How To Apply AUSTRALIA Visitor Visa for Long Distance Relationship Couple w/ subtitle| FIL – AUS

How To Apply AUSTRALIA Visitor Visa  for Long Distance Relationship Couple w/ subtitle| FIL – AUS

hello guys so finally we are able to make
a vlog , first time vlog together with Sam and we are talking about the visa
that we promise to share about our experience so first thing first you need
to check I have a note sorry so you need to check the
I will put the description down below
and the link so in order for you to check then you will find the visa finder
which visa that suits for you and document checklist yeah and then how did
we , what are the requirements based on our own experience what are the
requirements that we submitted so in my case since I am the one who applied for
the tourist visa sub class 600 yeah I think so
so I since I am employed I provide my company ID and ……. because you need to provide your income capacity , you need to demonstrate that you actually have a reason to come back and to prove the
purpose is just made for visiting and you will not be like TNT so yeah I provided my company ID and
well for me I was very glad that it works because I didn’t provide ITR
( Income tax return ) I didn’t show pay slip yeah and yeah
just a company ID and my regularization notice cuz that time I wasn’t able to ask
The certification of employment (COE) because I didn’t tell my boss yet that I
will processing everything yeah I tried my best to hide first
but I’m not telling you to do it too ( will cause a lot of Drama) so that’s it just a regularization notice from employer and company ID and also the health card
That the employer provided me (as proof of my regularization) I also included the policy of my insurance
( Proof of protection /Security & Investment / Also for Identity ) better and everything that you think
will give credit to your application. Better add too much than not enough and next is of course they want to know how close
the Family ties you have in order for you to miss them and think about coming back
I think so I provided our family picture a collage and yeah good things cos we
not into so much photos in the family , we are not so much close too
much , Good thing I found like three or two pictures that we are all together so
yeah and of course provide the passport of your boyfriend with oh yeah I need to
take my passport to the shopfront and then I need to get the government to
stamp it and say this is a legitimate document and I said it to you
you add it to your Visa Application yes and then you can submit that. And also he sends me invitation yeah
and we made the invitation letter from him and then he printed it out and and signed by him and scanned copy and send it to me
with signature okay and to summarize we did not specify everything that like he
just state there that “I will accommodate her stay ” “I will Accommodate her stay” not very
specific that I will finance her to to you didn’t like that I didn’t I didn’t
say don’t worry guys I’ve got loads of money I can take care of someone I just
said I will be able to collect her from the airport and take her back to my place and then vice versa , Write the dates when she’s arriving until what date , Just a basic outline that would be easy to understand. they want to know the how true and sincere you are with your purpose in visiting yeah and then for the proof of income
that all about your employment or a self-employed or if you have
business or you will provide your business permit or
business contract anything proof of your business or
business registration and of course for the Identity you need NSO and Two valid
IDs just make sure that the ID is
provided for the government mine I have my Voter’s ID and SSS yeah but that time
I wasn’t bringing my SSS card cos also they need the ID number during Application in online they need a number that I mean
the number of your card I guess yeah something like that
so I just provide my SSS letter if you remember guys when you receive your SSS
card that the first time you will get the letter and there is an address and Etc
like very detail so i use SSS Letter instead yeah
of course I did my cover letter the sincerest cover letter that I am ____
working as _____ or (state your profession) planning this Date____ to go there until ____that day I am very keen to…. (Char2x lang) guys like char2x pero sincere like I
am very keen to see your country to witness cuz that is Spring
to witness the Spring ( Sam deleted that sentence) yeah and before that’s just you know our
English is not perfect so I tried him to edit and
change to those he think is not appropriate to write yeah he kept it professional
okay ( Ingun Siya ! ) include the itinerary and financial
planning like how much you gonna budget for this trip and what Itinerary
like for day one you’re gonna do this day 2 , day 3 and etc. that’s all
I submitted guys it’s very quick , it’s very quick but the
preparation is not that quick cuz. ah . .. also you need also provide a bank
certificate so you need to see your bank yeah okay it just costs like 100 -250
depends on the bank that you are using you need a bank certificate (in substitute of a bank statement) I think that’s it! you covered.. Oh how long
does it take the whole application process okay um the process or the approval .. You send the documents away and then you wait them to reply you wait for Approved Visa. Like I send it in Tuesday I think 5 days is that it’s in Tuesday
and it gotapproved Saturday Mid -day like afternoon so it took five days and
also maybe because it’s not like a busy season because if you will do within a peak
season like Christmas or a long holidays yeah it will took longer cos I have a friend
who tried it and took like almost a month yes that’s quite nervous so for me
it is only like 5 days cos may when they tried to check Sam’s data is doing
well in Australia like it doesn’t have Criminal records or chuchu ( hahaha) so maybe that’s it
and also guysthey are very strict at everything like everything that you
bring there everything like how many percentage of chances denied visa ? Oh I dont know but It’s a bit strict. Yea, It’s very strict there cos it is very organized. Also guys don’t worry cos there is already an application but yeah just
visit the site I will just put the link and the the description below. you need to first visit the I already said this a while ago but just to recap everything You will find the Visa finder what visa is suits for you. We are taking a visa about just to visit like tourist not the spouse and a
Fiancee because it would be different it took maybe different process but you can
see everything in online website so dont worry sorry visit also
because they will give you another important details for and for your application process for visa
finally you need to visit and you can
add your documents there I can put Staggard like like (Kunti – kunti / bit by bit ) Like today you will upload partial and another for tomorrow . yeah you can add there then you can
submit it once everything is completed and just click SUBMIT . I wish I could do a
tutorial ( but would take long time hehe ) ok guys thank you for watching and I
would like you to meet my handsome boyfriend . Char! Handsome and my kind
boyfriend this will be our last day together and
I will send him back to Australia cos I don’t like him anymore ( Joke only !) this is our like we have like one hour
left in this hotel so we need to quick and pack and rush and run bye bye. Thank you for watching guys! Like & comment 🙂

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