How Every Summer Song Is Written | Paul Davids – Forever

How Every Summer Song Is Written | Paul Davids – Forever

100 thoughts on “How Every Summer Song Is Written | Paul Davids – Forever

  1. Maybe if we make this song a #1 hit the summer won't pass… Let's try! Stream/download available on all platforms: Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, etc. Put it in your playlist 😀

  2. That was legendary!!! Ok… am I the only one to say… I didn't mind it! Generic of course but it felt good and isn't that the point? Nice man!

  3. Very nice! Well, but it's actually winter in August where I live (which is pretty much as Holland summer, by the way). =)

  4. +paul davids Can you do a video showing off all your gear? Guitars, Pedals, Amps, and certain guitar essentials you love? I searched your channel, and about page and couldnt find anything. I am interested in seeing what you use to get your favorite tones. Thanks for reading, and as always great videos!

  5. haha I totally enjoyed this!! Best part is, its always summer in Mumbai, India. You should listen to bollywood music.

  6. It's so sad to hear how similar somgs these days sound. In the 70s and 80s you actually needed a bit of tallent to make a good song. Now a days it's just copy paste

  7. playing guitar will always seem like reading brail to me…i mean, it's for that reason i find it so fascinating. Guitar players must be hella determined to learn their shit. So kudos to all you people who do play guitar.

  8. Hi Paul,
    I’m an Italian guy, I’ve been watching your channel on YT lately and I was so happy to find out that we both live in Rotterdam.
    Had been so inspirational to see someone that look a little bit like me in terms of musical taste and personality (from what I could see from the videos).
    I really hope we'll have the chance to meet and I look forward to our reply.

    PS: we have same taste also for guitars, I have a telecaster also made from a dutch guitar builder and an Eastman E20D a great acoustic guitar with a martin d-28 taste. Can be funny to make a comparison video with yours, they are at your disposal if you want.



  9. LOL! What a GREAT song! Waitaminnit…I forgot it already.

    On a more serious note, I've noticed the preeminence of a new kind of song that I call "THE EMPTY SONG". Lots of the tops of the pops today use as little layering and instrumentation as possible. Just a vocal and a minimal, staccato background track. ZZZZZZZZZZ. Has anyone else noticed this trend?

  10. Great music tutorial on hit production!
    Let's briefly talk about the VIDEO, though. To make a summer hit, you need, I mean NEED to have some hot chicks moving to the beat. Oil is good, sun tan, bikinis, all that.
    I watched the video a couple of times, and even though the music triggered my Pavlov's reflex into believing there'll be something curvacious to observe…Guess what…0 chicks found.
    You're a good looking fella and all but man that doesn't sell. Let's not forget most summer hits are barely listenable without the videos.

  11. There's only one thing wrong with this – too much guitar – sadly…they never have that prominent a guitar melody! Nice track tho – thanks for going to Miami for us 😀 (Hope you had a good holiday!)

  12. Hi Paul. My son Daniel turned me on to your channel. You've got a new sub!! Love your playing, tutorials and vibe. I'm a fan. This one made me smile…and it's only 7am. Thanks.

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