100 thoughts on “HOT GIRL SUMMER Makeup Look BYE ASHY! | Jackie Aina

  1. awww Jackie all the shade names are diff strains of weed, that’s why it’s called sour diesel cshfjvfshdhvhvn

  2. I come here to learn something, hear her Jackie Jackie intro, and WITHOUT FAIL EVERY TIME my life is made and I just love her every time before I even finish the video. Jackie Jackie Jackie

  3. Jackie, I need a beach makeup look. Darling I’m going to the Italian riviera. I’m in crisis mode. I need to look super cute in pictures and also jump my behind in that blessed beach life.

  4. Girl let me tell you .. i watch you ALL THE TIME and we have the same birthday!! definitely trying to get on your level of makeup.. can you dm on instagram a and give me tips!! I would love it Queen of makeup ig: Syerra.d

  5. Hey Jackie. I just came to say thank you for staying on the necks of these companies for darker shades. After 16 years, my sister was finally able to find her perfect match in foundation at 31 years old. When she showed me what she got, it was the Too Faced Born This Way in Chai. I was so happy, I went ahead and used some of my La Peach highlighter to finish her off and she was sooooo happy!!!! Thank you Aunty Jackie! ❤️

  6. Jackie, some of use are hot girl sweat'in out in this hot girl summer! Can we get a video on keeping the makeup in place when is scorching!

  7. this look is ironically giving me all the Jamaican vibes!!! LOVE IT!! I’ve been looking for a mostly green palette too. Need this!

  8. Can you do a video with your favourite brushes please? Cause I have no idea the best brushes to invest in ( cause yes it’s an investment🤓🤑). Thanks! I trust your opinion.

  9. Aunty Jackie sending love from Jamaica 🇯🇲
    Sour Diesel is actually a strain of weed or ganja hence the marijuana leaf embossed on the palette

  10. EVERYBODY should use sunscreen. I watched my father die of melanoma when I was 14. BOB MARLEY DIED OF MELANOMA. Don’t neglect this, please.

  11. 13:30
    Are you aware, Aunt Jackie that "sour diesel" is a hybrid strain of the cannabis sativa plant?😂
    The whole pallette seems to be named after hybrid stuff, hence the name, "Smoke Sessions"

  12. Jackie is goals PERIODT .! :

    Body goals 👙 ✔️
    Makeup goals 💄✔️
    Hair goals 👩🏾‍🦱✔️
    Wit/Jokes goals 🧠🗣✔️

    You want it, she’s got it dammit 💁🏽✨

  13. I love this girl my favorite thing about her tutorials is that you do what works for your face rather than following makeup trends. I love it because the best thing we can all do when following a tutorial is tweaking the makeup here and there for what works for your face.

  14. And here I was thinkin' Miss J was letting her natural hair out for Hot Girl Summer…and this IS a day look! Ok Miss Ross! I love and appreciate ya!

  15. Hi Jackie,

    I'm newly subscribed and I wanted to say I love your channel. Your funny witty delivery is so refreshing. I love your energy, pls do not every change. You rock!!

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