How To Afford a Life of Non-Stop Travel (Even if You’re Broke AF)

How To Afford a Life of Non-Stop Travel (Even if You’re Broke AF)

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  1. U r soo lucky to be able to travel the world , unfortunately my Syrian passport wont let me go anywhere?

  2. My biggest question is how do you travel with debt? I hope to travel for a long time but these student loans aren’t going to pay for themselves lol ???

  3. This is going to sound vert weird but you don’t own a very small cafe in a small town of Australia called Ulladulla? I was there towards the end of last year looking for some work as I was over from New Zealand. Strange question I know, the women in the shop looked just like you

  4. Literally every comment I see is about how they can’t do something because of money. I can’t speak to third world countries, however I can at least speak to those living in a first world country… Your reality is a reflection of yourself. That’s something I’ve seen time and time again. When I wanted a job? I had a job offered to me in that same month because I was given random opportunity. When I wanted a new relationship? I had that in two months with a girl I’m now broken up with, but still good friends. When I was lost and needed direction I was always directed and motivated to where I needed to go simply by believing I could have it, that I deserved it, and that it was meant for me. Trying to manifest money is manifesting illusion. At the end of the day it isn’t real. What you buy with it is real and by focusing on the goal rather then money you are way more likely to actually get what you want then if you’re focused on something that’s an illusion. I’ve found things I really wanted on the side of the road or for free. I’ve had friends offer me places to stay and traveled to them via bus. You start small going places, take what you can get for free, and you build yourself up. There are a lot of jobs that can be done remotely/from home like website design. There are a lot of ways to start your own business. I don’t think we can all be millionaires, but I do think it’s possible to create a comfortable lifestyle that makes you happy. Something Maya Angelou has said that always stuck with me is to be bigger then the circumstances we were born under. If you look at her life she’s an incredible woman who rose from the ashes. I think rather then making excuses on why you can’t do something you could be spending your time actually doing it. Poverty is hard. It’s extremely damaging to mental health and it makes even eating proper nutrition difficult. It’s something terrible to go through, but if you believe that it will always be that way and never take the initiative to try something new or move towards your dreams no one else is going to do it for you. Even if an opportunity lands in your lap you won’t be able to see its potential if you’re too negative to even realize opportunities exist. Idk if this is helpful to anyone/encouraging, but your dreams are possible.

  5. I also love Roamler which is an app (iOS and Android) that pays you every time you complete a task – even a small one like taking a picture or going to a specific store – on Paypal. Companies like Coca Cola and Samsung use it too to get insights from users. You just need to download it and get an invitation code by someone who is already using Roamler. If you need a free invitation code let me know down below 🙂

  6. Videos like these are quite problematic, especially with how people who are from first world countries can easily go to third world countries with no back breaking requirements. Yes it's unfair, but that's life but what's ridiculous are the growing population of "BEGPACKERS". The ones who can easily go hop from one country to another by begging on the streets at third world countries when they no longer have money. They even have the audacity to put up a sign begging people to "fund" their travels. It's a big insult to us who are struggling to live day by day, travelling seen as a huge luxury. It's not just the cost of the living expenses, the air fare but it's also the grueling hassle of applying for visa and having enough money as "show money"

  7. Great video…. I’m a part time travel vlogger with a full time 9-5 trying to find way out to do this. Thanks

  8. 4:20

    PLUS: 9-5 Jobs are extremly important!! Imagine having no police, healthcare system, grocery stores, public service..the list is endless. pilots who fly the plane you are travelling with and then make a video where you talk about 9-5 jobs being outdated.

    Sorry but besides you saying unless you like the jobs keep it – thats a not so clever statement. Think about how much you profit of other people doing 9-5 jobs. I'm sure you have done some of those too.

  9. My country passport was number 177 in the rank of powerful so step1 for me was "obtain the right passport". I started a 9 years journey towards that and now I am few months away from getting the Australian passport

  10. U wanna travel and u don’t have a job? U can become a bartender from place to place that u travel which of course working with a visa is illegal or become a night club dancer. Or become a handyman and build things. Other that these options, u can only work in ur home country for an X amount of time save money and travel for a while after u quit ur job or get a leave of absence for let’s say a month. Or create a YouTube channel and monetize it .. ? the choice is urs

  11. Having a passport that can allows you to travel that much is also an advantage. Try doing that with an Ecuadorian passport for example

  12. You are great.I have looked in your videos and they are the best ,and I decided to create a channel for people who
    love to travel around the globe, you can check my channel out. Thanks and you
    are amazing

  13. Why are all these people complaining about the video lol. If you want to travel don't blame it on being broke. Get a job make money and shut up. They are acting like she only did this because she was privileged. It's called hard work and determination.

  14. OMG when I heard you say that you went to Lithuania I had to watch it over again just to be shour I heard right, because almost nobody knows that Lithuania is a country and I'm from Lithuania so I was so shocked?❤

  15. I am going into my senior year and planning ways I can travel after high school, the links you gave are so very useful big thanks

  16. I liked your last video speaking about how to become a travel influencer… but this? This ain't it. As an American.. more specifically.. a New Yorker.. I travel often and let me tell you.. it's DEFINITELY NOT cheap to go ANYWHERE internationally from the US. Australians literally have the upper hand because most flights from there are incredibly cheap so I find a few things you stated to be kind of offensive… in a sense spreading a false narrative. Nothing you stated actually falls under the category as being feasible for those who actually ARE "broke asf."

  17. I wish all these kids knew the enviromental implications of travelling by plane. Saddly, all of our contemporary pop culture seems to encourage "going everywhere you can afford" whithout any side effect considerations. Traveling definetely broadens people´s perspective, doing it responsibly is a whole another matter.

  18. This is so good. If played right, most people can travel extensively if they plan correctly. Even if you are from a second or third world country. My wife is Panamanian and while she can’t travel everywhere I can, she still has a ton of options.

  19. Nice smile, fun personality but no useful practical information. Just unhelpful comments like “make money online”. Waste of time.

  20. For people who have real jobs, save and plan ahead plus don't travel too much where you increase your chances in debt. Overseas travelling is not cheap at all so if you can't afford it don't risk it unless you're ready to get stuck and homeless in a faraway land you're not familiar with.

  21. My mom grew up in a ghetto with her sister and single mother. She wasnt poor, but she wasnt middleclass/wealthy either. And she travelled to Thailand for 4 months when she was 20 and also travelled to alot of other countrys. How did a Danish Girl from a lower class family travel right after highschool (highschool ends at about age 19 in denmark)? Well my mom worked in a bakery in Thailand. She was also 5 months in Israel where she also worked but this time as a waitress.

  22. I’m new and this is the first video i watch from your chanell. I just want to say that you are an inspiration. Thank you so much

  23. Step one, be given money from your mommy and daddy so you can travel for at least 2-3 years to get the content required to become a travel influencer.

  24. I love your attitude. You are doing what is really of value in life. I did not have the guts to live like that but hope to do it soon.

  25. Aw that’s such a blessing! I come from a family of shared responsibility, which makes it all the more difficult to even travel bc of health concerns for current family members. I’m 26 this year but I’m still looking forward embarking on this experience

  26. Tip: if you live in the UK and dont have much money save some on food by finding a community fridge and coupons (you can actually get alot online coupons for free for free stuff not only food) also the sites she put up like skyscanner have flights for as little as 10pounds !

  27. I think you should listen to all those who have commented about what it actually means to be “broke”. And you aren’t broke and by the sounds of it never have been..

  28. hi everyone, we(two random Canadian girls) just made our FIRST video!! We would love it if you come over and watch our video. Thank you in advance. 🙂 Much love.

  29. I cannot stand comfortably middle class people announcing they are broke. It's really selfish and abusive to others who are truly struggling. To me, broke is you really can't afford both your medication and your winter coat. Broke is you cannot cover you bills and could never have money to go to a restaurant. You were never broke. Someone broke cannot afford pricey camera equipment or fund themselves in those months or possibly years it takes for a freelance career to get started. You meant to say you weren't wealthy. Anyone who says flights are cheap was never broke. $75-500 for tickets is far, far, just laughably far out of reach for someone who is broke. It's offensive and you need to change the title to traveling on a budget, not traveling while broke.

  30. I´m tired of dolls like you, youtubers, instagrammers whatever to define traveling as the number one fetish. For me, the heros are people working in jobs i could never do, saving moneys for a little trip, maybe once a year. You guys are living in a bubble. Do you know that even in Europe only 1/3 of people can afford overseas traveling? Most of the people do not have savings in the amount of their yearly income. Ladies like you give people a bad feeling in life because they think they are doing something wrong. They take care of the streets you are using, they build the airplanes, busses, hotels and motels. Most of the people try to keep the jobs, which is very difficult nowadays and you are fantasizing about non-stop travelling. eyerolling

  31. Travel doesnt have to be expensive. Its a huge misconception. Youvegot some great points here. I travel every month myself, follow my travels here

  32. Yes right, but while using MacBook it is easy to talk about traveling even if you are broke.

    Maybe "broke" has different meaning for her

  33. LOL this is another example of an unethical YouTuber hawking products shes paid to get YOU to buy. Truth is, she never used any of these tools to fully fund a 24/7 travel lifestyle. Look her up, she won a competition that allowed her to travel for free and obtain a bunch of content for her channel. Then she was approached by brands like Squarespace that want to target people interested in making money remotely. (Squarespace is one of the worst website builders out there BTW). I challenge her to prove that before she had a following on YT, that the money used to travel and obtain content was paid for through her so-called freelancing.

  34. Ahh you are australian. You make me wanna horselaugh.
    Yes australian people know a lot about "broke AF" you made my day. I can imagine the third world people compare themselves with you and they dont understand what is wrong with them. Why they cannot travel 365/year.
    I help you guys the reason is because you born in the wrong country.
    Ozzy middle class tell a story about what does broke af means.?

  35. I liked the video, she is amazing. But, she could be a super model, clearly in the 1% in the looks department and her personality is full of confidence. Can she quit her job, come back and quickly get another one? In a heart beat. Most people are not in that category, and it’s telling that she doesn’t seem to recognize that. What she misses also, is with a normal job, people come back, after work and don’t think about it. I’m an entrepreneur like her, and there isn’t more than a few minutes that go by, that I’m not thinking about a way to make money. Self promotion, takes a lot of time and energy. The great thing about the video is that we all want to be more like her. Keep up the good work!

  36. What if youre living paycheck to paycheck and literally have $40 at the end of it all? Im livin on rice and beans man.

  37. Hmmm, I think you can make this work, but under these conditions. Its 2019….
    1. Either a NorthAmerican citizen or European Citizen.
    2. Have plan A,B,C for sources of passive income.(You cant afford to be poor these days)
    3. Have a unique skill that everyone desires or needs around the world.
    4. Single, yes single. Its really difficult if you are with or taking care of someone.
    5. Begpacking is pathetic. And you accept this fact. And willing to get a real job.
    6. Realize that this lifestyle has a finite amount of time.
    7. Your loss, your win. Your life is your consequence. You deal with it.

  38. I'm pretty sure Squarespace by now has partnered with Google, SpaceX, NASA, Deepmind, Illuminati, Scientology, Nespresso, Nutella, Nude people, Noodle people, Spongebob, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubemen, Intergalactic Proton Powered Electrical Tentacled Advertising Droids, the fat asian kid from Up, the fat asian youtuber that looks like the fat asian kid from up … I forgot where I was going with this…

  39. Really inspired about this video. We are at the first steps of making videos for youtube and this whole thing begins all because I really love travel. Wanted to mention that I have a big desire to know whole the world, other cultures and to experience those thing that for a long time were a dream for me. Not to much money for exploring and still a beginner of youtube, but really a great desire to share with other people what I see. I hope one day to reach more viewers. Please feel free to know and support us. Love u all

  40. I really enjoyed your video! You transmitted a lot of energy and I could see that you took advantage of the opportunities you had on the road. It's always motivating seeing someone traveling around the world and sharing experiences. That's the dream! Congratulations on making it real!!!
    It also made me realize how "limited" anyone could be depending on where that person was born. The solution for traveling when you were broke was working a lot during periods so you could travel the rest. This last idea is just not viable in an economically poor country. Let's say someone wishes to leave that country to work abroad, so he/she can earn good money in order to travel. The educational and financial requirements for getting a VISA are way too exigent for most of the population in 3rd world countries.

  41. 6k just to go for Canada, in the mid 2000s from Your mom, which is Latvian? I'm Latvian, born in 1986, and I can say You're not poor or broke af. But few other things were useful, thanks.

  42. Step 1. Become a YouTuber channel where you can post your videos, get a few thousands dollars per video, and there you go!

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