How One Couple’s Dream Vacation In Mexico Turned Into A Nightmare | Megyn Kelly TODAY

How One Couple’s  Dream Vacation In Mexico Turned Into A Nightmare | Megyn Kelly TODAY

100 thoughts on “How One Couple’s Dream Vacation In Mexico Turned Into A Nightmare | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  1. It's here in Florida and the Dr's offices are all booked for 3 months. The critical care clinics and hospitals won't help you immediately unless you slip them big money for a tip.

  2. I went partying with a friend in New York city to a pub. I had like 3 drinks all night. When we got to the hotel I opened my eyes and i was lying down on the floor of the hotel room and I realize I have been unconcious for may be a few minutes. I knew they put something in our drinks. Thank God nothing else happened.

  3. Methanol poisoning. It’s a byproduct of incorrectly distilling alcohol. They are making cheaper homemade crap to increase profits. It’s quite common in third world countries.

  4. I go to Belize a lot and nothing remotely dangerous has ever happened to me, but, I don't drink alcohol. I keep my own bottles of water with me at all times.

  5. She had five shots in two hours so she was drinking heavily? What kind of crap is Megan pumping? I remember Megan drunk, buns up kneeling in college after drinking three times that in a half hour!

  6. She had five shots in two hours so she was drinking heavily? What kind of crap is Megan pumping? I remember Megan drunk, buns up kneeling in college after drinking three times that in a half hour!

  7. Ppl when are you all going to realize that now is not the time to trust anyone. No one is trustworthy, only God. This is a vicious world we live in today. Not like even 20 years ago.

  8. Megyn: “The core industry in Mexico is tourism.”
    No, I believe that the core industry in Mexico is illegal drug trafficking.

    I’ve been to Mexico … once.
    I was lucky enough to have a good time without any negative incidents.
    But that place scared me. And I will never go back.
    I’ve heard too many horror stories.
    The corruption goes too deep. It seems to be part of the culture.
    Is it any wonder that so many people come up from countries like
    Mexico and El Salvador, illegally, to the U.S. for a better life? I would!

  9. They ask for the money up front in Mexican hospitals yet we treat illegals here for free. You have to be out of your mind to visit Mexico.

  10. I'm sorry, I don't believe what these people are saying. They only drink TWO drinks???? I have trouble to Mexico many times and I see a lot of people wasted just because they are in an all-inclusive hotel. You get what you pay for. I always go to a four or five stars hotel.

  11. Yes they are doing this to Americans on purpose maybe they are up set we are enjoying ourselves A lot of them don’t have much of anything!!

  12. Same as at Dominican Republic 4 tourists died mysteriously in May 2019. and

  13. These hotels in Mexico have a contract with the hospitals so that they could charge a large large amount of money to the people that are taken to the hospital’s. You need to be very careful because there’s a lot of corruption inside the hotels. Read all the debts that have happened in Mexico it’s not worth going there for vacation.

  14. Don't leave the country. It's dangerous out there. You're in no man's land in someone else's land. They know their surroundings, you don't.

  15. Hey peps, Mexicans hate Americans. Got to Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Chicago, Wisconsin's Dells etc if you want to tourist safely. Don't do Socialistas countries, they love dollars but hate the hard working people who earns it.

  16. It seems like the doctors are involved they might have a substance to put on drinks just enough so they could go to the hospital and overcharge them they're all connected some way or another to do corruption

  17. ; Boycott tourist destinations outside of America, so you, or a loved one, avoids vomiting, cramping, diarrhœa, heart-attacks, blood in the urine/stool, shortness-of-breath, parasite infestation, and respiratory failure.

  18. Messed up “we got to get u that 2nd honeymoon “ smh then says may b it’s now while your in NY .all the money they made from that story THEY COULD HAVE GAVE THEM ONE

  19. everywhere there's a lot of bad people "killers"can do everything to harm other people. poisoning.stabbing. it's not because of alcohol it's because of those people who has psychologically ill! a psychopath people. be careful arround you. observes and be alerts.

  20. ok, great now mexico is being blamed on something else when it could just have been the resorts fault not the whole country!

  21. There is no doubt that there is some kind of a deal going on between medical community and resort manager or workers. No doubt

  22. How did she end up with a fractured skull? It seems that it would be difficult to get the back of her head hit like that to need stitches and suffer a brain injury unless she was assaulted with the piece of concrete maybe? It is suspicious.

  23. What he SHOULD have stated: “But the investigation done by both state and federal Cartels concluded…” let’s be real here…

  24. Thats why most Americans have guns and no passports. Stay in the U.S where its safe and laws arent corrupt. I love the USA!

  25. lol Megan Kelly reduced to a daytime talk show.. Much like Oprah, Ellen, Dr.Phill..etc.. Fox to Msn… no one wants her.. what does that tell you?

  26. So obvious what is happening. The hospital is working with the bartender. And asking for a huge payment before treatment? Duh. Just follow the money.

  27. Where at in Mexico did they stay. Was it Cozumel or Acapulco. I didn’t hear them say anything but Mexico

  28. They issue warnings to black people and countries that they don’t think it’s safe in the United States for black people and they’re exactly right!

  29. Wow 😮 you see all of what’s been going on within the last 6 months all these deaths, and ppl getting sick on those islands!!!!! Most were from that mini bar at a particular place… wow smfh 🤦🏼‍♀️ reminder to self: No drinking while on vacation.. seems like it’s all about money! Instead you end up dead or in real bad shape…. beware of traveling anywhere

  30. If you want to visit any foreign country, make sure you know at least one local person there whom you can rely on. They know which places have a reputation and which places are the safest. All countries have shady spots where crime is off the charts so don't just listen to what your family and friends tell you. Listen to what a local friend tells you.

  31. I'm from Mexico and this does happen a lot visitors being drugged, killed and kidnapped this is sad

  32. Why don't we charge all the Mexicans who come to American hospitals and use our emergency rooms as their primary care physicians upfront charges? They come here they get free medical care and we go down there and spend billions of dollars and they continue to rip us off. Thank God for Donald Trump! My mother taught me a long time ago that you can't put the morals that were instilled in you into someone else. They simply don't possess the same morals that we do.

  33. Who could feel good about going to Mexico ……..on vacation. Geez. Horrible police, officials, and just about everything else. Overrun by drugs and drug cartels. Never been, never will go.

  34. I am from Mexico and it makes me very sad that they had to go through this. It is unfortunate because Mexico is a wonderful country with a beautiful culture, cuisine and people. There is one thing for sure I will mention; civilians are extremely welcoming to foreigners, I would agree that the government institutions and the security authorities are very corrupted. Those are the ones that even the Mexican people don't trust in. Just like the people from the USA are being extremely judged because of the president they have today, I believe that not everybody is racist or white supremacist.

    And yes, I would advise the people from USA ( I am not saying American or North American, because Mexico is also part of it) until things calm down a little, even regular people are suffering from this corruption and cartel. Things now are worse because we finally got a good president who is kicking out every corrupted person in the presidential  bureau and this is getting them really mad and are retaliating.Most of my family is well off in MX, but they are suffering the war of the cartel people. So yes, I would say to the world not to go there yet. I love and miss my country with all my heart, but if things like this are going to happen, do not go, wait until things get better and you can enjoy the blessings of my homeland.

  35. Next anniversary go to New Orleans…..plenty of drinks and fun and entertainment.Like EVERYWHERE, always watch over your drinks.  Never leave your drinks unattended.When we go there (New Orleans) we usually buy wine and liquor and drink in the hotel room or around the pool.  Going out, we'll buy half bottles of wine/champagneand have the bottled opened at the table.

  36. I've always been told to never vacation in Mexico. And this is another example why. Most I know go to Cuba or Dominican.

  37. People please be cautious when you go to unfamiliar places! Do not drink alcohol or go to bars/night clubs, and be sure to have one of you taste the drink beforehand as a test, even if it isn't alcohol. Ladies, we have a wonderful gift called intuitions..Trust it and use it as a guide. Be safe and stay focus of your surroundings. Enjoy your vacations, honeymoon or time away from struggles and stress of life. Good luck!

  38. Painting every part of Mexico in a bad light because of something that happens everyday, everywhere. Guess what. People don’t get justice in the states and in Canada for the same incidences. Like seriously?

  39. It’s weird how she said the bartender kept pouring the drink and dumping it and making another one. Why didn’t she question anything. I say, a lot is common sense. Don’t understand why anyone would do this on purpose to scare the tourists away when Mexico depends on them. Very sad, l love Cancun, always a great time !

  40. I hear more horror stories coming from trips to Mexico than any other location in the world. And that is not only centered around alcohol.

  41. I have been in Cancun and I have witnessed how Americans drink, very heavily until they passed out. You can find all kind of tourists in the beach early in the morning sleeping in the sand at the beach. Don’t blame the Mexicans or authorities, blame your drinking habits. Stay sober💚

  42. This is a pattern, very disturbing pattern, white tourists go to Mexico & they drink like idiots. What else do you expect.

  43. You know what’s crazy THIS HAPPENS EVERYWHERE NOT JUST MEXICO 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 I have a better chance of being a mass shooting in the USA than getting a drink at a bar in Mexico

  44. I’m Mexican and this is scary. I just got back from Cancun and I’m barely seeing this video . Seriously terrifying. I wish they would name the name of the resort to kind of have an idea of where it’s at. I’ve heard it’s certain parts of Mexico .

  45. Similar experience in Sparks NV casino restaurant, after drinking mimosas with a brunch buffet. I developed a painful headache; then, passed out in my room. After waking up, it bothered me how such a small quantity of alcohol had been the cause, sometime during 2015.

  46. People wake up nd smell the coffe stop going to Mexico. R media keeps tells us over nd over nd people keep going. so people say on their comments that it's happens everywhere but more so in mexico.

  47. And now it’s happening in the Dominican Republic, but worse. Tourists only are winding up dead from drinking at the resorts they stay at. More and more couples. I’d suggest no one vacation in the Dominican or Mexico.

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