Hong island day trip from Aonang Krabi || Part 1 Koh Hong, Hong lagoon

Hong island day trip from Aonang Krabi || Part 1 Koh Hong, Hong lagoon

Hey there, welcome to our channel… today we’re taking a day trip from Krabi in Thailand The name of the trip is Koh
Hong island day trip. and it consists of a visit to four different islands by boat from Krabi. Our tour was conducted by Phi Phi tours and we have booked it from
klook.com. So let’s take you on a detailed journey of hong island day trip from Krabi. Good morning guys it’s six o’clock here
in Krabi, and we are waiting at the lobby of Hotel Wake up Aonang for our
pickup for the Koh Hong island trip which we have booked for today. okay,… here is our pickup guy and he is going to take us to the jetty from where we are going to leave for the day trip and this is the inside of the car we’re taking our seats. Well guys after a 20 minutes ride we are
here at the Phi Phi tours departure point for the koh Hong island day trip You can see out here many people are waiting and we have to do some paperwork before we get onto the boats that’s our boat.. you can see out there “Little Andaman” boat number
99,… they have told us So they’re calling out people who were in the queue so in the meantime I think it’s best to get my hands laid on the food they have
provided there’s a free breakfast.. let me search.. oh yeah… there is the free breakfast buffet most of it is empty by the time we came here.. ah, boat to hong island is ready.. so we need to move fast grab some food fast so guys before you board don’t forget to take a bite from tasty breakfast buffet they
provide for free This is a very good place to sit so, are you ready to roll? and here we go.. our boat is
departing yes please… thank you.. it’s really hot out
here man.. and that’s the view to the rear of the boat you can see the wash from the
propellers the left side looks quite nice from here water is clear blue well I guess we’re here.. it’s the Hong
Lagoon the first stop of our day trip well guys now we’re inside the hong
lagoon area and it looks quite nice from here let’s see what more is there there are few more tourist boats out here as you can enter this place only during
the high tide as there is only one entry point to the place and if the tide goes
down while you are inside then you are stuck well guys it was our first stop of the four
Island koh hong day trip you can see our boat is leaving the Hong lagoon from the
entry and exit point we’re moving towards the next island which is Pak Bia island So folks that’s all for today, I hope you
liked the video If you do, please click on the like button and please SHARE and SUBSCRIBE our channel for more travel videos. and if you do have any suggestions or QUERIES please don’t forget to mention them in your COMMENTS we shall try to entertain them to the best of our abilities So guys see you in the next episode of Koh Hong island day trip as we visit the Pak Bia Island.. till then.. have a nice time..

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