How Smarties Are Made: Exclusive 360° Candy Factory Tour | Food Network

I’m Liz D. I work here at
Smarties Candy Company. Today I’m going to take
you on a very special top secret candy factory tour. We’re about to enter
the tablet room. This is where we press the candy
powder into tablets that will then go into Smarties rolls. Are you ready? It’s a little loud. Our mixed dry ingredients are
fed into our tableting press machines. Those tablets are
fed into buckets which are dumped into
these large bins, where they’re randomly mixed. So you never know which colors
or flavors you’re going to get in your candy tablet roll. The tablets are fed through
onto conveyors, which take them to the wrapping room. So what you see behind
me now is a wrapper. The candy tablets are gravity
fed into the wrapping machine, where each tablet
is stacked up just perfectly in line
so that it can be formed and wrapped into a roll. The rolls are shot out of the
wrapping machine into buckets. We dump those buckets
into larger bins. The bins are taken via forklift
into the packaging area, where they are hoisted up high so
that the rolls can be gravity fed into the bagging machine. And then the bags are then
formed around the rolls, wrapped onto conveyor, and then
fed via robot into the boxes. We manufacture 24 hours a
day, 5 and 1/2 days a week. Our candy factory makes over a
billion candy rolls per year. Thank you so much for
joining me for a Smarties candy factory tour. I hope you enjoyed it.

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