Hong Kong By Night – Indian Tourist Enjoys The Best Night Life Party In Hong Kong

Hong Kong By Night – Indian Tourist Enjoys The Best Night Life Party In Hong Kong

Hello Friends! How are you guys doing? I am in Hong Kong right now And today is a Saturday! Every Saturday there are parties in Hong Kong! People in Hong Kong party a lot. I am going to take you to a party area in Hong Kong! This area is called LKF Lan Kwai Fong And a lot of Hong Kong residents and expats party in Lan Kwai Fong There are lot of Bars, Clubs, Restaurants in this area So lets go and see LKF In order to go to LKF, you will need to take an MTR and get down at Central LKF is very near to Central station of MTR So right now am entering the Tsim Tsa Tsui MTR station I am going to travel on an MTR The Escalators are so nice in Hong Kong So lets first go and buy a ticket Tsim Tsa Tsui to Central will cost around HKD 10.5 If you convert it into Indian currency it would be INR 90 to INR100 Its a nice deal So from here, we have to go to Central Central HKD 10.50 You have to take the coins and put them in this slot Sometimes the coins come out by mistake Take the same coins and put them back in the slot So finally the coins have been accepted We will get our ticket from the ticket slot below Do not forget to collect your change from the same slot This is your ticket Now you have to enter the paid area of the MTR station by using this ticket You have to tap it on the tapping device next to the barricades as shown ahead There are no ticket checkers on MTR’s. You have to tap the ticket to enter the paid area of MTR Eating or Drinking is prohibited in the paid areas of MTR You have to Tap the tickets on the side of the barricades to enter the paid area of the MTR I am tapping the ticket and the barricade then the barricade opens and we can enter the paid area Keep this ticket with you, as you will need it while exiting the paid area of Central station This is a one way ticket When you get down at Central station, you have to put this inside a slot next to the barricade to exit the station So friends this train is going to Central Central is the last station on this line That is the reason why, the train gets empty at Admiralty You can see that the train has got empty The train is empty Lot of people have got down at Admiralty already The next stop is Central, where we will be getting down We have now arrived at the Central station We will get down when these automatic doors open It feels like Churchgate station in Mumbai In Mumbai,Churchgate is the last stop on the Western line and the trains get empty at Churchgate So now, we have to put this ticket in those slots to get out from the paid area of the Central station As we slide this ticket into those slots, the barricades will open and we can get out of the paid area of MTR Now we are out of the paid area of the station So, as you can see, we have reached the LKF party area Wellington Street That street in front of you is the Wellington Street, that is where the LKF party area begins There used to be a nice restaurant here called Tsui Wah, but I am not able to see it here anymore Be careful while crossing these streets There are many famous clubs and bars on this street Where do you think most of the girls in this group are from? I think they are from South America If you know the name of this song, please comment below and let me know as this is such a nice song Give a Thumbs Up for this girl! Comment below and let me know which country do you think she is from! Here comes the best dance performance of LKF! So this is how people party in LKF There are people from all over the world here and not just people from Hong Kong The most amazing crowd of Hong Kong comes here to party and enjoy the nightlife Come to LKF on weekends The time now is 11:15 pm, yes its early to go back to the hotel, but I will head back before the MTR closes I will eat something first and then go back to my hotel If you had fun watching, please do not forget to click Like on this video and share this video with your friends Please Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more travel videos. Om Namaha Shivaya!

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