How To Apply Europe Tourist Visa / Schengen Visa from India – All You Need To Know – Part 1 Q&A

How To Apply Europe Tourist Visa / Schengen Visa from India – All You Need To Know – Part 1 Q&A

I am Traveling Desi and in this video I will tell you
‘How to apply a Schengen Visa’ and in this video I have a special request for which I have never asked before and the request is to not skip any part of this video make sure you watch it till the end because it has all the information which is extremely important for you to know in case you wish to apply for a Schengen Visa. After all its based on my experience from 8 trips or exploring 20 countries. And since this video is going to be a little long and this topic is very detailed there is a lot of documentation involved so I will divide this video into 2 parts part 1 comprising of all the information related to a Schengen Visa because its very easy to apply for a visa, gathering your documents and just handing over the bundle But before that, what is a visa?
what are its complexities? what is the criteria, all the ways, and reasons All of that is very important to know, and so I will talk about all of that information first And i will be answering all those questions which I’ve been asked about in the comments section So we’ll start with visa questions first and then we’ll move to documents so get a pen and paper guys, because we will be talking about the Schengen Visa Lets start Oh, by the way, This is the famous Charles Bridge in Prague. But first, let me tell you what exactly a Schengen Visa is 26 European countries form the Schengen Visa together and if you get a visa and enter any one of the said countries lets say you get a visa from Netherlands to go to Amsterdam which is its capital you can go to France in Paris any way you want to by trains or bus Thats right guys, now if you want to go to Paris from Amsterdam in a bullet train or take a bus from Hungary going through Slovakia all the way to Prague. or you like to drive like I do and rent a car in Europe and go on a road trip covering 5 to 7 countries. And considering all this, within Europe or if you have any other question related to internal border crossing with Europe So let me tell you, behind me is Germany’s border and right now I am standing in Austria So if just go back 10 steps or if you can see my car which I have rented for a road trip through Austria Half of the car is in Germany right now and half of it is in Austria This is just like being in India, if you enter India once when a foreigner comes to India the first time, their visa is checked at the point of entry and after that he can go to any state he wants to, lets say he landed in Delhi and he has to go to Mumbai, Maharashtra so there will be no visa check, and this is how the Schengen Visa works in Europe. Just understand this very important thing so lets say if you enter the Schengen area in the European Union lets say in Amsterdam, Netherlands. So that is your first point of entry where you’ll get the entry stamp at immigration check at the airport Obviously if you come in from India or from any other country and after that you wish to explore more in the European Union or the Schengen area within those 26 countries like I said before, lets say you want to go to Paris or you wish to go to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Germany or anywhere else in that case, there are no visa check points when crossing these borders as I told you again But when you go back and leave the European Union Doesn’t matter you exit from any city of any country Lets say you’re going to US, Canada or going back to India. in that case you will get an exit stamp on your passport so they mark your entry and exit and your detailed data is maintained. anyways, lets go back to the road trip now. its quite similar to Switzerland, but anyways, lets get to the next point now. For now, I am gonna go to Berchtesgaden, but first, let me pick my camera. Let me tell you this first, that I am no God and whatever I tell you, is purely based on my experience which I gained after successfully applying and getting a Schengen Visa. So the most important thing for you to know is that there is one main criteria that determines whether your application will be successful or not and that criteria is, if you go to Europe, will you come back to India or not? I am able to prove it to them every single time, that these are my documents, and I am going there genuinely for a holiday and I will come back by this time. and now that I have a very huge travel history, I don’t face a lot of problem in getting a visa but when you apply for a Schengen Visa for the first time you have to keep in mind, that your documents are the only proof because they don’t know you personally, they will by studying your documents and you application so if your documents are in order, you won’t face a problem in getting the visa. by the way, behind me is Salzburg, Austria Its really pretty and I am taking this shot from the roof of a castle and behind those mountains you see there, is Germany. So let’s move ahead now. Whether you are genuinely going for a holiday or not, this will be determined by your documents and those documents are very important and we will come back to it in a little while. And one question that I’ve been asked frequently is about travel history How important is travel history? So in my viewpoint, travel history has some important significance So lets say you want to go to Europe, but before that you go to lets say Thailand, where Indians can get an on arrival visa very easily Hong Kong, On arrival; Dubai, very easily;
Qatar, very easily So if you haven’t been to such countries and want to go to Europe The visa officials think that this person is just taking a long jump. They usually look for people who have been to such countries at least 2 or 3 times which increases your credibility as a traveller so a little factor from that adds up in your application. But this does not mean that, people who haven’t been anywhere before, can’t get a Schengen Visa But in my case, I built a reputation as a traveller I can just give you my example At first, I went to Hong Kong, then Dubai, then Thailand and finally Europe. So it gets established that this person has a business and goes on a vacation every now and then and comes back so this way, travel history will help you in your application for Schengen Visa and if you don’t have a travel history, I would suggest to explore these countries first You’ll get an idea and also some help and also get and understanding about International Travel and then go to such a place where you have to spend a lot of money and it requires a lot of planning as well People can manage Thailand and Dubai very easily Anyways, this is Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest which is a very popular bridge in the capital city of Hungary This bridge was built around 1852 and during the world war 2, when Germans captured the Buda castle you see behind me and the Russian army was approaching from the front, they blew this bridge up and the lions you see on either ends of the bridge, 2 on this side and 2 on the other side only these lions were left and rest of the bridge was blown up Anyways, Lets move towards the next point. You guys aren’t getting bored right, there’s a lot more information left When you apply for a visa, how will you determine which country to apply from As Schengen has a lot of countries Now lets say you are going to Paris which is in France And Frankfurt which is in Germany Since you are planning to go to both the countries for 4 days, so you will apply for a visa from the country you will enter first if you have a flight from India to Paris, you will apply for a visa from France But now, lets say you are going to Germany for 6 days, and France for 4 days so you will apply from Germany, because most of your stay is in Germany. Wherever you’ll be spending most of the time in Europe, apply from that country. And one important thing that you have to remember is that that whatever time you’re applying the visa for, special first timers you’ll get a visa for only that number of days. Its not like you’ll apply and get a visa for lets say 3 or 6 months If you’re applying for the first time, make sure, that you request for the particular number of days for the duration you intend to stay. For example if you state in your application that you are going from 2nd May to 9th May which is 7 days so you have to keep in mind, that you’ll only get a visa for 7 days You might get a visa for 1st May to 30th May But the duration is different and number of stays is different it will be stated on the visa, that during the said month that is from 1st May to 30th May the visa is valid for the length of stay of 7 days. So you can get a flexibility in case you need to change your travel dates but you still have to go in the month of May and cannot stay more than 7 days So make sure, that you clearly differentiate between the length of stay and duration of visa both of these are two very different things. For now, I’m in Belgium in the beautiful city of Kent which is known for its beautiful architecture and rivers and boat rides Its really pretty, but lets talk about visa fees first Visa fees is usually between 4000 Rupees and 7500 Rupees 4000 Rupees for the embassies that accept applications directly at the embassy like Poland There is no mediator in between hence the fees is less But a lot of embassies like Netherland, Switzerland Austria, even UK and a lot of other European countries that tell you to apply through the vfs VFS is basically a type of outsourced company for such embassies that collects your documents on their behalf get them to the embassies and get the approved documents back to you so that the people don’t have to go to the embassy In such cases, the VFS has their own commission and the visa fees amounts to 7500 Rupees. So whenever you’re going to Europe, you have to pay visa fees between 4000 to 7500 Rupees. And after spending this money, when you come to Belgium, some beautiful scenes like this will welcome you. And a few like this as well! And lets get to a question that I am most frequently asked which is, how much time will it take to apply a visa. This is a very important question, as a lot of people get impatient that they applied and still haven’t heard on it When you submit all your documents, after that they will start to count your days officially The embassy says, that it will take around 15 working days So Saturday and Sunday are not counted in working days And if there’s a holiday in that particular country that wont be counted either Lets say, you applied from Netherlands, and on Wednesday its Kings day there, don’t count that Wednesday The embassy asks for 15 minimum days, and you can also get a visa soon depending on how strong your documents are The first time I applied for the Visa, I did it from Spain and it took 10 days Second time I applied from Italy and I got the visa in about 7 to 8 days Applied for the third time from Poland and got the visa in 3 days Applied from Netherlands the fourth time and got the visa in 3 days Once again applied from netherlands and got it in 3 days. Started to get these visas in 3 days only, so be patient if you’re applying for a visa for the first time And make sure that you’re documents are good so they can study your case clearly so there wont be a problem, and I’ll tell you one more thing If you’re going to celebrate your wedding anniversary or it is some special day do attach a marriage certificate, it will add up in your application. But anyways, I’ll go and explore Antwerp now, feel free to follow me! So now that we know how long it takes to get a visa let me tell you how early can you apply for a visa so the earliest you can apply is 3 months Lets say, you’re planning to travel on 1st of April So you can apply for a visa from 1st of January The earliest is 1st January, i.e. either 90 days or 3 months before And the last you can apply is before 15 working days And let me tell you this again, Saturdays and sundays don’t count in working days and if there is a national holiday in that country, that won’t count either so try to apply at least 25 before to avoid any problems. Oh, and by the way, I am in Vienna, Austria and behind me is the National Art Gallery And if you come here, or visit any other European country as a matter of fact don’t forget to visit their historical museums, because this is true art clicking selfies in front of buildings is just a regular thing now. And now I am in Antwerp, Belgium, but I’ll get back to this later and lets discuss A very important thing to know is that tourist visa is for tourism only All this information is related to a tourist visa and if you come here on a tourist visa, you cannot work here! To work here, you have to apply for a work permit and for that the procedure is entirely different which I cannot share with you because I do not know that! And if you’re coming here on a tourist visa make sure that you do not have an intention to work here Because if you do, firstly your employer will be faulty and can go to prison and will also pay a have fine and secondly, you will be deported because you are working here illegally The government will send you straight back to your home country and once you get a deportation stamp on your passport, no other country will ever issue you a visa Make sure you don’t do this, tourist visa for tourism only. To sum up a lot of questions in one questions,
How much money? A lot of people ask this, how much money should they have in their bank to easily get a visa now there is no ground rule on this, different countries have different rules Lets say if you’re traveling for 10 days, You should have at least 5000 to 10000 Rupees for expenditure for every day of your stay including all expenses, but this is not a fixed rule as such if I say Now comes in common sense, lets say a genuine tourist is going out and if he has around 1 Lakh Rupees in his bank account he won’t be spending all of it on his holiday, but this is what usually one has to spend for Europe So the minimum amount that you’re showing for your expenses for example if you’re going there for 10 days and you have shown 1 Lakh Rupees in your account according to your tickets and itinerary so in a case like this, you should have around double or triple the amount like 2 to 3 Lakh Rupees in the bank And its not like you had a little amount from the last 6 months in your bank and before applying for a visa, you showed an entry of 2 to 3 Lakhs in your account That would not work, as a six month bank statement has to be submitted with your documents Whether you are salaried or self employed the income shown in your bank statement has to be consistent or double or triple the amount of what you intend to spend during your stay should be there in your bank. This way, your credibility as an applicant will increase And this will prove to them that you have a decent income here, and have particular assets here and so there is no fixed rule But just to be safe, twice or thrice of what you wish to spend would be a very good amount. Oh, and by the way, this is a very famous square in Prague And this way is the Charles Bridge, where I’m gonna go now! Alright guys, so this was all the information about this visa which is very important for you to know But in the next part of this video, I will be telling you everything about documents that you need to know How to arrange them, how to fill them out, what all should you keep in mind Whether you are employed or self employed, married or engaged and wish to go on a honeymoon all that information will be discussed in the next video Don’t forget to watch that video as well, And I will be answering all those questions related to documentation like what are dummy bookings should you have an actual booking or a cancelable booking? where do you get your insurance? and how can you get fooled by agents so make sure you watch the next video and so I will see you in the next video and by the way, for this shot I am back in Canada because initially I thought that I will complete this video in one go but as there is a lot to discuss so I decided to make a different video on documents and my mother is sitting there, so lets just go to her now! Yes mother! How was your evening?
Its a beautiful scene! Are you enjoying? The building you see in front is the parliament of Canada which you can see in my Canada vlog series! So guys, if you found this video useful don’t forget to hit the like button and for more informative and travel videos to explore all the cities where I shot this video don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon! To be continued…
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