How Self Love Can Change Your Life 🌱Self Care Summer

hello our first video in our self-care
summer series I’m so excited to start off with the conversation of self-love
because self-care is awesome and we’re gonna have a great self-care summer it
all starts with self-love the only reason why you would ever take care of
yourself stems from the fact that you love yourself when you love yourself
then you’ll take the time out of your day to nurture your body your mind your
soul and you will focus on yourself you will set boundaries that are needed for
yourself you will allow yourself to experience the things that fulfill you
you will indulge yourself in a self-care activity because you care about yourself
let’s take a second before I dive into all my experiences and what I do know to
practice self-love and to learn how to love myself more and grab yourself a cup
of tea and get cozy and I want this video to feel like a really big hug so I
want you to feel really comfy and cozy while we chat because I’m feeling very
comfy and cozy so I want us to feel that together learning self-love has
completely changed my life I did a lot of things when I was younger
mostly that were because I gave myself a lot of negative self-talk I also didn’t
love myself enough to allow myself to experience the things that I deserved so
I would allow myself to be part of toxic relationships I wouldn’t set boundaries
for myself I would overanalyze myself in many conversations to the point where
like after I would be at dinner or lunch with somebody I would overanalyze
everything that I said and I would think that I said
most ridiculous things and I finally reached a point in my life where I feel
inner peace and that’s like the coolest feeling in the world and I am not
perfect at this every single day at all like there are definitely times where
I’m like giving myself negative self-talk or I do overanalyze something
that I said so I’m not perfect at it every day but for the majority of my
life I’m like like if I look at it as a whole on a daily basis I’m like yo like
I’m I think I like found it because I literally don’t care anymore like one
what people think of me too um about being caught up in toxic relationships
like I’m so good at being like nah and nicely just kind of being like I don’t
need you in my life but that’s because I found the love
within myself right because I’m like okay I love myself enough to not put
myself through these things I also suppress myself a lot before I was able
to love myself enough I didn’t put myself out on the internet for years of
dreaming it up because I was like oh my god people are gonna think I’m so weird
what are you even gonna think of me why do I think I should put a video on the
Internet what do I have to say that people want
to hear I didn’t even have full self-love the first time that I put my
self on the internet but I developed it over time you don’t have to be in a
perfect place to do the things that you want to do I think that’s really
important I think that you need to know that if there’s something in life that
you want to do but you don’t feel a tremendous amount of self-love and
confidence and that’s okay like that’s the time to to seek out scary things
that are completely out of your comfort zone because through those experiences
you will learn things there will be hard times there will be good times there
will be many different experiences that you
have but putting yourself out there and also just doing things that you wouldn’t
normally do whether it be like you’re wanting to travel um you want to go
study abroad but you’re scared you don’t know like are you gonna make friends are
you gonna be lonely what are all these things like I’m not just talking about
uploading a video to the internet because there’s this goes in every
single direction if you want to start a business if you want to travel the world
if you want to try out for a soccer team whatever it might be like it’s so easy
to not do those things because you think you’re not worthy taking up space or
you’re not worthy of you don’t have anything to give you don’t have anything
to say and that’s not true at all because you are so unique you are the
only you in this world there is something that you offer that nobody
else has the connection that you can have with another human being or with a
specific career or anything you are the only person that can have that
connection you are the only person that will make that mark in the world so when
people feel like they’re not worthy of specific experiences and they’re not
worthy of tackling and going after their dreams that is one of the hardest things
for me to ever hear because that is what makes life and I’m going down a
direction right now in this conversation that’s like more of like a motivation to
go after your dreams but that all stems from self love because you love yourself
more when you’re allowing yourself to experience your passion
because experiencing your passions can be really scary at first but if you
really push yourself and you’re gonna find love within yourself and I’m gonna
get into actual steps that you can take to experience more self-love but I think
that having this conversation first about like my experience is what
it feels like how it can actually change your life is a good way to just inspire
you to seek out loving yourself more and falling more in love with yourself
self-love determines your life path so how you feel about yourself is such a
reflection about the people that you allow in your life it’s a reflection on
what you allow yourself to do and experience so it’s so important it
determines your mate support determines the person you’re gonna spend your life
with or the person that you’re just spending your life with right then it
determines whether or not you achieve your dreams because it is a reflection
of whether or not you think you deserve it
whether or not you think you deserve to live the life that you dreamed up
whether or not you think that you deserve to be in a good relationship
with somebody who values you self-love determines your strength it determines
your boundaries the things that you say like actually no that’s not okay you
can’t do that you can’t do that to me I love myself enough to say no to put
boundaries up I think this is a good time to talk about the actual tools and
the things that you can actually do to learn to love yourself more because I
can sit here all day and tell you exactly how it makes me feel how it can
change your life how it’s changed my life and those things are all good to
just talk about but also I want to give you guys something that you can take
away so that you can learn to fall in love with yourself more and you can
learn that you’re worth it so first and foremost protect yourself love yourself
enough to protect yourself and protect is part of boundaries as well so if
there is somebody in your life that is not treating you right
protect yourself from that person put up boundaries that are needed to protect
yourself from that person whether it be family friends a romantic relationship
think about the people in your life and think about is this person bringing
happiness to my life or they toxic and really think about those kind of things
because it’s easy to blame yourself and to put blame on yourself a lot and to
think that you are the reasoning behind them being angry with you all the time
so really evaluating the protection that you have on your heart is really
important remember to forgive yourself if there is anything in your life that
you think about where you kind of give yourself negative self-talk where you’re
like I can’t like believe that I did that a mistake that you made of some
sort or irrational things a lot of the time like we have irrational thoughts
all the time as human beings where we think things are our fault when they’re
not and we play situations in our mind over and over and over again and we just
need to let those things go we need to forgive ourselves if we really think we
made some sort of mistake or if we really think something is our fault if
we did something wrong in a friendship or a romantic relationship or in a
family relationship learn to forgive yourself and if you really felt like you
did something wrong maybe tell that person what that was and and that you’re
sorry and to stop beating yourself up about it because that is the number one
reason why it is hard for people to find self-love is because they’re mad at
themselves you can’t love yourself when you’re mad at yourself about something
so learn to forgive yourself and lastly I think a really important thing is to
live intentionally without your life with good intentions and try to be the
best version of yourself as much as you can something that I’ve been really
loving doing recently that I actually posted on my Instagram a caption that
said I’m trying to do every single day something that makes me a better person
and I mentioned this I think in my organize your life video but I am going
into every single day recently with the intention of I’m gonna do something
today even if it’s the smallest thing I’m gonna do something today that makes
me a better person even if that’s just cleaning out the trunk of my car even if
that is calling a family member I haven’t spoken to for a bit because
through that you heal and you come together you become a complete human
being you have to seek out a purpose you have to find your purpose and seek it
out and go for it and give yourself some slack sometimes because we’re not always
perfect and when you don’t need to be living life thinking like I need to be
the best version of myself all of the time because it’s just not the way life
is we’re not always in the moment of feeling clear and like mindful and like
perfect in these moments it’s just not realistic but if we do set an intention
for our life and for our everyday it’s incredible what type of changes you can
make in your life if you just have a good intention if you just have a
purpose and if you just know how you want to make people feel and if you know
how you want to make yourself feel keep that focus and if you stray away from it
sometimes that’s okay and say okay I know what my focus in my I know that I
have good intentions and I know my purpose in life and I know
and when I say purpose in life I don’t mean like you need to know exactly what
you want to do with your life when I say purpose right now I’m talking about
knowing that you want to live a good life and you want to be the best version
of yourself even if you take the smallest baby steps
as long as you’re doing one thing every day that makes you feel like a better
person or makes you feel just good you are going to get there you are going to
get to a point where all of a sudden just like oh this feels good I have all
of these little things that I’ve done over the last year or six months or
month have really come together to make me feel at ease and that’s where I’m at
in my life right now and it feels freakin good like I will tell you guys
right now like inner peace and like tranquility and like a clear
understanding of the way you want to live your life is awesome it’s the best
feeling and I want everyone to feel it and I want to experience it with you
guys and I want to be there when things aren’t always going great because
they’re not always going to be going great and that’s okay
and my life isn’t always going great but if I go into everyday thinking okay I’m
gonna live this moment even though it’s a hard moment I’m gonna try my best to
live through this moment with the best intentions that I possibly can then it’s
so much easier to get through because you’re just like okay this is it like
this is a hard moment but like let’s go through it let’s get through it and
that’s the most important thing living with good intentions
self-love isn’t something that comes naturally to all people that’s okay we
live in a world where we’re constantly looking at things that we’re comparing
ourselves to but it is something that you can practice and you can’t achieve
when you teach your mind to go to positive self-talk instead of negative
self-talk because our minds just kind of fall into what they’re used to
like our minds can just kind of go okay well I know what this feels like so I’m
just gonna go here all the time because that’s easy because my mind always goes
there but if we teach our minds and this is something that you can really
practice through meditation and meditation is something I’m going to
talk about in this series but once you can get your mind to go to a good place
and fall into a good place as opposed to a negative place then things become
easier because our minds are based off of muscle memory memories we react to
memories if our mind starts to remember what it feels like to sit in a like
comfy like positive place and if our minds learn how what it feels like to be
mindful then our minds that have a easier way at like getting back into
that spa because it’s the memory that it’s going based off it so I’ll talk
about meditation and mindfulness more in this series this video specifically
about how self-love can change your life but all of these things as you will
begin to notice and that you probably already know go very hand-in-hand with
each other all of them overlap and they are all needed every part of self love
and self care it’s all within the balance and it’s balance that you create
not balance that you find you have the opportunity to create this life for you
yourself you are the person who makes the decisions on how your life is going
to go how it’s going to feel I’m gonna have a conversation there I also wanted
to mention I never want to sound preachy at all to you guys I am just literally
pouring out what is inside my heart and my mind that I want to share with you
guys I have never been somebody who was super passionate about like math or
science or like literally anything but seeking out how to make life easier and
better and feel good so this is something that I’m really passionate
about and that’s why I can sit here and just like spill it all out to you guys
so I hope that you guys like it and I hope that you guys are enjoying this and
I’m so excited because I get to see you guys in
a day so that’s awesome for this video I want to leave you guys with a question I
want to know what your biggest passions in life are and I’m excited to read
these comments because one of my favorite things in the world is seeing
or hearing people talk about the things that they love in life so I want to know
what makes you happy what like what can see going what like you’ve just light up
about I want to know what that is so please let me know in the comments and I
will see you guys very soon in the next self-care summer I just like to hit my
face instead of kissing you guys like what was that that’s what I meant to do
okay bye okay bye am I good like now ah deep breaths after all that long
conversation I’m like this is what I’m gonna do now and they go do you guys
want to do it with me let’s do it together it feels so good like things
just got weird but also so good okay

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