Homemade Summer Popsicles: 3 Ways! Mind Over Munch

Homemade Summer Popsicles: 3 Ways! Mind Over Munch

What kind of band plays snappy music? A rubber band! You guys loved my frozen snacks and
vegan ice cream videos so I thought it was was about time we brought the two together for some summer pops. Today I have three
recipes to share with and you can and of course make them all in a normal ice cream mold which I will link down
below but I’m also gonna show you three different ways you can make these pops mold free. Let’s start with my strawberry
banana pops. This is one of my favorite recipes and it is so easy. In your blender add banana, vanilla extract, stevia or sweetener of choice, and
a greek yogurt or yogurt of choice. Blend it on up. Now
you’re gonna wanna wash out that blender because that is only
one of the beautiful layers of this popsicle. This time add in your strawberries and
sweetener of choice and if your strawberries are
really sweet you may not need any sweetener at all. For these popsicles I am using a large
silicone ice cube mold which I got at TJ Maxx for about three bucks. A regular ice cube mold will also work.
Start by filling each mold about one-third full with your
strawberry mixture and then add another layer of your
banana mixture and finish off with a final layer your strawberry mixture once more. Cover
with plastic wrap cut a little hole over each mold and
sticking your miniature popsicle stick. I got mine at the craft store. Since the
mixture is liquid that plastic wrap is going to help keep those popsicle stick in the mold. Transfer to the freezer
for a few hours or overnight. You may need to use a knife
or an offset spatula to help wiggle these babes out and running them under a little bit of
warm water will also help. But once you get them loosened up they will slide right out. So preety and so delicious. What did Mr. and
Mrs. Hamburger name their daughter? Patty. Next up my very
vanilla popsicles. Start with a bowl of greek yogurt or
yogurt of your choice and some vanilla extract and stevia or
sweetener of choice keep in mind with all these recipes that
if you start with a sweetened yogurt you may not need at any sweeter at all. I
just like to use greek for that added protein. Add in some of that greek yogurt mixture
to your blender along with some blueberries or
raspberries or your favorite berry of choice. Blend it on up. For these popsicles we’re
going to use mini loaf pans as our mold, a regular size
loaf pan will work you want huge popsicles. Line the loaf pans
with plastic wrap and then fill each one about three
quarters of the way full with your blended berry mixture. Then carefully at a layer of your remaning yogurt mixture on top. Cover each pan tightly with
another sheet of plastic wrap. Use a knife to cut even slits for
popsicle sticks into the wrap. Insert your many popsicle sticks into each slit and transfer to the
freezer for a few hours overnight. Once they’re frozen, allow them to thaw for a few minutes before trying to remove them from the pan. Run them under a little bit warm water and
then lift them out on the pan and remove the plastic wrap. You’ll probably wanna let them sit for
another 10 to 15 minutes at room temperature before your cut them with a serrated
knife. So Cute! What can you steal without getting in
trouble? Second base. Do you get it? Like when a base… In your blender add your coconut
milk. I like to use lighter coconut milk full fat is fine but it isn’t necessary for the creaminess of the popsicle so I like to cut back on the fat by using the light. Add your freshly squeezed lime juice I’m using regular limes but if you have key limes go ahead and use those. Lime zest, spinach for nutrition and color
because why not add veggies to a dessert when you can? Vanilla, salt, and stevia or sweetener of your choice.
Blend it on up. And if you are looking to make all of these
pops vegan you can use the coconut milk and the other recipes I sheared
instead of the yogurt. Righteous! Pour your mixture into little 3 ounce paper cups. Wrap the tops
in a little bit of foil, plastic wrap is a little bit harder to
work with with the paper cups. Make a small slit over the center of
the cup and stick in your mini popsicle sticks. Transfer to the freezer for a few
hours or overnight. I think that the paper cups are perfect for this recipe
particularly because it does tend to separate if you use
a bigger mold. When you are ready to eat them you first want to dip the cup into a bit of warm water and I like to
rub my finger over the cup to loosen it up a bit. Use
scissors to cut the cup away from the popsicle and then just
lightly tear it off. If any of the paper sticks, just dip your
finger in a little bit warm water and rub it right off. If you wanted to take these key lime pops
to the level up key lime pie pops you could dip your popsicle back into
the warm water and then roll it in some graham cracker crumbs. Keep in mind they will no longer be
vegan if you use regular graham crackers but I have linked a vegan graham cracker
recipe in the description box below if you’re interested. Tell me which flavor and which mold are
you most excited to try. Comment below and give me a thumbs up if
you’re stoked for these refreshing summer popsicles. I will see you tomorrow for another
summer sips. Have a great day and remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch.

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  1. Hmmm… There's a second base you can steal and get smacked for it! πŸ˜‚ how can I store extra pops in the freezer and about how long can I keep them?

  2. You could substitute the popstickles with teaspoons. I remember that I always froze flavoured yoghurt as a child.

  3. I think the lime popsicle is the best. Mind over much is such a great guide to making delightful dishes

  4. I loved first two but a tiny piece of suggestion that if you use cheesecake recipe with strawberry one instead of bananas it will taste great πŸ™‚ hope you'll try it πŸ˜‰

  5. Omg just when i think no way can you top that and then BAM!!!! You smash it out of the park!!! You are one talented lady. πŸ™‚

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