How Far Does A Fart Travel? | PEOPLE ALSO ASK Ft. Jimmy Tatro

How Far Does A Fart Travel? | PEOPLE ALSO ASK Ft. Jimmy Tatro

That guy definitely just farted. There’s a 100% chance that
that guy just farted in a public place. Hanging out with us today, from his very funny
YouTube channel LifeAccordingToJimmy and star
of the recent mockumentary “American Vandal,” Jimmy Tatro, y’all. Hey, guys. Hey. Welcome to the show, man. Hey, thanks. What’s the last thing you
Googled? Uh, wow, it was actually
we were– I was at a wedding, and there was this–
the ring bearer kid looked a lot like the kid
from “Stuart Little.” – Oh.
– And I recall– I remember seeing
a picture somewhere of what he looked like now,
and I think I Googled “What does the kid from
‘Stuart Little’ look like now?” And was it him? He’s jacked now. He’s like this jacked up, like,
bodybuilder looking guy. – But it wasn’t him.
– No, the kid? No, the kid was just a kid. – The ring bearer
was just a real live kid.
– Oh, you were disappointed. It just made you think
about the guy. It made me think about it, and then that led
to the Google search. In the middle
of the wedding ceremony. Yes, yes. It was a long ceremony. Oh, I get it, man.
I get it. You been to one,
you’ve been to them all. So you should probably be
pretty good at this game. You Google things
that intricate. So you know how this works. Basically what we’re gonna do
is I’m going to– When you type
something into Google, you type a question
into Google, it automatically
gives you suggestions of the things people
also ask Google when you ask that question. We’re gonna do the reverse. We’re gonna give–
We’ll take turns doing this, so I’ll start off giving
you two guys these questions. I’m gonna give you the questions
that people also ask and you’re going to try to
determine the original question
entered into Google. – Okay.
– All right. Here they are… Speaking
of the “Stuart Little” guy. So it’s about–
it’s about “swole.” I think it would be
“How to get jacked.” I think the word “swole”
needs to be in it. – Right.
– What does “swole” me– But it’s not “What does swole”– “Swole” is a synonym
for jacked. Right.
Oh, trust me, I know. Trust me. Every time I look
in the mirror, I’m like,
“How many synonyms for what I am
can I come up with?” So “How do you get jacked?” You’re on the right track
with “swole.” I’ll give you the hint. – So it is the word “swole.”
– This is not easy. – Okay.
– How do you personalize
a question about swole. “How does one attain swoleness?” “Am I”– I think, “Am I swole?” – “Am I swole?”
– That’s it! “Am I swole?” – ( laughter )
– We got it. You can’t ask Google that.
You ask a mirror that. – You know what I’m saying?
– Ask Google. “Am I swole?” Well, I don’t know who you are. What do you think Google is? I mean, that’s a good service,
though, the” You upload a picture
of yourself. Yeah, that’s good. And then it just spits out
a printout. – It’s just three of us
evaluating people.
– Yes or no. – Yes or no printout.
– Yeah, I want it to be
a printout. Okay, here we go.
Question two. Got it. Lock that down. All right, guys,
people also ask… Yes! Ugh. – Okay.
– Okay. Well, we’ve got eyes and sneeze. I think we’ve gotta bring those
two things together. Can you pop your eyes out
with a sneeze? Is sneezing too much unhealthy,
maybe? Ooh, I would go more extreme,
but yes. – “Is sneezing”–
– “Can you die from sneezing?” “Too much?” You’re– I–
You basically got it. “Can you die from sneezing?” “Can sneezing”–
Uh, okay, nope– Okay, now, there’s
a missing part, but I just gave you
the beginning– “Can sneezing”– “Can sneezing
kill your your eyes? Can you go blind from sneezing?
Is that what… “Can sneezing” in a certain way
“do” something, is the– “Can sneezing
with your eyes closed kill you? No. “Can sneezing with
your eyes open kill you?” – Yes!
– ( laughter ) There it is.
There it is. Good question. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– I do not have the answer. – I’ve never done it.
I’ve never sneezed with–
– I’ve never– I think it’s physically
impossible to sneeze
with your eyes open. Let’s bring in some pepper,
let’s pry our eyes open and see who dies first. – “When can”–
– That’ll get the clicks. Okay, so it’s a combination
of tickling and cruelty
and children. Hm. Take cruelty out. Okay, so it’s not
tickling abuse. So take cruelty off– Get rid of the bullying part. Tickling and children. Can tickling hurt a kid? Is tickling bad for kids? That’s–
That is a good question. It’s even simpler than that. – Jimmy: Okay.
– And, again, personal. – These are personal questions.
– “What is baby tickling?” – Very personalized.
– Do you know what– I guess I do know what
baby tickling is. “How do I know
if I’m ticklish?” – “And a baby?”
– And also a child? “How do I know
if I’m a ticklish baby?” It’s,
“Should I tickle a baby? ” “Should I?” It’s– moral questions. Why are people asking
these kind of definitive
questions to Google? Like ask–
ask your grandparents. Yeah, ask your mom. People also ask… Ooh, we’re back
at the wedding. Ooh, back.
That’s a nice callback. This is weird.
It’s a nice premonition. It’s a nice callback. I would say, “What is
proper wedding attire?” This is more specific, Jimmy? “Do I have to wear
a suit to a wedding?” It’s a little more eccentric
than that. “Can you wear flip-flops
to a wedding?” You are getting
really close now. Can you go barefoot
to a wedding? – But not the–
– “Do you have to wear pants
to a wedding?” – Keep moving up?
– I think we’re getting warmer. You’re definitely
getting warmer. “Can you wear a hat
to a wedding?” You went too far. “Can you wear nipple rings
to a wedding?” – You’re in the right area.
– Oh, no, he went off the edge.
He just kept going. “Can I go braless
to my next wedding?” You? Never. “Do you have to wear a shirt to
a wedding?” Even more specific. – “Can I wear a tank
to a wedding?”
– It’s not a tank. “Do I have to wear a button-up
shirt to a wedding?” “Do I have to wear
a collared shirt to a wedding?” It’s sadder than that. “Can I wear a T-shirt
to a wedding?” “Can I wear a Hawaiian shirt
to a wedding?” No. If you’re asking this question, just don’t go to the wedding. – In Hawaii, you can.
– Maybe in Hawaii. Yeah, yeah. Okay, people also ask… Mm-hm. I got a few guesses. That’s where burps come from. This one’s tough, man. This is really tough. – I got it.
– You can get sick from a fart. – You got?
– Oh, I got it. I think it would be
“reasons for excessive farting.” Question mark. It’s not so much a–
It’s not a medical question. It’s a question of physics
as they relate to farts. – Okay.
– “Can you weaponize a fart?” That’s not that far off. “Can you hurt someone
with a fart?” “Can a fart hurt somebody?” What are some questions you
would ask about a fart if you
were trying to weaponize it? “Can a fart be dangerous?” “Are farts dangerous?” – “Are farts unhealthy?”
– What kind of properties would
you want the fart to have? “What is”–
“Define: revenge fart.” You’re never gonna get this. And I don’t know why anyone– Somebody probably on a plane was
asking this question. “How far does a fart travel?” “How far does a fart travel?” “Does it get back to row 23?” ‘Cause that’s where that girl
I made eye contact with is. Yeah, does it move
as a packet? I have wondered that. That’s pretty–
That’s a pretty funny thing
to Goo– That guy definitely
just farted. There’s a 100% chance that
that guy just farted in a public place. “What’s the radius?” He’s just sittin’ there. Does she know?
Does he know? And, finally,
people also ask… – Rhett: Uh-oh.
– That’s it. Only two. Can vampires– That might be too– ( clears throat )
Never mind. No, Jimmy, what? “Do vampires have a p–” Do vampires themselves bleed? Hm. It’s broader. “How do vampires procreate?” Is it about female vampires? Because we’re talking
about pregnant and period. That is the question. “Are there female vampires?” Is that what it is? You’re very close. – Do f-female–
– But it’s broader. “Do female vampires
get periods?” But it’s broader than female? – “Do vampires get periods?”
– That is one of the questions. – Oh, yeah.
– You did a full loop. All right, when there’s a full
loop, I’ll give the answer. “Do vampires have a gender?” I don’t–
I don’t– Yeah, it’s whatever the gender
of the person was before they got bit
by another vampire. – Stupid! Stupid!
– Everybody knows this. But, you know what?
We’re smart. Yeah, we were great in that. We figured out
a bunch of that stuff. – We should Google more.
– That’s right. Or they should just ask us
instead of Google. That’s right.
Well, thanks for being here,
Jimmy. Make sure you check out Jimmy
on his YouTube channel– LifeAccordingToJimmy. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. Now you say,
“You know what time it is.” You know what time it is. – I’m Brandon.
– And I’m Mattie. And we’re in Bowling Green,
Kentucky. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Spin it!
Click the bottom link to watch this episode
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