Thanks for watching this neutral house tour don’t forget click the subscribe button While you watch today and let me know which room is your favorite in the comments Hey loves, it’s Brianna, welcome back to my channel into our neutral house tour I have stripped down all of the decor in the house so that you can just see the bare bones the Neutral base or the neutral palette of all of our wall colors and furniture in the house So that you can kind of replicate this in case You’re looking to do the same thing in your house so that you can add in pops of color based on the season for different Seasonal decor so we’re started in the foyer welcome to our house I Did when we moved into this house, I love love love this wall color it’s called perfect Gray’s so it’s a really nice grey neutral color it has this like purple tone But what I love most about it will pick up whatever Colors you place next to it so if you do bread it looks a little bit more purpley Pinker if you do blues and almost Captures a bluer tone so I love this wall color and I just kind of my aesthetic is I’ll find opposites or different sort of wood colors to balance each other out so since the walls are gray I love doing really nice bright pops of white that’s Also why I picked them is white clear table Just to sort of play off the gray wall and there’s obviously white molding event have those nice pop of color in this little Sort of bench area where the kiddos oftentimes if you watch any of our family vlogs they’re always sitting here to put on their shoes and their coats I Found a nice gray it’s sort of that more rustic sort of toned great bench on to again go off of the wall color but then kind of get wood that’s white for again those pop on the wall and to go in with the molding go in to The kitchen area, when we? Originally bought this home Everything in here everything Island and cupboards were a very dark brown and I paint them white just to really brighten it up we do live in Cleveland Ohio during the winter you can get really dark here so I loved how much the light just kind of brightens the space it is winter it’s Snowing while we are filming this they’re about to get pummeled with the blizzard But I just think it keeps it really bright and cheery looking in here I did do the island in a gray tone just to kind of balance a lot of the white and I am real excited I will tease there’s going to be a mini kitchen makeover because I just ordered a new table and chairs and I’m gonna do Something a little different in here with the backsplash so there’s gonna be some slight changes and tweaks so make sure you’re subscribed If you want to see all of those changes so in this family room area It’s still that same a perfect greige wall color and I opted to get a very neutral gray tone the house just because we have little ones and brighten it up then with bright white Furry throws and pillows and I’ve got the rug was a really nice way to also add more brightness to the room and again it has a nice contrast since our floor is a darker brown slightly cherry colored wood floor I really like then balancing it out with the white and the graves just to keep everything really Neutral and then that way when it’s Christmas I can add in reds or the springtime I added pink stir in the summer I added In maybe in the fall I do a very merlot burgundy wine color in this room So it just makes it again a very basic Neutral palette or a base for your home so that add color trends change every single year if there’s anything you want to add in you don’t have to paint all the walls in your home or You don’t need to buy your pieces of furniture because What you’ve got is already a really nice neutral paste and then for the mantel this is also another place where Every singles even I changed it up with different scene mulder core but some of my Staples are like face things that I always have I got these really nice mercury glass Candle holders so that way I just changed the color of the candles and I can use those for every single season Same thing I have with Metallic okay since that’s what our last game starts with and I’m have this really cute this is a gift from our? friends on our wedding day but it just a silver metallic frame that way it kind of goes With whatever the decor is that I’m putting out all right we’re gonna head to the other side of our Downstairs I’m going to show you the kids dining room and our dining room so in here is a very neutral beige color on the wall it actually touch this color the previous owners painted it so I don’t know the actual color but I decided to get in Pottery Barn Kids White craft table and the kids use this on the daily whether it’s snack time whether they’re doing art projects whether they’re playing it was such a good investment and I love how bright and it just really brightens up this room in this space and again kind of plays off the darker tones in the wood floor Also then got this way buffet table which has served as just incredible storage for anything that the kids want to play with in here and I’ve even gotten a bunch of my napkins and things like that for what we do hope You mean or Christmas brunch and then I just have a chalkboard that I can Again change up seasonally write whatever I want in it that kind of goes with whatever the holiday or the season is And then in this dining room space I wanted it to look just very luxurious almost Godfather like so when I saw this table I thought that it was really really I love the deep dark wood and I just thought it played off in that contrast to a lot of the other Lighter colored furniture throughout the rest of the home but what I loved is the fact that it has a lighter fabric So it still helps keep it with how everything else is fairly bright but I just loved this deep dark table and then this buffet it also stores a ton of my fusion of the core and Pumpkin this turkey just fell out that way to me? but yeah it is always trying to make use of Any kind of storage areas that I have for all of my decor because if you’ve watched my channel before you know I’m always picking up a ton of the core for the seasons and this light fixture I think my aesthetic is I really like slightly the way I’m sort of features and we saw this one and I just felt loved it and I thought it was perfect especially then with like the Browns e’er met metals on it that I thought it went really nicely with this table and The dark coloration here and the wall color in this room I went with just a very light gray color so every wall color in this home is some sort of gray tone besides our Daughter’s room is the only one that’s slightly different because it’s pink and I love adding in little pops of metallic With a lot of the neutral colors that we have so I just love the fact that even though this is a very neutral Beige colored race there’s a very fine gold thread woven into it so it just has a slight Sparkle and I love that this is my boss lady office it’s been quite a mess actually since they opened up my Etsy shop Because we don’t have any sort of a warehouse for all of the merch but it gets to live in here this is its home And the wall color in here again I picked all great homes but this one had a slightly pink or hue to it which is what I wanted for my boss lay the office because I knew that I would lots of Pink’s or rose gold colors because that’s my favorite I got a great and very good neutral colored Desk that I just wanted to be able to sort of go no matter whether it stays in this office or if we ever were to move someday I just wanted a desk that I would be able to fit into any sort of a color palette so I love this one and then found this wall unit this is not a built in I get asked a question and a lot of the house to earth It’s a wall unit that I decided to do the white just to again really brighten up this space and have that nice contrast between the gray on the walls and the whites would of this feature who put it together Together for me and I love it I just it’s my dream office in here We’ll go into our bedroom next I’m bound chicken my home Where the magic happens you know they always say I’m Chris like justice where the magic happen but no in our bedroom I Never thought I would do this but I really enjoy changing up the color scheme in here depending on the seasons too so last year during springtime I added pops of pink Christmas time I actually throw a lot of red on the bed I found a really cute red Buffalo check do they cover but when it is just Neutral and plain I really like it too because I think it’s just very simple and chic so it’s a really nice cream-colored bedspread I again have little pops of gold metallics in some of these pillows it’s not anything over the top but it just a little bit of sparkle a little bit extra and Then for the actual furniture itself it’s a very the color I’ve heard it called is a white oak So it’s a very almost gray Cream-colored wood and so I really loved how it popped and it’s this more purpley great. Color that’s on the wall And the same thing for Ben just like the lamps I like that it’s just this mercury glass that in the metallic it would go with any other color that I throw up here but adds just a little bit of texture and land and sparkle to the actual room and the bedspread goes really not accents the dog really nicely – I’ll take you to our bathroom not that it’s an example of neutral because We? Just left it the way the former owners did it but I’ll show you that because it’s just one of my favorite parts of our house this is my happy place this is where after long hard days take a bubble bath Watch my TV shows I never thought I needed this that the former owners had this and it is life changing So, I will do it over doesn’t take a bubble back part of my nighttime routine We had double sinks which was like our number one thing on our list for what we were looking for in a house We got this one because we had one bathroom in our old house and need double sinks so that we can both get ready the shower stall and I love the fact that our like back there or toilet mat our bathroom our toilet it digs like a Little closet area so that there can still be privacy Mystery all right I’ll show you our? Kids rooms next quickly just so you get the full house tour again Peas room is pink so it’s not an example of being neutral but a lot of her furniture I still picked out very purposefully to go along with the other neutral colors of the homes so that very cream-colored rocking chair Cream-colored furniture in here just so that there’s still a flow despite there being pink on the walls and then in this hallway and comes downstairs the floors are wood I liked throwing in just a darker wood piece here because then I feel like it ties everything together and ties in the color the banisters – and again differentiates from having everything just be the white that I tend to gravitate towards in the kids bathroom here I picked a very blue toned gray I just thought that that Reminded me of a nice bathroom for kids and kind of said no matter what other colorful bath toys or things like that they might have in here it goes and this was the first year I Decorated this space for Christmas so I actually had some Evergreen pops and I had a shower curtain that had little red trucks and Christmas trees on it and it looked really nice still against This color because it’s again a very neutral grey blue I can kind of go with anything into land in this room his room is Also a very grey blue and I did this just with the help of if we ever were to change up the colors Dramatically in here the wall color would still go with pretty much anything on his nursery in our old house was? this very Dark brown wood color so when he got his big boy bed we went with the same wood color in here but I love just the Car’s color scheme to me it feels very young boy colors when there’s the blues and the grays and the red it just it just feels like a boy’s room all right let’s place on the door, we’re going down the Just kidding and into the laundry room our powder room laundry room really quickly so in here I just wanted everything to be organized and look very clean so I got some large white baskets and I’m gonna do a video where I go into a deeper how I organize their laundry room but my favorite part come on Are these driving around us they’re my favorite part of this laundry room just because you can see it’s a very narrow confined space and These are just super practical and make my life so much easier I love these it makes doing laundry and hang drying all my sweaters and clothes the way. I like them so much easier In our powder room it is a very soft blue color but I picked them gray Furniture for in here so this kind of stores all of my cleaning supplies This gray vanity just to tie in with all the other great wall colors throughout the home since this is a more blue color on the walls it still has hints of grey but a lot of Blue shows through alright going on the basement for real now Start with the man cave side so this is Adams Little spot where he can hang out when his friends come over we picked a slightly darker grey color than the rest of the basement for this space just because it is The side that’s more for growing up oh and for after dark if you will but he kind of threw in a bunch of Cleveland Cavaliers pictures with the red frame Which I think plays off really nicely with the gray and the red it just makes them really really pop and then this side Is the playroom side for the kids especially when the host family gatherings and holidays or just have friends over it’s so nice to bring everyone down here it’s sort of a change of environment and they can just go to talent it’s a lot of space on the floor where they can put their traps down or Play with the cars and the buses they can have little but they can play in the kitchen area There’s just a lot that they can do and run around and have fun down here So this was something that, we knew especially in our last house because we had to turn one of our bedrooms really had Three bedrooms and we had to turn it into just a play area because we didn’t have a spot where Lyndon could play so that that point really had Landon so this has been a dream and Final dream come true especially for Adam he loves this room more than anything this is our movie room we turn on the lights so that you can see you but we’ve got a popcorn machine in here and Then this is a wine and we’re refrigerator So that there’s snacks and drinks And our cousin and Adams brother Helped build this riser so that you can actually have movie theater styles eating and I’m obsessed with These couches they’re like a very dark they’re not the left they’re actually like a buried deep chocolatey Brown you can actually recline it and just have The most comfortable seat in the house when you’re watching a movie so I’m obsessed with this entire set up here but I also got some really big free beanbags um Just because I figured if there ever you know are a lot of kids over and they’re watching a movie as the kids get older This is just additional seating that that’s just easy but it’s just really really fun and cozy like I wanted all four Blankets and pillows just because I thought it made such a nice contrast against this dark leather in here Of course I’m like cleaning as I’m doing this but We ended up going with a matte navy color just so that none of the light from the actual movie projector was being reflected off the walls so that we feel like a true dark movie theater in this space and I absolutely love how that’s turned out because I do think that Navy is nice neutral to then sort of play off different colors whether then it’s different blues or some of these really pretty gray and cream colors and then the really deep dark chocolate brown of the leather it just makes this feel like a cozy Luxurious movie home theater room and I couldn’t be more Happy with having this base in our house it’s just such a dream and in case you guys are wondering where the kids are they’re at GG’s house Because I know the last video a ton of people complained about how much noise they were making in the background so we tried to make this about our house tour for you guys this time So I miss them but I hope you could hear me better in this one that is the end of this neutral house tour I hope that you guys enjoyed this I’d ask them a couple videos and a lot of people ask to see the house without any Decorations up so I hope that it gives you some ideas if you’re looking for a way to have that really neutral playing base so that you can add in whatever colors or seasonal decor that you would like make, sure that you’re subscribed I do a ton of vlogs cleaning videos Routines day in the life on this channel and I always do a lot of decoration videos so if you like home decor This is definitely the channel that you want to be subscribed to we’ll see you in our next video bye You’d like the links to anything you’ve seen in this video or if you have any Questions please let me know in the comments I will have some links in the description box to any Furniture or decor that is still available and Please check out some of my other videos there right here on the screen and don’t forget to subscribe I love You


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