How to Book Cheap Flights | Budget Travel Hacks 2019

How to Book Cheap Flights | Budget Travel Hacks 2019

Hi and welcome
to my channel My name is Megan and today
I’m going to be answering a question that I get asked all the time, which is: “How the heck
do I afford to travel so much?” In the past one and a half years
I have booked over 100 flights, including four round trips
from Ottawa to Thailand. All of these trips
have cost me $700 or less. In today’s video,
I’m going to be sharing my top money-saving tips, tricks,
apps, websites, and life hacks to help you travel
as affordably as possible. (music) Now, this is key:
You need to be flexible. I’m talking destinations,
dates, flight times, where you fly out of,
where you fly into, what websites you use to book… if you can have a little bit of bend
on at least some of these components will go a long way
in saving money on your next flight. (music) I’ll often start by using
Skyscanners’ Everywhere feature to get an idea of what air fares
are available from my home airport. (music) Next, I’ll head over to Google Flights’
explore destinations map This is perfect if you have
a new year’s resolution to travel more
or explore the world but you don’t have
a particular destination that you want to go to
or have to be at. I can see all the prices
and filter my dates to show the cheapest
in the next six months, the cheapest on a specific month,
or even on a specific day. This is a great way
to spark your wanderlust and see some options that you have
from wherever you’re flying out of. You may be shocked
at some of the prices you can find. (music) My second tip is to be flexible
with both the dates and times that you choose to fly. Often, leaving or returning
one day earlier or later can save you hundreds
of dollars on your ticket. Say I wanted to fly
to Bangkok in January. I would pull up the calendar
on Google Flights and then be able to see the price
for each departure date. You’ll see that I’ll save $150
if I fly on the Wednesday instead of flying on the Tuesday. If you’re looking
to book a round trip, which is often cheaper
than booking two one-ways, head over to the Google Flight’s
Dates feature. It will show you every day
combination for your flights and you can adjust
your departure date and return date to see the cheapest combinations
highlighted in green. Sometimes you’re finding
amazing deals on flights because you’re flying out at a time
that no one else wants to fly at, like 6 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, or maybe your flight
has an undesirable and long layover. If you’re gonna save hundreds of dollars
and you decide to books these flights, anyway, I highly recommend
that you check out the website Sleeping in Airports. Sleeping in Airports provides information
on the best places to catch some sleep, to find free Wi-Fi,
to find charging plugs, even things to do
in airports around the world, and almost every airport
that you will possibly be flying into is listed on their website. As a side note,
I’m going to be mentioning a lot of websites and apps
during this video. Please note that I am not sponsored
by any of these companies. They are just the websites
that I use personally to book my own travel, and all of them will be linked
in the caption below. (music) My next tip is to be flexible
on which airports you fly into as well as which airports
you fly out of. Say you’re coming from London. You may be able to save
a lot of money if you fly out of Gatwick Airport
instead of Heathrow. Google Flights lets you put in
up to five destination airports as well as five origin airports. I’ll often search the Ottawa Airport
and Montreal, as well as Toronto. If I don’t know the airports
I want to fly into, I may leave the destination
as an entire region, like Europe, and then Google Flights will be able
to search all of Europe for the cheapest airports to fly into. I’m usually trying
to get somewhere in Thailand. I know that thanks
to the budget airlines across Asia that if I fly anywhere
in Southeast Asia, I can get to Bangkok for under $100,
one-way direct flight. I might choose to search airports that often have great
long-haul flights from Canada, such as Singapore
or Hanoi in Vietnam, or even Phuket in Thailand. $700 to get to Bangkok
and only $500 to flying to Singapore. I’ll book the flight to Singapore
and then I’ll book a one-way flight with AirAsia for $50
directly to Bangkok. Google Flights is going to search
for all possible combinations of origins and destinations
that you enter to find you the cheapest flights. What’s also great is that you can use
the date option with this, and it’s going to look at all combinations
of origin and destination as well as all combinations
of departure dates and return dates. Totally blows my mind
that it can do that! Tip number four is to be flexible
on when you book. You’ve probably heard that it’s cheapest
to book your flights on a Tuesday six weeks prior to your departure date. I don’t know if this is true. Apparently, this works
because airline agents used to go on and they would put
all of their deals in on a Monday, and then other airlines
would try to match these deals, and then the cheapest prices
would all be coming out around a Tuesday. But all that’s kind of done
by computers now and I always thought
that this was a myth. However, I went back over my receipts
for all of my travel in the past two years, and 90% of them
were booked on a Tuesday about one month
prior to my departure. This means it was probably
the best flight on that date, because I used the following
tips and tricks to find the cheapest day
and the cheapest times to book my trip. Once I find the flight
that I want to book, I’ll set a tracker on it,
again, using Google Flights. This will then send me an email anytime there’s a price change
in that flight. It also lets you see
the historical price trend so you can see, over the last few weeks,
what dates of the week it is the cheapest. So, maybe, always cheaper on a Monday, and then you know
to wait to book next Monday. Another booking tip
that I thought was a myth was that websites track your history
and actually jack up the prices if they see that you’re searching
the same flight over and over again. I have personally saved
$50 on a flight by switching my browsing mode to private
and clearing my cookies. You can do this easily
if you’re searching Google Chrome. Just open a new window
in incognito mode. Another app that I use
when I’m trying to decide when to book my flights
is called Hopper. Based on historical trends
and some fancy algorithm, they can basically tell you
if your flight price is going to increase or decrease. So they can give you advice on whether
or not you should be booking now. My fifth tip is to be flexible
on where you go to make that final booking. In the past, I’ve always gone directly
onto the airlines website. Wrong! I could have been saving
hundreds of dollars and I literally only figured this out while researching
to make you this video. I discovered Ebates and Shopback. If you’ve not heard of these websites, listen up because this
is so frigging crazy. These sites literally pay you
to book through them. So, they’ve partnered
with thousands of companies that pay them a commission when your order
is placed through their website. They then share that commission
with us, the buyers. It’s free to join.
It takes under a minute. And you get paid directly
into your bank account or in PayPal. Normally, I would go to, type the flight in that I found
from Google Flights, and then book directly with them. By instead booking through Expedia, which gives me the same price
as if I went to, I’m actually getting 5% cash back. So, on a $700 flight, what is that? Like $35 just back
in my bank account? Both Ebates and Shopback
have Google Chrome browser extensions. So, I just go to
and it notifies me. And then you click “activate”
and it just applies it. Agoda,…
Groupon… There’s tons of them. And even a bunch of companies
that are not travel related, like Amazon… is on there. So, if you do any online shopping,
seriously, just look into this. I have links down below. And if you sign up
through one of my links you will also get $10 credit
just to get started, which you can cash into your PayPal
or bank right from the get-go. (music) Another way to get money back
on your flight bookings is to get bumped by the airline. Now, statistically speaking, airlines know
that a certain number of people are going to miss their flights. Therefore, they often overbook seats,
they’ll book more… They’ll book 105 seats,
even though there’s only 100 seats on the airplane available. Sometimes 105 people
will actually show up for that flight and they have to kick
five people off. You want to be
one of these people. I once got bumped from a flight and had to take a flight
two hours later with Delta and made USD900 off of it
to use at a later time. When you get to the airport,
go directly to the gate and say, “Hi, in the event
that this flight’s overbooked, I’m happy to take a flight
at a later time.” If the flight is overbooked
they will then go to you. They will book another flight for you,
it could be the next day, it could be an hour later… They’ll give you food credits, they’ll give you a hotel
for the night – if you need it – and, most importantly,
they will give you airline credits. For the best chance
of being on an oversold flight, you need to fly on the busiest days, which are usually Monday,
Friday and Sunday. And then, when you go to book your ticket,
look at the seat maps and book the flight
that has the least availability. (music) You can also get paid by the airline
if your flight is delayed. This can be a little bit complicated because all the rules vary
by each airline. So, a really cool tool
that you can use is called AirHelp. All you have to do
is scan the barcode of your ticket, send it off to them,
and, if the flight is delayed, they will automatically
track that for you, and send in a claim
on your behalf. If the claim is successful they’ll keep 25%
of the money that you would get back, and then you would keep
the other 75%. Easy. Free money.
Don’t have to do anything. (music) One other website to consider
is called Skiplagged. Skiplagged is going to search
for the cheapest fares by looking at hidden city destinations. So, what this means
is that it’s going to show you flights with a stopover at the destination
that you actually want to go to. That sounds way more complicated
than it actually is. So, let’s say you want to book
from Atlanta to Orlando and it’s $250 dollars. If you go on Skiplagged,
they’ll show you that you can actually get
from Atlanta to Dallas for $130 with a stopover in Orlando. So, you buy the flight
Atlanta to Dallas and then you get off in Orlando. Only paying $130
instead of the full 250, if you were taking
that direct flight. Make sure you only book
with Skiplagged if you’re flying carry-on, because any checked baggage
is going to be sent directly to your final destination
on the itinerary. Also, use with caution because airlines generally don’t like
you beating the system by using a website like Skiplagged. United Airlines actually sued the founder
back in 2015 and lost. The founder was 22 years old at the time. The site is still up and running. All right, those are the 7 tips
that I have for you. You may have noticed
that I didn’t mention anything about points or credit card miles. I do collect both of these
but have never actually used them to do any of my flight bookings. Honestly, I’m still a little bit confused
on how to use them. Two amazing resources
to help you wrap your head around airline points
and credit cards, and figure out what’s worth it
and what’s not, are
and As always, thank you
so much for watching. I really appreciate
you being here and I hope this video
has inspired you to get on that 2019
travel wishlist and start booking some flights. If you have any
of your own tips, please do me
and everyone else watching a favor by leaving them
in the comments below. Check out that Ebates
and Shopback $10 credit, and don’t forget to subscribe
for future videos on similar content. Catch you next time. Bye. (music)

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  2. Thank you for this video. Really helpful. The worst feeling is when you find a cheaper ticket after making a purchase. There is so much information that is available, it’s impossible to find what is right for me. I found a great platform that saves me time and finds me the best deals. I was surprised to see a fare difference of more than $70 dollars. has a personal concierge service that gives me the best deals on flights, booking and experience.

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