Hotel Transylvania 3 (2018) – Dracula vs. the Kraken Scene (9/10) | Movieclips

Hotel Transylvania 3 (2018) – Dracula vs. the Kraken Scene (9/10) | Movieclips

BEHOLD. THE KEY TO THE DEMISE OF ALL MONSTERS. (Opening, gasping] AAAH! (knuckles crack) HUH… (Mumbling to himself) (evil riff) LISTEN TO THE MELODY OF YOUR DESTRUCTION. OH, I WONDER WHAT DOES THAT DO? YEAH! (Music continues above the surface) (Rising) HEY, LOOK! IT’S THE KRAKEN…? (growling) (Sudden pause??) (roaring) EVERYBODY OUT, NOW! (Screaming) (Growling) (Smashing) (Screeching of brakes) (Destruction continues) WE’RE TRAPPED! EVERYBODY BACK! AAAH! (Growling) AH! (riff changes) (roars) AAAH! (Bob to the rescue!) (The children! Must save the children!) (POW) (And the Father of the Year is…) (Blobby) THIS HAS TO STOP NOW. DRAC, NO! AAH! OHH! (Not even the bat works?!) AAAH! DAD! (Crash!) MAVIS! TIME FOR THE IMMORTAL DRACULA TO DIE. (riff changes to scary) DAD! AAAH! NOOOO! ERIKA! BOB, HELP. (Oops… um…) TINKLES? DENNIS… OH NO. BOB IS TINKLES? BUT THANK GOODNESS HE IS, CUZ LOOK! (CANNONBALL!!!!!) (POW!) AAAH! (Save Drac! Run Erika, Run!) (WHHOOOOAAAA….!!!!!) YOU CAN’T DO THIS! YOU’RE WRONG ABOUT MONSTERS! DRACULA. HE SAVED MY LIFE. WHAT! I’M SO SORRY, DRAC, I WAS TRYING TO KILL YOU THIS WHOLE TIME. BUT THEN I REALISED HOW WRONG I WAS. HOW WRONG ALL OF THIS IS. AND THEN I I ZINGED. ZING? WHAT’S A ZING? IT’S A MONSTER THING. YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND. IT’S LIKE TRUE LOVE. LOVE?! WELL…I GUESS THE LEGACY ENDS WITH ME. HM. THAT’S AN AWKWARD ENDING. HUH. NOPE, IT’S TIME TO START A NEW LEGACY. A MONSTER/HUMAN LEGACY. Subtitles by Connie Boy Connor’s Channel

100 thoughts on “Hotel Transylvania 3 (2018) – Dracula vs. the Kraken Scene (9/10) | Movieclips

  1. 1:52 the base of the music dropped when the kraken got them and when tinkles got the Kraken's hand it went back to the remix! Too good

  2. Everyone talking about the evil music
    More than enough of such tunes can be heard in old Bollywood movies..but of course with way lesser technicality…kinda the origin..if one may
    Guess it's kinda mixture of neo and Indian classical… So this does give an idea of where the taste for progressive music is heading to

  3. 1:03 When a party happened it was finished yesterday,
    1:15 When another party happened and your parents says you can’t go,
    1:17 Parents Reaction,
    1:20 You,
    3:40 Parents putting salt in your eyes so you can’t see
    2:17 Your Parents getting tired of it

  4. Wait I just figured something out if the kraken a squid aren't squid supposed to have one eye not two which makes the kraken from this movie a octopus not kraken

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