HOT SUMMER NIGHTS Official Trailer (2018) Timothée Chalamet, Maika Monroe, Teen Movie HD

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS Official Trailer (2018) Timothée Chalamet, Maika Monroe, Teen Movie HD

You spending the summer with your Auntie Barb, sending me away for the summer what a cliche So you’re from here? Yeah wait no, okay, okay. Eww Hide this You get high? Can you take me home This look she gave me man. Hey. Hey yourself, I was hoping you’d show up. Guess who got lucky? I can’t get her out of my mind. Would you say if I told you I wanted to start something weed. What’s this one? That’s a zip. If more people bought these, my life will be a lot easier We should sell more of those The problem is we’re dealing dime bags to teenagers. We need customers who buy in bulk. You didn’t know how to use a bong and now you’re trying to tell me how to flip weed I have something you’ve been looking for. How do we know you’re not cops? That’s a good question. Cops can’t do that sit down This is gonna be more money then either of us have ever seen. You’re not caught up in anything shady, right Lazy sweetheart play something celebratory Happens every summer Money here is so heavy you can’t breathe. nights turn long and sleepless When you long for cooler times You know what it is. It’s gonna tear you apart Can’t hold on to everything. I think some things you can, and I hope you’re good at being hurt You

100 thoughts on “HOT SUMMER NIGHTS Official Trailer (2018) Timothée Chalamet, Maika Monroe, Teen Movie HD

  1. 1 of the worst movie trailers EVERRR! I’m sry but it is and there is no other way to put it 😂😂😂😫

  2. the sequel to this movie is Beautiful Boy – a movie about the same boy addicted to hard drugs, thus proving marijuana is indeed a gateway drug.


  3. This movie was so dumb and the girl he was into was so bland, it was all physical attraction IMO she was a bitch

  4. Watching two teens fall in love in cinema is so beautiful and i want to watch all the movies with this concept

  5. This isn’t the way this movie should it be
    It would be the dumb nerd weirdo that meet a girl and defeat their fears and get her at the end
    Not that he become a dealer k mon!!!!!! 😂 Fuck y’all

  6. This guy Chalamet, appearently some people thinks he is attractive. He really is not. Not at all.
    What is attractive about him? Not his looks anyway.

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  8. Tf I didn't even get why dex was so angry in the end to kill hunter like what is wrong with trying to sell cocaine when ur already selling weed why does dex bother? Pls somebody explain :))

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