Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management Degree – Ebony on why she chose Wrexham Glyndwr University

Hi, my name’s Ebony Banks and i’m studying
Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management. I chose Wrexham Glyndwr because it had a really
good course for events management which is what I really wanted to do after organising
my year 11 prom. My friends had recommended that this university
did the course, so I looked into it, came to the open day and completely fell in love
and decided to come here. What excites me the most is having the opportunity
to plan my own events and have something that i’ve created and i’ve designed come to life
and have people enjoy it and an amazing experience from that. For having all the hard work and determination
that’s gone in across these four years will really be worth something. The best thing that’s happened to me on my
course has been meeting the friend group that i’ve got now. At university because it’s such a diverse
group of people that anyone who comes will make friends and also the actual practical
side of going to the locations that we’ve been studying in our assignments; visiting
locations like Chirk Castle and the Llangollen Eisteddfod; it’s just been brilliant and really
enjoyed every second of it. And also the lecturers as well, the lecturers
are an amazing support system and so is the rest of the university; I think everyone who
comes here will find that they have the support that they need. I’ve changed a lot since coming to Wrexham
Glyndwr University; i’m a much more confident person and my grades have increased massively. I’ve gone from not doing particularly well
in my A-levels to getting firsts on many of my assignments so far this year which i’m
really happy about. Possibility.

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