How a Retro Camping Trailer is Made

How a Retro Camping Trailer is Made

Quite often, I’ve been driving down some highway
and I’ll see a road that juts off of that highway and wondered where does that road go? Travel is extremely important. It’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity. I feel getting out into the middle of nowhere
helps you recharge. My name is Britton Purser. I own a company called Vintage Overland. We build teardrop camp trailers. We, being my two younger brothers and myself. And we are located in Grand Junction, Colorado. This is Britton’s business. This is his idea. This is his product that he’s come up with. He started getting phone calls. A lot. I have a long-standing, crazy love for these
vintage trailers. I just love them. It felt like in the realm of destiny. Like I got to go do this. Teardrops were first introduced after World War Two. The reasons they have the materials that they
use: the jeep wheels, the aluminum, things of that nature, is quite simply they were using army surplus. Between the three of us, we’ve done it all. All the trades. Carpentry, tile work, sheet rock, electric,
plumbing, you know all of that, cabinetry. Phase one is the woodworking phase. So we put the pattern down on here. And, we’ve traced our lines. And I cut it rough with the jigsaw. Very imprecise. I’m just getting most of the material out
of the way. And now I’m going to put the pattern, clamp
the pattern back on here. And I’m going to rout out to a finer degree
with the router against our pattern to make it more precise and smooth. What I’m doing right now is building what
we call the H frame. It’s really the spine of the trailer. In the shop it’s mostly Cullen and me. Britt doesn’t have time. He’s making phone calls and answering phone
calls and selling. So we cut out the wood, finish everything. Put the box together. So now we have a wooden box. A lot of people don’t understand hand tools. But they’re absolutely the quickest to get
things done a lot of times. I try to do the maximum amount of quality
with the bare minimum of tools. Building each caravan, it takes approximately
two weeks to assemble and finish. The second step is, we insulate the box and
then we skin it with aluminum. It’s a soft aluminum, so we have to be very
careful in the shop. We dent the side of the trailer, we got to pull that piece of skin off and put a new
one back on. So it’s just learning to work very precisely
and carefully. Cody’s role in this has been to be an absolute
pain in the butt. Like, like never happy. It is never good enough. Are you flush? It’s good. OK. If it was Britton and myself, they’d be pretty
neat, they’d be pretty nice, but with Cody in the mix, they’re unbelievably over the
top. This just came back from the Powder Coater. We put the completed box on a frame. Then we jack that frame up and put the wheels
on. Cullen starts making the side doors and then
we work on the rear hatch door. After that, it’s finishing details. I get inside and we put in some trim. Add the switches. And I just test the lights. Dome lights. Beautiful. Test the fan. Beautiful. All three speeds. And we put in a slide-out table. And then after that, we peel all the protective
plastic off the aluminum. We have to be very careful because these knives
will scratch the surface. Put on the decals. Just lightly put it in place. And then peel off this real slow. And the very last step is to put the hub caps on. Because they’re chrome, we want there to be
no scratches. And we just put them on and it goes pop. That’s a sense of relief. And now we can get on to the next one. What I envision, is you take that caravan
and not with a new vehicle. You take it with an old vehicle. You take it with an old Jeep, you take it
with an old Land Rover. Our caravans are built to be taken off road. It takes you to areas that not everyone can
get to. The thing about these trailers is not what
they are, but what they aren’t. They are not an RV. These are symbols of simplicity; they’re symbols
of sanctuary, of solitude. You get inside them, and I don’t know if it’s
the feeling of a womb, but the roundness inside and the warmth of wood… They’re a retreat that goes with you. The whole goal is for someone who purchases
a caravan from us, not to go somewhere. That’s not the point. The point is to go nowhere. You are in the middle of nowhere. You go out and you camp. And you look at a fire. And you realize that all that matters is food
in your belly, warmth, protection. And it’s just good to go remember that. And then you go back
into the nonsense and it doesn’t threaten you quite as much. It’s freedom versus security. Yeah, and we choose freedom.

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  3. Not worth it. It's not for off road camping. Thin aluminum and wood frame. Not worth it. This is made for wealthy weekend warrior's

  4. they​ keep emphasizing that they are using minimal tools, if they did sell at least 2 of this campers they should have enough to get all the required advance tools and machinery.
    after all this is a very simple build that does not require any special skill .
    considering that they are 3 workers .

  5. Ok so what sort of features does one get for 12-16k ???
    A gas stove ?
    A bed?
    Seems like all they offered was a 3 speed fan and some led lights and a spare tire?

  6. This is what the Ruling Class wants us serfs living in while they travel the world in their private jets and mega yachts.

  7. For that kind of money, you can buy a pretty dependable SUV, cargo van, or truck and convert the back into a customized sleeping area and more. Don't give me that "feel of wood and sense of solitude" sales pitch BS!

  8. The car costs less then that shit, and in 5 years it will look the same. Why so much "cleaniness" and precision???

  9. Are you kidding me? This is for people who'd rather look cool than be practical. Just pitch a tent for crying out loud.

  10. Though I don't have the money for one of these units, I will say this was a really well put together video.

  11. Honestly, I love this thing and I would really like to own one, but the price is ridiculous when you look at what you're getting. I understand it may be higher quality but in my case I have a 6 ft. bed in my truck and I can easily fit an insulated, windowed/screened, lighted, "air-conditioned", camper shell and put a decent bed in at a FRACTION of the cost…

    Cut the cost in half and we'll talk :p

  12. Luv it! Always wanted one, but the vintage ones can be 4 times the cost. You have a great idea and if you have buyers who value having this type of experience and don't want to go through the challenge of learning your craft, setting up the shop , purchasing all the equipment, design phase, and the time to take on a project like this ….. this is worth it. Time is money and most are better served doing what they do best and paying others for the same. Good luck for following your dream. Now that takes guts!

  13. I am going to fabricate cheaper ones, I;ll just put some hipster music, retro look and Bluetooth connection…my only worry will be how am I going to spend that money.

  14. where is the cook top, fridge, water supply, sink, awning, etc etc
    for these prices we should get something​ besides a bedroom on wheels.
    I'm certain that I've seen plans online for these things but they were called "great lakes campers"

    I also agree with others that glued wood ain't gonna last while offroading.
    just a suggestion but I'd learn to weld aluminum and get rid of the wood entirely.

    I do like your base idea though, but keep moving forward guys!

  15. Hey there, Purser brothers! Please ignore the ignorant remarks by some of the folks below who clearly live under rocks, probably don't go outside much, and overestimate their abilities to replicate the craftsmanship of your trailers. They are absolutey beautiful! I'm so inspired by this video, and wish you guys the very best in your business! These are some of the sweetest looking teardrops I've seen, and your attention to functionality, detail, and aesthetics is as good as it gets. If I had the cash, I'd be happy to put down the cost of the one that was right for us. Don't listen to the trolls below who have no clue what they're yammering on about. Keep doing what makes your souls happy, and watch the happy customers roll in! Cheers, Tom Patterson – Seattle.

  16. I could make my own for 3k…add a water tank , kitchen & external shower with lots of LED lighting & still be under 5k…. you must be joking if you want 15k….are you expecting a 300% profit margin ?

  17. My suggestion to the detractors below would be this:

    1.) Design a similar trailer yourself;
    2.) Build it in a way that reflects the same quality of design and craftsmanship, using your own tools;
    3.) Keep track of your time and material expenses;
    4.) Sell it for a price that compensates you for the monetary value of your time, materials, aesthetic value, and adaquate profit.

    After you've done the above, come back to this comment section, and see if your perspective hasn't shifted just a bit.

  18. "You realize all that matters is food in your belly, warmth, and protection." And buying our $12,000+ trailers for that freedom.

  19. I know a thing or two about trailers…you’re doing a nice job, your passion shows in your craftsmanship. Ignore the people who live pay check to pay check and only find happiness in being critical of what they can’t afford or appreciate.

  20. Love that you guys use the pink foam instead of the old fiberglass insulation. Just wondering why more marine grade treated plywood isnt used, especially for the floor?

  21. The exterior is fine but for 16k, you don't even bother to finish the interior? A bit more CREATIVE, please!

  22. "These are not RVs, they are symbols"…That coupled with the fragility of the materials does not make them suitable .." to go no-where.." …..All you need to know..Next.

  23. I would consider buying or sending out all the aluminum and wood to a CNC operation and enjoy the detail and creative stuff you obviously excel at . Awesome product!

  24. Terrific. I built a n offroad 1940's Kueffel Creek version 8 years ago for my FJ and wanted to manufacture them as I used to be a manufacturer for a different product. Problem was my area lacked reliable manpower. Might I suggest articulating hitch or maybe that as an option? I also used Airstream front box for recovery gear and the deep cell battery. Are you taking on investors? Great price.

  25. LMAO, this guy would be shot dead on the spot if he isn't White and handsome. He's practically promoting trespassing on people's private land for adventure.

  26. You take it out with an old Jeep or Land Rover… and get stuck out in the desert when your car breaks down!

    Blackies are coming to rape your daughter.
    The democrats will assure it.

  28. Nice a family owned and operated business is the best job I have ever had although we don't have a business now, my father retired, but those were the days, good times good stuff, good memories. Love your product, very simple, well engineered, K.I.S.S. this is something that could become a collector's type item with time. Thanks for sharing later my brothers. I like your operation and have fun with family, even when they get on your nerves, cause I guarantee you'll always look back on these days with a warm good feeling. Peace

  29. Who uses the sharp end of their knife to strike a ferrocerium rod? For the love of god, use the back of the blade!

  30. Nice trailer for the guy that wants to stand out and be seen as that special outdoorsman. If you have the money then buy what makes you happy. Don't justify someone taking time in making a product as being the best product made. It's a small, over built, teardrop box, with a couple of lights and a fan, on a home depot trailer.

  31. Wait how much is that? Did someone say $25K? Holy smokes I need to build some more of these. I think I sold the one I built with a full kitchen for $4000. LOL

  32. And what the hell are you making it out of only wood for if this is for off-road this will be destroyed in days put a aluminum underlining and cover the entire thing in bed liner !!! And if anyone doesn’t no how to make there own trailer shouldn’t be going off roading either granted you might not have all the skills but these things are simple to fabricate and if you do it your self you will make it better and much stronger and you can personalize it and make it bigger !!

  33. For the same price I could get a turtleback that is actually built for off road.

    These are visually appealing, and I will give them that. They live up to the simplicity and vintage aspect… But even the frame looked like nothing more than that of a basic ATV flat trailer.

  34. "our caravans are meant to be taken off road". just don't touch them or you will dent the aluminum. What a fucking joke. Especially at this price range, this exact camper but better build are selling for $5,500 not the $12,000 these idiots are scamming people out of.

  35. WAY overpriced compared to very similar products whose makers also had to go through the design process (copying the originals), etc.

  36. These are beautiful, but for me! I would need the bigger ones with a wet bath and kitchenette. I can sleep in my Xterra if I need a place to sleep, but want more in tear drop. Again, I total appreciate the hard work, it shows u are true artists!

  37. sry guys but the price is way too much, i have seen way sturdier mostly hand made offroad tear drops for not even half the price in the base model wich has more stuff than this tear drop. only because you drop the word vintage here and there is no excuse for the heavy price.

  38. I don't have any truck and I love my own HHR 2009 and I do need to have of them, too live in for a long time, can you please help me out with one if I come there for one of those.

  39. I like that, less is more and lots is enough. Have you figured out how to make a descent seal for the big hatch door on the back?

  40. S schönschte a dem Trailer esch d schwiezer flagge ? (the best Thing on this Trailer, ist the Swiss flag) Swiss german ?

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