How I Got Tourist Visa To USA + OUR HONEYMOON PLAN

How I Got Tourist Visa To USA + OUR HONEYMOON PLAN

hi guys welcome back to my channel after smoke break first of all I hope you’re gonna enter in your quality of videos because we got a new camera so from now I hope that our videos gonna became much much more better so today video gonna be about as you can see in title pillow about getting tourist visa to United States in Korea when I was preparing my visa I was trying to get a lot of information and I was watching a lot of YouTube videos and a lot of blogs mostly it was videos made by Polish people however as we know not only Polish people need to get a tourist visa the United States so I was trying to find as much information as as possible I found information about how to deal with payment how to take care of this information form and how to take a picture what kind of which I should take but I did not find for me enough information how all this interview and visiting embassy looks like especially at all people they had only experience in making a visa preparing the visit of their own country not abroad and as maybe some of you know Korean people they do not tourist visa to travel to United States so I could not get any help from any color person or even my husband because he was just you know just comfortable he did not have to prepare anything so today I decided I’m gonna talk a little about how I was preparing for my visa and how all this interview and visit an embassy looked like because as soon as I announced that I got to visit in my Instagram I got a lot of questions in direct messages from you like what question did they ask you are they nice do they speak English or Korean so you can now sit in your bed like me I’m sleep by bed right now and you can get some cup of coffee tea or whatever and let’s get it started so as I said before all this information about payment this ds-160 for us I hope I remember this well and taking a picture you can find this online it’s always the same website every person used so I think I do not need to explain you in details how to prepare this however first of all you have to send money for interview when I was sending money now it was around 170 thousand won for registration so after payment it’s time to prepare your ds-160 forum anders like nothing special have to prepare to fulfill this because they just asked you about very basic stuff ask your name your address your job if you’re married like me – right who is my husband when he was bored and what is his job they are also some question about your traveling to America when you want to go how long do you want to stay where you gonna stay also so we wrote the address of one hotel we are going to stay and just really basic stuff like this so next you can finally fix the date of your interview using number from payment and using number you got from this information form and here is where I made my biggest mistake as I said before I was looking for information and experience of Polish people and many of them said that in Poland you can go to interview really fast like some people could fix the date next day or next week like you don’t have to wait so long to go to the interview so what you did so Olivia was thinking that she can feel this information ds-160 form very very slowly so it took me few days to do it and you know I was checking it like 10,000 times because I was so confident I’m just gonna go to interview the very next day and then surprised when I check out website when I wanted to register for interview the first free date was more than after three why is the problem because we still didn’t buy a plenty at the time I was scared to buy them without visa even even if my husband and my family everyone was saying there’s no reason I would not get this visa however I’m not a person who like to take risk about money so I think no we gonna do this when I get my visa it’s fine and then yeah so of course plane because they became much more expensive so my first advice is do not waste your time like I did you know I was sure that Korea people who do not meet tourist visa for sure they don’t go to embassy so much and even if they do they do a little different kind of interview and you know like it’s totally different thing that we are not gonna wait with them for interview and I was wrong of course they go to attitude different window I’m gonna explain later when they have an interview they go to a little different place however all this security and fingerprints and everything you do this together so that’s why there is a really big queue so when I finally decided to register I had to wait more than three weeks and there was only four place left at 8 a.m. so maybe if I would wait 10 minutes 20 minutes more they would be no place for this day also anyway you got the date and now you are going for interview what’s gonna happen so as I said before when you register you have an hour what I worried you should have an interview so I was sure I can just come you know like on time just maybe 20 minutes before interview so I would say to shock when I came there and I realized there is not only me who have interviewed at 8 a.m. it was around more than 100 percent waiting for interview in the same time as mine and it works us who first come then this person gets interview first so first of all I had to go through a security there was a Libyans Korean guy and actually every worker in embassy was Korean only interview I had with American worker every other person was Korean so first of all I went through security and they also took my phone and every electric device from me in my case it was my small mobile fan they also took it from me and my umbrella so then you just wait in super long queue with a lot of people and I was reshot like there were so many foreigners so so many maybe not so many European or African or any other western country people there were a lot of South Asian people I was really shocked because as I say I expected no one almost the tourist visa in Korea but there was also a lot of Korean people and in that point we are still waiting together for our turn so in the first window some really nice lady said hello to me and she gave me as 10 on my passport I don’t have it anymore so I cannot show you however there was my number and many weird information for me but yeah that was the first thing and of course you also check out my papers ahead with me and here a question with many people who ask me should I take my bank statement should I take my work contract to show them no you just take your passport your confirmation of your visit you can print this on website and this ds-160 form this your property or personal information form that’s all you have to take you don’t take anything else you can take I did this but they have no interest in this and they never gonna ask you to show it to them so after this lady check out these confirm two confirmations and put a stamp on my passport I was waiting in super long queue I was feeling like I waited for hours with all these people and you can feel like everyone there is super stressed so atmosphere is a little heavy I would say so after waiting I came to next window and then they check out my papers again and they took my fingerprints after this I went to other window which was exactly next to it but anyway to like go around to get to this and it and there I had to do exactly the same thing again fingerprints and again my papers and also this really nice lady she already took my confirmations for so now it’s time to wait for an interview and another surprise there is no private room for interviews everything looks like post office you know like you have windows next to each other you can see you can hear what other people say so for sure it’s not gonna help you always stress because I was so scared when I was watching these people you know like they were like sweating and and what they’re it’s stress even Korean people so even when I was looking at Korean people they also look super stressed and it just make you feel you know much more nervous every second you get much more nervous so I would say at this point you realize what is gonna happen right now because now you can see you are going to be next to be interview and yeah and all interviews are around two minutes to three minutes and I can just tell you that I heard they ask them some questions like if they say for example there was they are engineer or someone they ask them about a job like when did you start your job for what company do you work like a really basic question like this there was also a woman who was working as a English teacher in some private hog walk and this guy was asking her like how many children do you teach or how your usual they look like this you know they’re really not connected with your trip to USA questions so how my interview look like so first I came to the window a person who was working there it was a man he was really confused what language can I speak as I heard before they interviews they can speak English Korean and some of them also could speak Russian however I said I can speak English now I’m just gonna tell you what question I caught they did not ask me so much about my travel to America but about my honeymoon they asked me when I go where I want to go with who I go what is the purpose of my trip so I said it’s honeymoon and of course then she asked me who I go with who is but who is my husband what is his name or this his job whether they got married how I met him there was a lot of like you know question about Korea like why I came to Korea when I came to Korea what school I graduated I don’t know like can I speak Korean what I like the most about Korea you know their question which are a bit personal and they want to check out if I have some connection with Korea if I’m gonna come back here and I’m not gonna stay illegally stay and work in the galley in in the United States so they were asking me a lot of questions about my life here but however there was not any some very tricky question and they do not have time to listen to your life story so even when I was trying you know like when they asked me how you met your husband and I said I met him in cafe and you know I don’t like to say like I was studying just whatever just add some details he was like okay okay fine so you just have to answer like yes no I did I did not they also asked question like if there is any if I have any family in the United States or have I ever traveled before to United as I say there is no difficult question and I think your best policy is to tell the truth and this is what this interview is about because as I said they have this form in front of them we have this form you prepared before online and they see answer so they gonna check out if you’re lying or not because they ask me a few times like so when was your husband born and after this there was a second question like how old is your helping so there are question which gonna which can doubt if you say truth or not however there’s nothing to be scared about and after maybe in the middle of the interview I start to feel very confident like I felt like okay there is nothing so scary as I imagined before and I just answer very comfortably and at some point when they start to ask you questions like have you ever been to United States or did you travel before to Syria Iran Iraq you know like this basic question I could already feel that I could accept it after this I just heard congratulation and enjoy your stay in the United States and they just took my passport and they said I’m gonna get this in one week however I got this after two days but after all this waiting our so confused like I asked him so what should I do now and he was just like please go home there’s nothing else in after though I was just so happy like I could literally dance in front of these people and yeah that’s all I think that you do not really have to prepare so much about what you want to see we’re able to travel in states like of course you should have some plan however I think there’s not a person who would buy a plane ticket or booked a hotel before obtaining a visa so this is totally fine they’re not gonna ask you any details as I said they’re gonna ask you more about your personal life about your school about your university about your work about your marriage like they asked me really a lot about my husband and they asked me about my interest in Korean culture or like do I want to continue my life here and that’s all there’s been nothing to get prepared because there’s if you don’t lie there is nothing to be scared I guess in the end I would like to add that as though you know I get a visa we go for honeymoon the United States we are going at 23rd of September and we’re gonna stay till 6 of October we’re gonna travel to Los Angeles to Las Vegas to San Francisco we also gonna have three Arizona and Utah so you have to prepare yourself for a lot of vlogs from states from her honeymoon I’m gonna record everything so I can show you guys what we gonna see what we could not watch what we cannot Dobie already have a plan what you want to see in this big cities but if you have any recommendation you can just suggest something in the comment section down below what we should see don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram and please leave thumbs up if you find this video helpful and see you next time

8 thoughts on “How I Got Tourist Visa To USA + OUR HONEYMOON PLAN

  1. **I realized how loud background is during editing…I'm so sorry! T^T I'm still learning how to use our new camera, so soon quality gonna be much much more better!<3**
    I forgot to say that one guy in front of me didn't get a visa…But it was because he could NOT speak any language! Embassy worker was trying his best and used English, Korean, Russian to communicate with him, however it was just impossible to have an interview, so his visa got denied…
    In any other cases – you don't have to worry! I'm sure your visa will get approved! <3 Good luck!

  2. Hi from Cambodia!Thank you so much for sharing this video it’s so important for me Thank you again. Love watch your video.

  3. Hello, I live in the USA , all the places you said your going to you'll enjoy, you said Arizona so I take it you well be seeing the Grand Canyon which is absolutely amazing. I really enjoy watching your volgs and you and your husband look so sweet together. Congratulations on your marriage and have a wonderful honeymoon in america. Look forward to your travel volgs.

  4. Najważniejsze, że poradziłaś sobie! Dobrze wiedzieć, jak się tam załatwia takie formalne sprawy urzędowe. Udanej Waszej podróży poślubnej do USA. Bardzo Dziękuję za napisy 🙂 Pozdrawiam 🙂

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