforts to help too. He did? That’s great. Sangwon. I’ll leave you two be. What brings you here? To see my dad. If you don’t mind, could we have tea? I told you I have nothing to say to you. Dr. Ju said I should talk to you. Fine, let’s have tea. Would you like coffee? No. I’m pressed for time, so just sit. Are you still angry at me? Are you? Ju Sangwon. I’m angry because I had thought the Yun Seon-gyeong I knew was better than that. Who’s the one who made me like this? Who? Me? Geumhui? Stop blaming others. Fine. What I did was low. I’m not proud of it. But why do you think I did it? Do you still not understand how I feel? Yun Seon-gyeong. Anyway, I can never give you up. Dad said there was something you had to hear from me. I found Bora. What? But Bora has already passed away. W-What? So that’s why you closed your restaurant. And it will remain closed for now. I still have something to do. Something to do? Bora had given birth to my child. What? And like a fool, I thought he was dead. What are you talking about? It’s a long story. But the point is, my son is alive. And I will find him. That’s all I have to say. I’ll be on my way. Are you telling me to just forget about you? At least for your own sake. For my sake? Because there is absolutely nothing I can do for you. Bye. This is Han Junho. I need your help again today. (Name: Bae Seongmin / DOB: July 15, 2001 / Age: 17) Hi, Geumju. What are you up to, Seokho? I miss you. Stepmom is feeling sick, so I’m making her porridge. What’s ailing her? Should I come? I want you to, but the mood isn’t so good. What do you mean the mood isn’t good? Anyway, I’ll call you later, Geumju. Is she gravely ill? Mom, are you feeling better? I made you porridge, so have some. I’m not hungry. You need to eat something. You haven’t eaten anything all day. I said I’m not hungry. Stepmom. I’m sorry, but could you leave? Stepmom, are you crying? I’ll leave this here, so promise me you’ll have it later. Oh, Geumhui. Are you going to get Yeoreum? Yes. What about Dad? Shouldn’t Dad go with you to pick him up? He’s running late so he’ll meet us at the kindergarten. Oh, I see. Be careful. Will do. I’m off then. Hello. Say goodbye. Goodbye. Hi, Yeoreum. Hello. Yeoreum, see you tomorrow. Excuse me. Yes? Did anyone who you didn’t recognize come to see Yeoreum? No, why do you ask? It’s nothing. Goodbye then. Bye. Mom, aren’t we leaving? Grandpa is meeting us here. Let’s wait for Grandpa. What are you doing here? Excuse me? Do I need your permission to come? Yeoreum, go inside and wait with your teacher. Okay. Where do you think you’re going? I came to see you. What is the matter with you? Come here. Yeoreum, it’s okay. It’s okay. People might think I was kidnapping him. Well, I suppose you need time to say goodbye, so you might as well make some good memories. And in case you are resting easy because the adoption was finalized, just bear in mind that I have consulted a lawyer too. I’m sure you know who has the upper hand. Yeoreum, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. Yeoreum. Dad. Geumhui, what’s wrong? W-What happened? He… He was here. What? Dad. Could you carry Yeoreum on your back? Let’s hurry home. Yes, okay. Yeoreum, get on my back. My poor dear, were you scared? My goodness. Seongmin did come to us from Happy Orphanage. But he was 17 two years ago, and by law, he had to leave at age 18. Could I have Seongmin’s number then? I don’t think we’re in touch with him anymore. Once they leave us, it’s difficult to update their contact information unless they let us know. Is there any way I can get his number? – Jiyeon. / – Yes? Are we still in touch with Gi-un? He left at the same time as Seongmin, right? Yes. Just a moment. Geumhui. Yes? Get the blankets from our room, so we can lay him down. Okay, Dad. Yeoreum, it’s okay. Yeoreum, just a second. Do you feel better now, Yeoreum? Yes, Grandpa. Yeoreum, it’s okay now. It really is okay. But Mom, who was that man earlier? I’m scared. He frightens me. Don’t worry, Yeoreum. I promise I’ll keep you safe. Yeoreum, why don’t you lie down? Our sweet Yeoreum, it’s okay now. Hello? KR Airline? I want to book two tickets to Canada. One adult and one child. They were close, so this should be the right number. (Bae Seongmin) So our tickets are booked, right? Yes. There is no answer… So you’re leaving for Canada next week? It will all go down the drain if Sangwon finds out. Don’t worry. We’re on it already. Please continue to watch over our dear Yeoreum. I will marry Sangwon and raise his child. Yun Seon-gyeong. Did you find the man? You found him? Who did you find? The guy who kept Sangwon from finding his son.

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  1. When a drama has 100 episodes or more it becomes boring the keep repeating the same thing, hiding the truth for long and wasting viewers time.

    I am sure this drama would have 120 episodes or more, maybe less.

    But 50 episodes should be the limit, it takes them 20 or more episodes to reveal a secret or truth 😔.

  2. And I am so sure that in the next episode they are not gonna show anything important, they gave us a reason to watch about 50 episodes, I mean the rest of the episodes are just rubbish, but still we all keep watching and complaining, so sad how I wish I can just stop being anxious

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