How I Afford to Travel 12 Months a Year? ?

How I Afford to Travel 12 Months a Year? ?

In the past four years ever since I graduated high school I spent pretty much all of my time traveling the world visiting countries like Japan, Indonesia Switzerland, New Zealand and many other Oh Throughout that time I received literally Thousands of messages from people all around the world asking me how I was able to afford long term trips without having to take long breaks from traveling and work odd jobs in countries like Australia And the answer to that question is very simple. I’m the so called Digital nomad, which basically means I can work from absolutely anywhere as long as I have my computer and a Wi-Fi connection As time went by, kept receiving more and more of these messages and at some point It simply wasn’t possible to reply to them anymore. This is the greatest bike ride of my entire life I haven’t feel anything we need to stop everyone in second say bad, so I decided to create this video And I’ll talk about how I’m making witness a woman myself Explain how anyone else can have the same lifestyle and also provide you with some really useful Resources to help you get started so that being said let’s get going part 1 my starving Hahaha bah when I was a little kid I absolutely hated the fact that I wasn’t able to who the control my own life now Don’t get me wrong my parents were awesome, but every time I wanted to do anything I had to get their permission in a lot of those cases it all came down to the fact that I didn’t have my own Money, and when I realized that I started searching for ways to make my own money and become financially independent So from a very young age I would come up with many different business ideas like selling postcards In the local market or offering my cleaning services to my extended family and my neighbors and people around the block But long story short I was able to establish my very first official company at the age of 15 with a business partner who was 38 years Old at that time either in those days were running two different companies the first one was a small book publishing town and the other One was an online shop that sold physical books at first everything was going great, but after about 10 months of working together We had so many disagreements about the future of our business Then I decided to sell my shares in the company to my partner for over 7,000 years, I think Summertime And eventually I came to the conclusion that the only real Opportunity for me was to wear it on online businesses because I came from a super tiny country. That’s a nice place That’s nice nature. Everything’s So from then on I started working with many different kinds of online businesses most of them of course failed miserably But some of them became minor successes like a really big and your theme and website in Eastern Europe that Attracted over 3 million users every single month or arrested this website Then became quite big as well and later got a fired but another company and a few other ventures During those years I was never really interested in traveling I remember I went to the Silicon Valley in San Francisco when I was 17 that I would frequently visit London or Cambridge But I would go to all of those trips only because I wanted to meet some people or raise money for my companies or go To some events or conferences or stuff like that then right after I graduated high school I was invited to attend this really cool Event co-organized by the Malaysian government where they invited 500 young
Entrepreneurs from all around the world to come to Malaysia and work with one another to basically try to make the world a better place By working on issues like women’s rights i’ma change and a few other and that trip literally blew my mind I finally realized how big the world was and how little I knew about different cultures and different countries religions ways of life and so many other things And then when it came back to Europe I simply couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome it would be to Travel the world while running my online business at the same time and at that point I was running the social media marketing agency that was called chili-pepper Marketing that business was making more than enough money for me to travel pretty much anywhere I wanted to and also I didn’t need to meet my Employees face to face and I didn’t need to meet my customers face to face so after some time I figured that I could easily do this absolutely anywhere to anyone as long as had my computer and a Wi-Fi connection So good so the very same day, I booked my flight tickets from Lithuania to Bangkok and a few weeks later I left from a very first big trip in Asia I was exploring Thailand Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines for three months And those three months were probably the best ones in my entire life because I got to learn so much I got to grow so much you saw so many cool places and experienced so many interesting things After that trip, I simply never stopped troubled yeah, and that was about four years ago These days are still traveling around 12 months a year also I focused most of my working time on this online coupons company called chameleon John that we established with two partners a few years back and throughout this time we managed to grow to putting a big Seven-digit business where every year we organize these getaways for all of our team so rent vila somewhere in Asia And then we fly all of our please there for one month And all of us live together work together and have a lot of fun. Oh That must have hurt now that you know my story it’s time for Bart to how to be um a Nomad there are literally thousands of people all around the world Mitchell normal accent some of us travel very actively like hi Do others simply spend most of their time in some? Location that they really like but the thing that Bond’s us is the fact that we are completely location dependent meaning we can go absolutely Anywhere anytime for as long as we wish how can this be real I? Have no idea under the thing I want to say is that it’s absolutely Never been easier to become location dependent because we have the internet and we have so many opportunities to make money Remotely while traveling the world so when it comes to become an additional Noma It’s basically all about making money online without having to meet people face-to-face So there are some professions that inherently cannot be location dependent stuff like being a doctor or an argument but there are so many professions that can easily be location dependent stuff like an accountant or a web developer or a designer or a Translator or an online tutor or so many other things be a boy Right now I want to talk a bit more about the social media marketing agency that I was running at the age of 19 when I Started traveling the world because they feel like it’s a very very simple and very good example of how these sort of businesses operate In those days there were many small to medium-sized businesses who had their own Facebook fan page But they didn’t really have the knowledge or the time to actually manage them So what we did is we approached hundreds of different companies And we offered them to create a unique marketing strategy for them if they hired us we would start managing their Facebook fan pages by Uploading daily content and engage it with their fans and also we could manage their Facebook ad campaign. That’s what they wanted us to do Now the structure that I had Inside the company was this every customer was working with one project manager and one content manager basically they were getting paid a monthly fee For every customer that they were working, so let’s say we had one customer who is paying $300 a month right so I could give $100 to the product manager and that $100 to the content manager for that specific client And then $100 would be pure profit for the company in this scenario. Even if we had only one customer We were already profit whereas that would never have been possible if we had to hire these full-time with being the monthly salaries Right we would have to get at least Lizzie and get somewhere to turn some sort of a profit that is what you call a bad view part And this is what you call a good to be a boy Absolutely everyone was happy because the clients didn’t care about the arrangements we had inside the company They simply wanted good service all of my employees were extremely happy with that as well because they could choose the amount of clients they Wanted to work with and obviously for me It was cool, because the company was profitable from day one and every single new client that we acquired made the company even a problem Now when it comes to making money remotely there are literally hundreds of different ways to do it But I want to talk a bit more about the ones that seem to be the most popular and obviously the easiest to start Welcome to the incredibly unsophisticated list of ways to make money remotely while Traveling the world number one steal that agency bro, so first off You could obviously start some sort of an agency in a very similar fashion that I just described there are many different kinds of services That you could be providing in exactly the same way stuff like translating texts or designing websites or human editing videos or photos number to produce epic online courses if you have some expertise in some sort of a niche that many people are Interested in you could create online courses on that and publish it on a platform like unity the good thing about publishing online course is That you essentially need to do it once and people can find it and purchase it for many years to come it basically provides it With some sort of a passive income of course in some cases it might be really really tiny however And others people make thousands of dollars every single month number three tutor them kids You could also become an online tutor in each Languages to students all around the world on a platform like I talked or if you want to tutor something else That’s like maths or biology Or I don’t know anything else you could use a platform like preppy number for freelance my boy you could also of course become a freelancer it’s kind of similar to having an agency that I Described before existed by being a freelancer You don’t necessarily hire other people to do that service you do it yourself most Freelancers that I know they find their customers on either upwork Which is the biggest freelancing platform in the world or fiber where most of the services are a lot cheaper? but once again you can do a lot more of them, and it’s still my number five dropship Another way to make money That’s become quite popular in the past few years is Dropship the drop shipping is basically creating your online store and as opposed to selling your own products that you manufacture They’re basically selling products directly from suppliers warehouses will ship those products directly to your customer every time you make a sale So most people would create an online store on this platform called Shopify because it’s very cheap and easy to do and then they would install this application that is called alberta low so that application would basically connect your store to thousands of different suppliers Who would once again ship their products directly to your customers every time you made that sale number six become a librarian? What what another way? That’s worked out for some people with publishing ebooks on Amazon so if you have some expertise in pretty much Anything you can think of? You could try to write some sunny books on Amazon and publish it there and try to sell it for like two or three or four or five dollars if it works out you could eventually hire some other writers to help you do it and maybe even build the business on top of that by having tens or hundreds of books that are being sold every single month for Years to come of course. I will link to all of the companies that I mentioned in the description box below Wait a minute Jacob I smell a rat in here how much of those companies paid to mention them all are you a sellout and just a disclaimer? It wasn’t sponsored by any of them. I just wanted to give you a better idea How you could do it, or you can do something entirely different once again? It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as it You don’t need to meet people face-to-face, and you can do all your tasks by having just a computer and a Wi-Fi connection In order to get even more information we need to go to parts three resource Is he ever since I decided to make this video which was many months ago I started searching for online resources that I could link you to but Even though I found many different websites talking about the topic and obviously hundreds of articles being written I felt like most of them were actually discussing this sort of lifestyle and its upsides and downsides But I didn’t feel like many of them were actually focused on to helping people Become digital nomads and obviously find ways to make money remotely so that they could live the same sort of lifestyle And after a lot more research and Thinking everything through I decided to ride this tiny little ebook that’s called 29 ways to quit the nine-to-five And you can whether you still no man down. I’m really sorry you the name sounds cheesy. It’s a bit cheesy But that’s exactly what the book is about basically I just listed 29 different ways of how you can make money Remotely and obviously I’ve described them in a bit more detail and plus added quite a few different links to other resources or online courses That will help you learn even more you can download. This book completely for free ad vino mad Co forward slash quick dash 19-5 I’ll link in the description box below Well done maids my personal mission life is to inspire as many people as I can to travel the world because they think in that way the world will be a much more beautiful place and obviously if someone can make money remotely then they can travel indefinitely so I really Hope these resources especially the book that I wrote Specifically for this video will help you on your way to becoming a digital nomad And if it does please let me know it will absolutely make my day Thank you very much for watching and always remember life shirt

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