Hospitality and Tourism Management at SJCNY

Hospitality and Tourism Management at SJCNY

The way of thinking about this from a student
perspective is that given how vibrant and dynamic tourism is in New York City, on Long
Island, across the state. If you want to be here, and have the world
come to you, we know that happens. But it’s even beyond that, it’s not just
the world comes to you it’s that you have the opportunity to go to the world. The need for this hospitality program is really
critical; 750,000 jobs are sustained by tourism in the state. Tourism is expanding every single day and
these students get the ability from one of the world centers of tourism to be able to
interact with those world class venues. They’re giving the kids the right tools
so when they come to us we are getting very educated students that we can challenge to
move on to the next level. The interaction and the availability that
St Joseph’s College students have to start their careers, it’s amazing. I was looking for something different, something
specific, something interesting. When I found out about the hospitality tourism
management program here at St. Joseph’s College, I lit right up because it sounded
fantastic to me. I think what differentiates this program from
the others is that students here learn the basics of problem solving and decision making. Problem identification, creativity, entrepreneurial
skills, the ability to write effectively, to articulate orally, all of those skills
are the ones that no matter what you do and what career path you follow are going to be
absolutely essential for success. The opportunities are just enormous, and it’s
only growing. We have three distinct concentrations: One
is in tourism, we also have a concentration in hotel management and the third area is
very unique and that’s health care hospitality. How do we respond to people in today’s hospital
environment? The way St. Joseph’s College is going to
make a difference is by collaborating with people across the Island. We become partners in all of these professional
societies which leads us to meeting a number of people. With that, we were able to expand our opportunities
for our students. We have connections in the cruise industry,
hotel industry, tourism, ecotourism, the wineries out here on the East End. St. Joseph’s College gives the foundation
educationally for them to be able to get degrees but also gives them the ability to interact
with world-class venues within the New York metropolitan area. Specifically at the Barclays Center, at the
Jones Beach Theater, a US Open Golf Championship. You’re here, you’re involved and you want
to participate but you know it’s really going to, you know, benefit you in the future. One day I’ll be in the classroom learning
about it and the very next day I’ll apply that learning. And that’s tremendous, because you’re
not taking them from zero to ten, you’re starting out at four or five and they already
have some good understanding. First of all, we’ve embedded experiential
learning into the program, so all of our students have to intern no matter what area or what
concentration. We have over 300 internships as of right now. I have an internship coming up this summer
to work at Disney World. I’m just finishing up at the Long Island
Convention Visitors Bureau. Currently I’m doing two internships this
semester. One is at the Holiday Inn Express Stony Brook
and the other is at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital. It’s way more than just learning from a
textbook, it’s actually applying the knowledge, in person with your own personal real-life
experiences. And that piece is one of the most important
pieces not only to prepare you for the future, but to ensure that once you graduate you’ll
have the ability to step right in to whatever career opportunities are there. The internships I’ve done at St. Joe’s
have paved the way for my future. We have interns and students working for Long
Island State Parks right from their freshman year. All those jobs are terrific opportunities
for students to kind of get a baseline and a good start. One of the things that we pride ourselves
in is that the instructors, the professors, your adjuncts are all experienced people in
the industry and I think that makes a big difference. And they teach you things that you literally
will see everyday, so you see the opportunities and the challenges and the passion that they
have. The professors know your name and you’re
not just in a stadium where, you know, you’re just a number in the crowd, they really want
to get to know you and what you like to do and what you like to learn because it is personalized. I know that once that May date hits, that
I’m going to have a foot in the door and I know my next step. This degree is going to prepare me for something
that’s different everyday. The very nature of HTM is people-to-people. The great thing for a student is if you’re
one of those that wants to stay in New York or stay in Long Island, there will always
be jobs. But if you’re one of those who wants to
branch out and spend some time across the country or around the world, HTM is a ticket,
a passport to almost anyplace you want to go and still be able to have a career that
supports you in that travel. So that’s one of the exciting parts about
the major. Hospitality and tourism management program
is life changing. We have the education that you can take wherever
you want to go and there’s nothing more international than hospitality.

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    My name is Ponir.I amam from bbangladesh. Now I am studying hospitality mmanagement and tourism at Hunangshan University China.Can i move in your University. If i can, Then How?

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