How to Become a Travel Vlogger and Make Money Traveling on YouTube — Nadine Sykora Interview

How to Become a Travel Vlogger and Make Money Traveling on YouTube — Nadine Sykora Interview

in this video I talk with hey Nadine
about her tips for being a travel vlogger how to make money doing it and
getting through the ups and downs of being a youtuber coming up Hey whats up guys Sean here with video influencers help you build your
influence incoming impact with online video and today I’m on with hey Nadine who’s a travel vlogger I make travel videos
that show you the world a vlogger who’s been doing all kinds of
creative videos comedy skits she’s been in the YouTube world for a long time and
she has over two hundred and thirty thousand subscribers over 31 million
video views hey Nadine how are you doing I’m doing great thank you how are you doing I’m doing fantastic thanks so much for taking the time to come on and add
value to the influencers watching but as we kick it off for those who may be
haven’t been introduced to your content yet take us back to how you got into
online video and travel in the first place well how i got into online video because video came before the
travel so I used to do a lot of theatre when I was younger lot of creative
acting sort of stuff when I went to university I had to cut that part of my life
because it was a bit too much university plus i was playing sports and trying to have a social life I i couldn’t have I couldn’t make time for a creative outlet my acting umm just to like express myself
that’s when I found YouTube now this is back in 2006 YouTube was very not well-known is
very small at the time and I just saw this girl is
actually abby girl she was posting a video just this funny video of her dancing
around in a catsuit I know it sounds weird but that’s literally what it was and I
was like wait who is this girl what is she doing and I found a kind of stumbled
through her videos into this world of vloggers and YouTube and I was like
hey she’s doing that I can do that and so I started making YouTube videos they
started as skits because that’s what I was used to it’s what I did in theatre and
it’s just spread of the moment things that I could come up with and the beauty of YouTube was that I can
do it in the bedroom I can’t do it on my own time and so when I was in university
it was like oh my gosh this is perfect because then I had that creative outlet so that’s why I started it with my
online video and then once I graduated university I really wanted to go travel I
felt it goes missing out on this whole world of travel so I decided to go
travel but I didn’t want to stop making videos so i was like well why don’t I just make
videos of my travels it seemed like the logical thing to do and so I started doing that and that’s
how the travel blogs started happening that’s amazing now not to go too deep too
quick but I watch your draw my life video and you actually mentioned that
you kind of hit a hard season of life and kinda isolated you mentioned feeling
depress and travel was like this thing that really transform your life and
obviously something you’re so passionate about and you say you always encourage
others to do it what was that season like that time in that transition into
where you are now oh well it was a tough time it was a tough time
and I can relate to a lot of university students but through life I call the American dream that we are told of
the American Dream our parents generation kind of grew up with it you
you go to school then you go to University then you get married you have a kid you buy a
house you are you build your career somewhere in there and then you
retire and you go to travel and that’s you American dream that’s what life it’s
supposed to be so when I graduated university it was my first period in
life where I didn’t have a plan I don’t have a set schedule like I was like I
knew ok high school done everyone goes to high school and then university that was just logically
the next step and then suddenly I was Graduate University and I was like so
what so wait i have to be an adult now and that was a big challenge for me because I was kinda
iffy on my career and what I actually wanted to do and I was doing YouTube at the time I
was making videos at the time and I kinda ventured into trying to make it
full time but then not being able to make it full time still this is 2009 this was still
a small world in online video wasn’t big it’s not a huge like everyday thing that
everyone’s doing so when when I tried to explain to my friends what I was doing
no one understood it my parents didn’t understand and I just i didn’t have anyone else that I was surrounded
by other content creators nothing that I could kind of work with and so it didn’t
feel like a proper job so I was contemplating and debating did I even
make the right choice in life like what am i doing because I’m like this isn’t
a job everyone kept telling YouTube is not a job is not a career when you do it you’re
just making videos even though I was making money at the time wasn’t a lot of money but i was making enough money to like pay my
bills and stuff and so that was but when you’re already confused the university
but you throw that on top of ok maybe get a real job I don’t really want to do the real job and
I don’t think this is right for me at all all this confusion and then just want to get away from it
all and travel and that’s kind of how I settled on travel I was like I need to get
out of my head and to get out of this space I need to just go and just do
something different and travel I said it before is something I really
wanted to do so I saved up I booked one way ticket and off to New Zealand I went it was such a great
such a great decision and I really like
took that time to following afterward to really discover myself
was a big big learning curve but that’s kind of what happens that’s really amazing and really inspiring and
it’s cool to see what that decision is led to and and the effects in your life
now one question is you mean you mentioned you started you to the 2006
and you’re right people weren’t even thinking about online video and and its
2016 ten years later what are some of the transitions that you’ve noticed the
difference between then and now and what are some of your wisdom and you really a
veteran when it comes to YouTube things that have definitely change some people say it’s you know
it’s harder now but what kind of wisdom do you have for people who maybe are getting into it now and
how things have shifted well we’ll start with how they have shifted and then I’ll
give you so my wisdom what you can do you think you’re getting in or getting
in right now this is hands down one of the biggest things is it’s it’s huge now I mean when I when I first
join YouTube I’ll put it like this the number one most subscribed channel had thirty five thousand
subscribers yeah I know right now thirty five thousand subscribers it’s nothing it’s nothing so that was big if if you
had over a 1000 subscribers between a 1000 or 5000 subscribers you were in the top 100 most subscribed channels on YouTube
when I joined in it was small so it was a lot more intimate it was a lot more private
almost you had to be a lot more careful of what you share how much you shared what your real name
was that’s what a lot of people from back then used aliases it was never your full name it was all
aliases overall user names nicknames because they will use the internet world
it was before anti-social think about that before
Facebook i think MySpace was around but it was before Facebook or Twitter or snapchat blah blah blah literally all that stuff that we have now that
it’s so personal so you had to be careful because stalking was a major issue people
hacking into your stuff was a major issue you had too much information out
now surprisingly the more public we are with
our information the safer it’s actually become in the online world it’s kind of a
weird counterintuitive thing that’s happened so that thing happen obviously
it’s bigger it’s huge now back then if you had one successful video one good video boom instantly you’d in top like you’d gain a bunch of subscribers not like hundred subscribers but you’d gain subscribers you’d get notoriety and you can move up very quickly if you follow certain formulas back then
instantly you could jump your way to the top now you have you can still kind of do it certain formulas but it takes a lot more time takes a lot
more luck you had to be way more calculated or so much more to it now than there was
back then you just people posting videos we were thinking about branding we weren’t thinking about our
image we were thinking of anything was just pure creative video that was literally all it was it was just
pure creativity at its finest back then now it’s far more market it’s far more like
brand oriented marketing oriented and money oriented to business which is a
good thing that’s exciting because it allows people to have careers like
myself in this industry but now for new people going into it you have to think
of it more as a business along with the creative the creative is really important but
that’s the biggest thing too you go into it it’s not so much a creative outlet like it was when I joined it’s more
business very interesting and you already mention a couple tips but specifically like if
someone was starting today what tips caution advice would you give them for
getting in today I would if someone is getting in to YouTube making videos today I would say
what find a passion like find something that you are gonna love for me that was
travel for me it took a while to get there and I’m not saying you know right
off the bat now it’s good to experiment and figure that out but like I’m getting
up my 10 year anniversary here this is not a sprint it’s a marathon and you’re
gonna be doing videos for a long time if you wanna make it here you gonna be doing them
frequently that’s another thing you have to keep up with frequency that wasn’t such a big thing
back then it is now minimum you have to be posting a video once a week or it’s like you are irrelevant instantly
so find something that you really really love to do a creative a niche in the
YouTube community world whether that be gaming or beauty or travel or ASMR
videos or I don’t know random art videos there are so many different smaller niches that people don’t think of that are out you don’t have to hit the big niches
there are smaller niches but find something that you really connect with
don’t worry about the views don’t worry about the subscribers at first just focus on the content focus on something that you’re excited about creating then when you have that then you can bring all the business
aspect of it because once you have that underlying passion you’ll be able to
keep going for years and years ago see where im going with that love it loving great that’s great advice
and let’s shift to specifically now and there’s actually video influencers
watching that are trying to specifically do travel vlogs be a travel blogger what
are some of the things you’ve learned in that space and it would seem i mean the initial impression is that it would seem like there would be unique challenges to
your kind of tips for maybe beginners are saying okay I’m trying to grow this
might and this ships into your travel tips I know you got great videos of
course we’re gonna link up your stuff even how to save money on travel because if
you’re trying to bootstrap early on and to YouTube and travel so what would be
some of your tips for beginners and then also maybe some of the more advanced
stuff that you learned as far as being a travel vlogger specifically so first
thing that I’ve experience but i bring other vloggers into the travel world whether it be on trips with me
is that travel is quick and it’s really really quick it is unknown there are a
lot of factors that play that you are not going to be able to control you are not gonna be able to control lighting you’re not going to be able to control sound you’re not gonna be able to control what if it’s raining the weather you’re not gonna be able to control if you are allowed to film and people around you
getting to these locations there are so many
factors out there so you need to learn how to get a shot you need to do and get
a quick because a lot of times it’s only going to be one shot one time that you get to
do this it’s not scary it’s not a scary thing and if it does come
with practice but if you used to having a controlled environment film in your
doing your vlog and you are use to setting everything up and having the camera
perfectly focus and all the stuff it’s gonna be a little bit of a challenge
moving into trouble because got it on just gotta be on your feet and again it comes with time it’s
something you learning with practice of learning where the best shot will be how
to take how plan a little bit more in advance in your head even though you can’t if that makes any sense so that was that what was the other part of the question
when big thing would probably be especially for trying to figure out this
would go into your not gonna monetize right away nobody should get into trying
to even think about founding with no passion oh money yeah money right away however travel costs money so
what’s your perspective for someone and obviously people can travel without
logging and so they have to work and hustle yeah you know your progression into it for those
that are trying to work their way in and that tension of trying to fund their
travels build their channel those kinds of things well travel does cost money but it doesn’t cost
much money as you think it costs if you were going to do this you have to commit
the lifestyle is not you’re not a vacation vlogger you were a travel
vlogger there’s a big difference if you’re just thinking of taking a vacation for a
week here maybe once or twice Cup times a year that’s not make you a travel
vlogger that gives you travel vlogs it doesn’t make you a travel vlogger
travel vloggers all the biggest one of the best ones all people they’re doing
it successfully live and breathe travel is our life that is the life so we’d have cameras
or none so you have to first get that part of your life down path learn to me the traveler you can do it with a camera on you there’s
no fault in that but you need to learn how to be a traveler and that means
you don’t make sacrifices for your first running out of money is an issue when
you first start out but think about it like this where you live now are you paying rent do you live with your parents what kind of jobs you can take a job on the road with you so if you’re
living somewhere now say you wanna go you want to you wanna go do your travels long-term travel is going to be exponentially cheaper than short-term trouble you just getting
started it’s better to play for a bigger trip like talking
three-month-long maybe even 4 5 6 even 6 month long travel trip and you don’t need that much
to do this yes you might have to give up your place money to move in with your
parents and save up save up for it you can spend budget wise on the cheap you can do it for six months $10,000 that’s not that bad if you think about it
so that’s what your house is worth up to what 2000 1500 a month
I’m not sure the math but that’s all 1500 a month that’s all that cost for you travel and you can do it
trust me there are some cheap places around the world depends where you
travel but if you’re starting out of your gonna be hitting the cheap places
we won’t talk about the more expensive places yet you’re hitting the cheap places you budget that so go okay that’s how much i pay for rent plus food plus my car plus this well now If I didn’t had a place i need to rent suddenly i don’t have to pay that toward rent I can pin that toward my travels ok so its figure into mixture figure out
how to save up for the best way to make money and then also there are ways to
make money on the road and to spend that money that you do make really really wisely budgeting in travel is a huge
huge topic I can’t really go into it too much here i have lot’s of videos on it to do but its think of long-term
travel that’s my biggest tip for people just starting out save for a big trip
and really get it done there I love those are some amazing tips what are some of your your boots strappers
guide to also getting into your bringing a laptop with you and a camera with you
and but I’m also curious as a side question have you ever had just some
awful thing happened like a laptop went down or something like that because the
other piece is that some of these same equipment is kind of expensive and gotta
get into that as well you have any thoughts on that as a travel vlogger I promise you this if you’re
doing this if you weren’t looking to do this as a career there will be a time that your
equipment will get damaged it will get broken and it will get stolen and it
will probably get lost in an inevitable it will happens it happens all of us this is one of
the things that comes with travel is that equipment and travel stuff can happen so you know I
yes don’t get too attached to your equipment obviously there are a lot of safety
precautions you can take only have a couple bad things happen to me but I
have stuff happens to me this is travel this isn’t you filming in a controlled area
by yourself in a locked room where you can lock up your stuff and clean it
perfectly you’re in foreign places in foreign
countries and you’re on the road you’re moving to things there are a lot of
factors so don’t stress out about it do you wanna know my travel mishap or Oh yeah what was your worst one my camera bag i had my camera bag stolen oh full stuff so maine camera secondary camera my phone my sisters phone couple cards yeah wow it’s such great advice to
develop the mental for suit going into it too just to just kind of be
prepared and take precautions but to know you’re in the Wild West per se
right specifically now and you know without
getting too specific but for you how is it how does your living breakdown
because some people probably there’s of course YouTube Adsense but then
there’s brand deals and we talked about all kinds like that on video influencer
sometimes affiliate marketing for the for the person getting into if they’re
just trying to understand the possibilities of turning their
creativity into a career what advice would you give when it comes to that well obviously as I’m sure other video
influencers have mention six months to a year couple years before
you even see any income unless you will get really really lucky and get some sort of viral
video push for your just phenomenal you pick the topic that people haven’t
touched on your not be making money right off the bat I said start with the
passion experiment and try to figure out what you really love and then get into
the business aspect of it so my income breaks down in a mixture of yes a little bit of adsense affiliate marketing branded and sponsor
content is huge for me mainly because believe it or not the travel industry
the travel industry is the second-largest industry in the world Wow ya think about that in the world hotel airline up every single country
Tourism Board everything the country there are so many countries that sole relay on tourism as their
biggest income generator their GPA i think that what they called it your gross domestic product trying to use some technical terms here travel is the second largest industry huge huge so there are a lot of brand
there are opportunities and there are a lot of sponsors another thing that’s
very specific to travel that doesn’t really apply as much in other categories
maybe filmmaking is that you are traveling to these locations you were not just a youtube or
influence are you were also a videographer and you seek and sell your
services for video production because video is huge and so all of these companies remember second
largest in the world all of these companies are looking for video content
so even if don’t have the numbers you can still produce video content for the sponsor or
the company or whoever is a you’re working with and that’s worth money so you
can make money that way even if you don’t have big numbers yet wow that’s those are really good tips let me it kinda gives me this thought when it comes to
YouTube in any of the different needs or niches people could be in it seems
like it’s crowded but it’s what she just mentioned kinda sounds like but would
you say but there’s still tons of opportunity there because things just so big that like there’s there’s
still space or there’s different ways to differentiate differentiate who are
trying to talk you know standout be unique in travel would you say that like
that there’s more room to come on for those who aspire to do that and put in
the work put in the hustle because there’s just so many opportunities in
places that would be one video content and want to work with influencers yes as
the industry expand and as video every everything today just came with Facebook
live video more video everyone everyone video everyone wants video so the industry in general this
this is a specific the travel every every single niche out there there is room for
more influencers the difference is you still have to figure out what makes you
specifically you unique little tidbit what little cork what is it that makes
you specifically unique in that influence or what makes your content
different because you’re just gonna go and copy other people’s content in the
same in in the genre niche that you pick that I mean get away with some stuff but that’s
not going to propel you to be the top is gonna be really really like spend you
beyond just another creator tension there are opportunities because everyone
wants video so a lot of people a lot more marketing budgets are going toward
video now quick question and we’ll link up to your video that I just watched
about your gear but what gear do you specifically used just got a rapid-fire
will make sure you’ve got a great video behind the scenes I go through your
whole process incredibly insightful everybody you should definitely watch
that so we’ll link it upI get up but just got an overview what’s your go-to gear to
create these awesome videos you make well I just bought so i just switch to my new camera so now i film with a Sony A7S2 i only have one lens that I carry around with me now it is a long range zoom lens it goes from I believe i think 24 to 240 it’s a huge range
and that’s what i’ve been experimenting I’ve experimented with two lenses but what I found it’s a lot easier to
have two cameras than two lenses so I have a smaller camera so I have my G7X that’s my blog camera it’s a cannon camera and
I tend to do more we’re talking with that I also carry around audio equipment so i have my rode mic I’ve been experimenting with
Lapels which have been really great but they’re the
time-consuming remember I told you video quick travel quick i don’t use tripods even though I usually carry one with me but I don’t regularly use it unless I can specifically plan the shot because again video quick travel video quick like a guerrilla
pod or jobi pod that i can kind of set up with second with things obviously i’ve got action cameras GoPro and i’ve got a bunch of accessories that fit with the GoPro because you were going to be using a GoPro a lot in any
action scenario really trouble walking you need minimum two cameras GoPro and
another camera you can get away with a DSLR alone you don’t have to get a second blog camera but I
highly recommend it because they’re a lot a lot places you get to more of the sketchier I mean the world is not sketchy but there are a couple of places and times that you’re like I really don’t want to be carrying around the this thousand dollar camera like this to vlog I just want something small and discreet but haven a small secondary camera works but could also do with the GoPro so that’s kind of my dupe i’ve got some cleaners and some spare batteries and do you use Mac and edit in like a MacBook pro I use Mac Awesome over the last 10 years during
this kind of you know you’re building your brand of course you want to grow
what’s been the biggest obstacle that you face and how did you overcome
obstacles probably personal obstacles Fatigue is an issue i mean i’ve been doing this for ten years I still love what I do I didn’t always love what i do and i always wanna keep loving what I do you are going to go through ups and downs is a rollercoaster every career path to figure out where
you fit in and you know it you might say no this isn’t for me I’m gonna quit or you might try truck
through it you have to make those decisions in your path to video hood
and it’s figuring out what’s best for you what’s the alternative like for me it involved having to go back
to regular job but I like you know what i’m done with YouTube I’m ready to move on
to something different I’ll go back to regular regular work jobs and you realize well you
know i could take the time I spent working and I can just put it toward my videos
and I could grow more or in its a lot of internal struggle but it’s a struggle
between like figure out what you want how much time and hustle and dedication
there’s a lot of hustle you’re never going to be confortable let’s put it like that you’re never going to be confortable
‘cause the top creators they’re not comfortable and they get really they go through this as well even the most successful creators go through this as well so if you think of it the most successful creators they go through this so you have
to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and uncertain because your career in the video world is going to be full of that we’re going to jump
into the lightning round the light round these are rapid-fire questions but my
question for you first is what is a physical interpretation of what
lightning looks like with sound effects please demonstrate coffee or tea coffee talking or texting texting one place around
the world just one place that you think every influencer watching should visit
New Zealand would you rather live ten one hundred-year lives or 1 one
thousand-year life wait how does 11 100 lives would look like do i start like a baby and get to live when you reset
every time so ten different lives or one really long life you that’s though one because then you have a choice
of you get to do all the different things but then you also have your wisdom the
one thousand year because getting older I realised that wisdom is very very
valuable and I like knowing things so i don’t thing starting from scratch that we want to do wise answer person you trust most with a
secret Myself? last thing you wrap out of the fridge coconut water favorite nickname
for yourself Hollywood was a cool one my friends called me Hollywood and i was like oh it sounds like I’m going to
achieve something that amazing hashtag heynadine hashtag hollywood movie every influencer
should watch I’m not a huge huge movie person I’m more of a TV show person TV show every influencer should watch narcos i really enjoy narcos it’s really good one because bilingual Spanish and English and it really makes
you appreciate the fact that the world doesn’t speak all of English so the true i don’t really have a favorite of things lately have been into prison
break is really it’s kinda cool there you go biggest pet peeve when people cancel on plans last song
that you had on repeat killer vd mame grimes grimes cat or dog cats a 100 percent what kind of any kind just all the cats if you could have
one thing in a zombie apocalypse one item what would it be like a flame thrower like crazy ass
torches that’s so hot past the answer we got some unique adds that winds that’s
awesome that’s the best answers we’ve got some unique answers but that one that’s awesome favorite YouTube channel that you like
watching right now Casey Neistat i feel like a lot of people are probably on him but yeah that’s like the only answer to that
question lately it seems everybody is just killing the game right now book you think every
influencers should read how to win friends and influence people best piece of advice you ever received
but it’s a pretty good one but nothing is ever finite and there are very few
things in life that are permanent so you know make a decision because somebody
more indecisive the game like this is the be all end all there many times in
my career that i’ve this was in the opportunity and I’ve let it down and i passed it away now everything else is there are very few things in life that
are finite and there are no this is the opportunity is there there are hundreds
and hundreds of opportunities so yeah like i don’t know awesome lighting round lightning round so you are very active
across the board and social media like your home base is is that for your
videos your video content but for any influencer they know today that they
need to be a lot of places but that can come with its overwhelming so much to
keep up with some different things what are your favorite platforms and what
kind of your thinking to balance and stay consistent and do quality on the
different social platforms can’t do them all don’t try I don’t try
but like don’t feel that you can’t do it all because you really can’t do it all
you can’t do it all good my advice is to pick a couple of really enjoy and just kind of
work on those the most work on kind of create your fan base for that and built
content around that and then then once you feel more comfortable in those platforms you can kinda built from that add more into your portfolio that’s really great advice and then for
you so what it what are your top platforms in order and why well not include YouTube correct correct Instagram and works really well travel
then I would say is actually snapchat I rather enjoy snapchat right now it’s
very engaging and it’s just really raw and person then it would be Twitter and Facebook and all the rest those are kind of the main ones that i keep up with ok so for people that want to check out
what your doing what kind of projects do you have coming up and whether the best
platforms to check you out of course we’ll link him all that but where would
you direct people well obviously my youtube channel subscribe heynadine I have a really awesome travel video coming out plus because I’m home for the next
couple days well couple of weeks there’s a lot of advice content more tips and stuff like that
coming into play and so that’s helpful in getting into
trouble so those are the kind of going there and then some comedy videos so definitely check out my YouTube channel and my blog
HeyNadine ‘cause I do other content that’s not on my YouTube I do have some big project in the work but they’re not
quite ready yet but they’re gong to be really awesome once they are yeah but yeah i can quite say but if you follow me on those social networks you’ll see well I
just want to thank you so much you know for taking your time and just for the
life that you’re living your huge inspiration to so many people your quality of your content is just
incredible your creativity shines through and so really want to affirm
and thank you for your shining keep shining I will don’t worry i will the world is not finish yet so there’s lots more to explore right yes yes and
please share maybe a final thought just encouragement or whatever you want to
say to influencers watching ok this this this is what being a video career
thought this what being a video creator is all about there’s going to be down its figured out how to deal with the down
and enjoying the ups because there’s gonna be like it’s a good thing the good
thing you’re gonna come charges a good thing and say yes the biggest thing is
people saying no to often to things specially with travel they are you get scare scared to get in your head but you
have to learn to say yes to things I mean obviously you know but yes hey Nadine thank you so much No problem thanks for having me our struck by lightning well in a building that’s been struck by

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