How to apply for a U.S. nonimmigrant visa in the UK

How to apply for a U.S. nonimmigrant visa in the UK

are you thinking of visiting the United
States if you need a visa this video will
explain how you pay the application fee apply for the visa and arrange for the
Courier to deliver your passport if your application is successful we’ ll provide website addresses at the
end of this video if you’re traveling for business or pleasure first visit the Embassy’s website to
check if you qualify to travel visa-free under the visa waiver program our
interactive visa wizard will help you decide if you’re still not
sure contact us for advice if you’re not eligible to travel visa
free or if travel authorisation under ESTA is denied you’ll require a visa
remember if you have ever been arrested convicted
or cautioned even if the conviction is spent you
should apply for a visa anyone physically present in the United
Kingdom can apply for US visa here and you don’t need firm travel plans at
the time you apply in fact we recommend that you don’t book tickets
unless you have received your passport with a valid visa review our web site to decide which visa classification matches your intended activities in the United States and see whether specific documents are
needed before you can apply for the visa check carefully because selecting the
wrong visa category or applying without the required
documents could significantly delay your application or mean it is refused if you’re not sure
contact us for advice the final decision about you eligibility
for a visa will be made by the consular officer
when you apply once you know which visa you’re applying for complete and submit an application form
DS 160 decide at this point whether you want to
apply in London or in Belfast every applicant needs a
printed DS 160 confirmation page to apply for a
visa you also need your DS 160 number for the
next step now you can pay your visa application
fee schedule a visa interview if necessary and arrange for the
Embassy’s approved courier service to deliver your passport if your
application is successful this can all be done online choose apply to set up your User account on this page
choose add applicant to provide information
about yourself repeat the add applicant process for anyone that is applying with you then click the green Continue button
next choose where you documents will be
returned if your visa application is successful delivering to a regional pick up location operated by the Embassy’s approved courier
service is included at no extra cost but you may request home delivery for an
additional charge of thirty dollars per applicant once you have scheduled your consular
service return to you applicant summary page to request a delivery now pay the visa fee for yourself and
anyone applying with you fees can only be paid by debit card
select whether you are applying in London or belfast choose the same location you
selected when you completed your form DS 160 then
pick your preferred date and time from the slots available if you
have an urgent need to travel book the earliest available
appointment if it does not accommodate your planned travel select the request expedite option to
provide details of your emergency if the status says must submit documents
follow the instructions as soon as possible that status will
appear for applicants that are not required to apply in person or if the consular section needs further
information before an interview can be scheduled note applicants under the age of 14 or 80 and over are usually not required to
apply in person their applications can be submitted via one of the approved courier service document pick up locations you will receive visa application
instructions on-screen and by email print the instructions and
then return to the Embassy’s website to ensure that you finish the correct
documents when you apply if you will be attending a visa interview familiarize yourself with our security
procedures no electronic or battery operate items including mobile telephones eBook
readers or electronic car key fobs can be brought into the embassy grounds if you find you cannot attend your
interview you may be reschedule the appointment up until 10 p.m. the day
before the appointment date you will not incur an additional visa fee provided that you booked and attend an appointment within 12 months of the original payment now you’re ready to
apply for your visa remember first visit the Embassy’s
website to check whether you can travel visa-free or if not which visa you require once
you have the documents needed to apply for the visa complete the form DS 160 for each
applicant set up a user account online and follow
the instructions to arrange a courier service pay your visa fee and if necessary book a visa
interview appointment alternatively you can contact the call
center return to the embassies website to check you
have all the right documents and to learn more about what to expect
when you apply if you have any questions contact the embassy for advice

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