Upper body (Speaker)
A UK General Visitor Visa allows foreign nationals outside
the European Economic Area to come to the UK as a tourist
or to visit their friends. For those who want to visit their family in
the UK, there is another visa available just for you which
is called Family Visitor visa. 2 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 2 (Speaker)
Like most visitor visas, your stay should only be temporary
and shouldn’t use your visa as a way to obtain permanent residency. You must be able to prove that you can cover
the expenses of your visit such as your airfare tickets and
accommodation. You should also have enough money to support
yourself while visiting the UK. 3 PROCESS 3 Upper body (Speaker) Step 1
Complete and submit VAF1A online. You must go to the
Visa4UK website. You can find the link of their website in the description box
of this video. Make sure you have
your passport, the address in the UK you
will be staying and your itinerary. You will receive an e-mail with your application
number, also known as GWF Reference. Print out and sign your accomplished form Step 2
Pay for the visa fees which can be made in cash at any Union
Bank Branch. There are Union Bank branches without any
additional bank charge. Check the addresses in the description
box. You should have a photocopy of your passport
data page with you when you pay at the bank. Submit your visa
application within (CONTINUED)
3 CONTINUED: 3 10 working days after making your payment. Step 3
Book an appointment at the Visa Application Centre where you
will submit your application form and the following documents: 1. A valid passport
2. One passport sized color photograph 3. Evidence of your marital status
4. Letter from your employer stating your salary, the length of your employment and
that they allow you to have a time off from work.
5. Bank statements or bank books 6. Payslips
7. Tax returns 8. Hotel booking information and travel booking
confirmation 9. Letter from your friend in the UK
10. Your itinerary You must submit original and copies of all
the documents. 4 GRANTING OF VISA 4 (Speaker)
This visa will allow you to stay in the UK for up to
six months. Visit the UK to experience breathtaking landscapes
and a cutting-edge culture. Call us at (+63 2)8231090 or drop by our office
located at The 5th level of the Citibank Center Building,
Paseo de Roxas Cor. Villar streets, Makati City to assist
you in getting your UK General Visitor Visa. FADE OUT


  1. From your current experience do you think the UK Tourist visa is now significantly more difficult. Is there more chance of getting a visa if the stay is shorter than 6 months. From genuine entries where all the work has bbeen done correctly what is the biggest reason for refusals? Percentage wise how better is it to use a company like your selves ?

  2. This is a good to v/good info video – Most first time Filipino will find the complex form filling and evidence gathering process necessary for making a credible/good UK Visa application very intimidating if not really difficult. However, it's not impossible if they read & understand the requirements, complete and submit the application & evidence properly. Obviously, having a privileged economic/VIP status will make it easier to sail through the often stringent UK Embassy Visa checks. Peace!

  3. Hi.. just want to ask how much do i need to have in my bank as proof that i can support myself if its outside London?

  4. 3to4 days lng . nag apply ako last 2011 for Dependant visa which is hard to get and it cost 28k and non-refundable .
    and maybe next year ill try to apply a Tourist Visa .

  5. hi. thank you for watching the video. I am unable to reply to your comments through youtube because I cant check this often. For faster response, please email me at [email protected] or call 8231090. hear from you soon!

  6. Good evening miss joyce, i would like to ask if the address you provided is still the same, because i want to apply a tourist visa this coming March 2015, may i have the list of all the requirements i have to prepare,, thank you and i'll wait for your responce and see you soon.

  7. thank you so much for having like this its very convenient way to have more knowledge about what to do and how to visit friends in United Kingdom…. iam very greatful and much breathtaking excitement to view landscape and cutting edge culture and more feel excited to see my friends and their whole family waiting for my visit… may Godbless all people working here in Prime Immigration and Business Consulting Visa.. you guys brought happiness and hopes for all the people wishing to see and experience how beautiful United Kingdom is…. i do hope to see you too… iam now on the process of renewing my passport and waiting for tne invitation letter of my friend… hope you can help me to visit them as soon as i completed all my requirements i needed to show and pass to your very good office….
    once again thank you so much and more power to all… special thanks to Joy Marie Vidad she clearly gave all what necessary information about visiting United Kingdom. good luck to all of us…. 🙂
    have a nice day!….

  8. how easy is it for a philipino to get a work or education visa to come to the UK? I'm enquiring for a friend, everyone says it easier if it relationship etc but I am happily in a relationship and have a happy family, me and my partner don't mind being sponsor or whatever, just really want to help this person who works in UAE currently and gets very basic wage for working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for less than 300 dollar a month, I would pay more than that a week for just 16 hours a week. Just a temporary work visa is what they want, or is there there a exchange type scheme or something? what's best way to go about it legitimately, nothing dodgy or anything.

  9. be warned…..even if you submit the full required documents and you are a single person with little ties to your home country…they are so so worried about over stayers they will refuse the visa. they will use spurious reasons to refuse. and if your sponsor in the uk is not a family member you have no right of appeal…the hot topic in the uk at the moment is IMMIGRATION…they are trying to get the figures way down…

  10. Hi Ms. Joyce is it possible for a tourist visa to be approved if i'll come to UK and my sponsor is my bf but he haven't been here in Philippines yet. Do you think it will be successful if we try?

  11. Hello po… should I need to present a show money for visit visa kahit na may sponsor po ako for travel expenses food and accomodation..pls need some answer po.thanks

  12. I'm planning to apply for u.k.visit visa but I'm college student in the Philippines …which is yung bf ko lang mag send ng invitation letter then no need money kasi dun naman ako saknya tutululoy kindly pls email me for more info

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  14. Hi. May i ask what is or are the consequence/s if i lodge my application and biometrics BEFORE the 3 month-earliest rule? I have a schedule for appointment kasi this Nov 15 but my intended day to fly is still still on 1st week of March..

  15. It's been 2 years and still waiting for decision. Vfs doesn't help or escalate my case. It's just a simple uk visit visa for 5 days. I was told recently that they lost my passport.

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