House Tour: 1+1 LOFT apartment in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

House Tour: 1+1 LOFT apartment in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Guys, we are in Malaysia! and today, we’re going to show you a condo, which is located in the middle of a huge megapolis Kuala Lumpur let’s go and see together and we are in! when I come inside directly you see in front of your eyes huge panoramic windows and it really gives you a nice
feeling and you have a huge balcony on the right side, we have a small bar. it’s
really nice for a short stay because you can use a microwave, fridge and some dishes. and make coffee or tea and take a look at this decoration. it made in a tropical style. you see these greeneries and this bright board. because we rent this apartment by AirBnb and here you can see all nice reviews and the next our spot is a bar table. bar table partly fixed to the wall and it also has a concrete
texture. and look! we have a bar here snack bar! Engin really loves it. and to
make an accent on this bar, we have pendant light and take a look generally on our
ceiling. we have all the way this black pipe it connects this lighting, that
lighting, fan and general lighting actually, it’s a way, how to hide wires.
it’s a trick! yeah design trick the next area is a living room!
I really love proportions in this condo it feels like some designer worked on this
project, but I need to tell you that in this country, people are really talented
in design. so I believe the landlord could do it by himself and we have a cool couch, it’s in a grey color with a bright accents we have a coffee table and in
front of it is TV wall. you can see here a simple shelves and my favorite part is this
wall. we have special wallpaper it imitates concrete like there are big tiles. you see a huge one. and we have a bright artworks I like how it designed. so it’s
really make it fresh and nice it’s time to move on to our bedroom Engin! It’s not a time for training! – Ok here we are! it’s our bedroom. look, the bed is pretty comfy. it has a nice bright accents and behind the headboard, we
have like a brick wall actually, it’s a wallpaper but looks like a break. and I love this artwork look at this Panda the opposite here we have a wardrobe, you can hang your clothes and put some stuff, it’s pretty
big enough. And one side table all the room generally feels clean and nice. and this is a time to take a look at bathroom. it’s so close, let’s go this our bathroom. it is pretty simple, it has some retro elements like a bathtub or I like this tile and you can see, that it has white and black but I’m pretty sure, this black
tile was painted by hands and I want to show you the balcony. let’s go Look at this furniture set! it’s kinda made in a retro-style, classical chairs and a table also this area, floor area made in timber, feels really nice for your feet here’s some part of the grass. it’s artificial but also nice for a balcony and a lot of plants. It’s time to summarize our condo so I can say that this condo made in a
loft-style. because you can see here a lot of industrial elements like black metal pipes, lights and fans also here are concrete texture and brick texture. but, by the way, I can say it’s like a soft loft because instead of natural concrete
or brick we have a wallpaper and I want to note, that there is also natural marble. I believe, maybe, because the building is a little bit old and it was before renovation and I have an idea that maybe our landlord was inspired by
this floor to come up with this loft design and let’s see the surrounding. it’s
pretty much fun! as this is a condo, we have access to a lot of things: like a lobby, a small pool, sport hall to play squash, which surprised me a bit but what makes this house so special is the location we are in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, called “Bukit bintang”. and this place comes with shopping centers dining out zone and one famous street food zone called “Jalon Alor” which we were lucky to taste it 🙂 so, who is this house for? – anyone who
wants to be inside the city can come and enjoy it here solo traveler, family or a
couple like us that was it for today, guys I hope you liked the house tour and
if you liked it, please, hit the like button And let us know in the comment section, what do you think about this interior and we’ll see you in the next house tour. bye!

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  1. So cool design especially harmony of the colours and combination retro style gives both authentic and modern image ? just like an art masterpiece impressive and fascinating ?⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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