Hotel dentro de la Selva del Iguazú – Yacutinga Lodge

Hotel dentro de la Selva del Iguazú – Yacutinga Lodge

Today in ‘discovering destinations’ we will visit a hotel and ecological reserve in the heart of the Misiones jungle. Where we are going to enjoy nature and live a unique experience discovering its fauna and flora. In the northeast of Argentina, Just 60 km upriver from the Iguazú Falls, in the province of Misiones… is Yacutinga Lodge An ecotourism complex of environmental conservation, immersed in the subtropical rainforest. The Lodge has an exclusive transfer service that move the tourists from the meeting point call ‘Raíces Argentinas’ (Argentine Roots) to the Lodge… which is the only way to get there. We leave from the city of ‘Puerto Iguazú’, to travel about 140 km of route In a trip of 2 and a half hours crossing the Iguazu National Park and the Urugua-í Provincial Park to the destination of the reserve ‘Yacutinga’ On the trip we passed through the town ‘Andresito’ and crossed red dirt roads into the jungle. When we’ve arrived we were served a lemonade and some chipá made with cassava flour & cheese a very tasty.typical local food. The architecture perfectly merges with the jungle, It is rustic and comfortable, Built with recycled materials, stones, trunks and large pieces of wood harvested from fallen trees that they are integrated in an organic way with the environment. A swimming pool in the middle of the jungle transforms into an oasis full of peace and tranquility. The Lodge has 21 cabins distributed in modules of 4 rooms each, to which it is acceded by means of trails All rooms maintain the jungle aesthetics And they have natural pure water from the Guaraní Aquifer at 85 meters depth. They have soap, shampoo and conditioner all organic with citronella and lemongrass perfume Which repel insects and serve as a repellent. The rooms are spacious and comfortable Based on a simple lifestyle, relaxed and without consumption, No telephone, no air conditioning, no tv but they have an unique view of the jungle. Hello Claudio, how are you? Hello nice to meet you.. I’m really ready for an experience in the Jungle here in Yacutinga Very good.. What are we going to do? Alright, I’ll tell you. The activities are like this … The first day we have a presentation. We show them what we do here… that it is sustainable tourism. we show them the situation of our jungle And tell them everything that happened and what is happening nowaday in the jungle of Iguazú Everything that was deforested in this paranaense jungle.. in Brazil, Paraguay and here also. Remains about only an 6% of what was originally the jungle Although it seems that it is much jungle, for the animals is very little And the next day we have the first excursion … we do kayaking We hike through one of the walking trails… we go to a creek … and there … The name of the creek is ‘San Francisco’ we take the kayaks these kayak are for two people each … We navigate the creek.. we continued walking through a walking trails And we walked back to the Lodge… The walking trails is in the middle of the jungle Great! Let’s start this incredible experience and start enjoying the jungle right now Sounds good! We started the experience by walking through one of the walking trails And as we move forward, we get deeper into the heart of the jungle… …to know all its secrets. During this hike, we can find a great variety of wild animals in their purest state of freedom. The guide Claudio teaches us about the different species of animals and vegetation that we can find along the way. The 4 km of the kayak ride consists of crossing the creek ‘San Francisco’ and then continues through the river Iguazú and there, we continue with the trek for another 3 miles of walking trails The calm water of the creek and the stream in favor Allows us to enjoy a relaxed drive Where peace and tranquility abound The sound of the wind in the treetops mixed with the singing of different birds create a perfect melody during the journey. Arriving at the Iguazú River, an indescribable sensation invades us… To know that those same waters downriver…. form the giant ‘Garganta del Diablo’ (devil’s throat) leap into the Iguazu Falls. From the majestic Iguazu River you can see the coast of Brazil in front of the Yacutinga reserve When disembarking on land … we start the return trip for the last 3 miles of walking trails Where we can appreciating the biodiversity of the rainforest. Sometimes … we have the possibility … But only sometimes we have the possibility of going to the Guarani … We have our Guarani community… They are the natives here. indigenous people.. and…. They are our neighbors They have their reservation stuck to ours. So.. The lodge has 570 hectares .. And the community has its reservation on the side … There are approximately 150 hectares … …so… They have their forest there… Then sometimes, we go there to visit them … sometimes… The guaraní community called Kaaguy Porá That means ‘beautiful jungle’ in Guarani, They doesn’t have no electricity or connection to the water network … So they have to walk several kilometers to get it. The village was built with materials from the area … And they are building a new school. By visiting this community, we were able to learn about the Guarani culture And we were able to see the enormous enthusiasm with which they do things … such as singing and playing soccer. The Guaraní community is known for the quality of its crafts … in carved wood, basketry, And the making of bracelets and necklaces. We are with the responsible person for the exquisite dishes that we are testing at Yacutinga Lodge … Marcelo is the chef in charge, We want to congratulate you because the dishes you prepare are very delicious .. Well, a pleasure, thank you very much … and … We are glad that you like it… That you like everything we have prepared here … Note that you are in all the details … because are dishes .. well thought out for all tastes .. What inspires you to prepare each dish? Well, first is that … is that you like what you do .. Mainly to me I like what I do And also inspires me the place where we are … This place that we have the possibility to occupy Hay muchas cosas que me inspiran Besides, it’s quite a challenge I guess… because you must to include a lot of ingredients that are specific of here, of Misiones, and so that it likes all the guests too If yes … you’re right .. we use many typical ingredients of Misiones But thinking about the taste of foreign guests … … or a vegetarian diet like yours … That the food has to be tasty for all It’s a challenge .. but I think is nice … Do you have a set menu? Or depending on the season is what you have to prepare? Are both… We have a set menu but also according to the seasons we prepare the dishes .. For example, in summer we do something fresh.. And … in winter something more hot … More according to the season In an entrance, for example, we make a gazpacho Which is especially for summer And for the winter season we cook a hot soup, that is also very rich .. Then, every guest who comes here .. if he has any specific inconvenience with food, or he can’t eat certain ingredient, the person has to warn you beforehand how should he? If yes … we are notified when they make the reservation If there is something he can’t eat or he have an allergy … … and we consider that in the guest’s menu .. And are you the only chef in the kitchen? Or are there more chefs with you? No … we are two chefs.. The other cook is called Isabel, She is in charge of preparing the food at noon … And me at night… When I started here … it was she who taught me And well, then this is the inspiration of each one .. We want to thank you again, because … You really can not miss the dishes they prepare here the dishes are very tasty Well, thank you very much … It’s a pleasure … And after dinner, if tourists still have energy And if they want, we do a short walk of an hour on the walking trail Also in the jungle
At night at night, without sunlight we do it. It must be special to do it at night … right? Yes..
It has its charm … Because there are other animals you can not see during the day There are nocturnal animals and there are diurnal animals .. It is true! It depends on the luck of oneself Pero hay muchos insectos.. mariposas durmiendo… generalmente se ve un tapetí.. que es un Native bunny … tatu ,the armadillo … or some other animal … owls too… Well these are our activities .. And what are the recommendations for the guests who will come here? To come here … as it is with prior reservation On Yacutinga website, we have the recommendations of everything they have to bring .. flashlight… the clothes they have to bring Especially the long sleeves … trousers …
yes, Long sleeves … which is for mosquitoes insect bites, by thorns, by some kinds of caterpillars that have thorns… Have chemical defenses, which make a reaction to the body .. that is why they must have long sleeves rain pilots.. closed shoes … things like that And much desire to enjoy …
yes, that is Especially..
Much desire to enjoy and learn .. But a conscious tourism, which is what you promote Yes … everything we do is based on preserving our Misiones jungle, that is very important nowadays We are enjoying this peace and tranquility that gives us the jungle.. And we are with Yanina, so she can tell us more about Of all the programs that can be done here Yes, I wanted to tell you more than anything about the insight program. That we are going to launch it now for the holidays in July. Is a combination of yoga, meditation And conscious eating. Conscious food, is to have full consciousness Awareness of what we are made of what we eat… So what we eat has to be of the best quality Both from the preparation of the meal, and the food itself ..
Try to eat organic fruits and veggies .. Try to eat whole grains … Include seeds… so… We are with that combination of things and of course we add all the beauty here in Yacutinga. Who has the reconnaissance walks .. With birdwatching … The kayak ride.. And we also combine all that with meditation …
that’s all… It is also closely related to what is eco tourism, right? Of course, this place is based on sustainable tourism .. which is a tourism that tries to have no impact .. I mean negative impact on nature .. In fact there is a program that is called “rescue of orchids” .. which is a collaboration, Because there are many monkeys in this area and these are jumping from tree to tree and also from lianas and throw the orchids … So, what we do is going with the tourists and they rescue all the orchids that are in the ground, Because being a soil so wet, the orchid rots and dies. So we call that activity “rescue of orchids” and they make a collaboration to the jungle And there are also other programs where we go out to plant native trees for example… Then, the guest that come does not have a negative impact on the place, they enjoy the place and they collaborates with nature. Well … thank you so much Yanina.
Thanks to you for coming here And we invites to all who want to enjoy this beautiful place … Being in the jungle in contact with nature, is an unique and enriching experience. I hope you enjoyed this program we invite you to continue discovering destinations

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