How-To Build a Picnic Table Out of Logs

How-To Build a Picnic Table Out of Logs

so today I am building a picnic table
out of logs what I’m going to do I’m going to cut down a bunch of trees maybe
about six or seven inches in diameter and I’m going to rip them which means
just cut them right in half almost like splitting them with my
chainsaw and then I’m going to put together a picnic table all right two down probably 20 more to
go ripping this tree here and I almost went
right through a nail I’m gonna have to sharpen my chain again but somehow
there’s just a really old nail right in this tree see it’s grown right is all
right so I have made a lot of sawdust I got all the logs that I cut and holder
the bush ripped in half and now I’m actually going to start
building the picnic table so what I’m going to do now is I’m going to take all
the halves of the logs that I’ve ripped and I’m just going to lean them up so I
can sort of view them all in one place right now they’re in a bit of a pile and
that way I can tell which board I’m going to want to use for which part of
the picnic table the smaller pieces are going to be the top of the table and the
really wide pieces can be the bench I’m just kind of putting life sized pieces
together right now want to get this now to make another one of these so
that’s the first one there and it looks like we’re going to have good amount of
wood left over and this is the second one here so I just got to knock that out
and Hammer it together and then we really got we’re really going to have
what’s starting to look like a picnic table
so pretty excited about this Oh I made this notch here because the nails
I have aren’t long enough to go through this whole log so this makes it a little
thinner that way I can get the nails through there into that log secure it
properly that’s good that’s in there develop this on the show I test okay so
there we go we pretty much have the makings of the a picnic table it’s not
perfect but it’s supposed to have a rough kind of look to it anyways
and I’m going to do a few more things I’m going to nail it all together and
cut the ends off with a chain saw it’s going to be heavy so where it’s
going to we want to put it where it’s going to stay forever I call this video
the Pioneer picnic table planning yourself chain saws pioneers with chain
saws time-traveling pioneer tape – chainsaw table okay I just had to cut
all this okay the table is all nailed down and we
have the two brace pieces underneath it just to keep it from rocking from side
to side because it’s pretty long table and now the only thing we have left to
do is cut it down to size so I’m just going to try to cut all of these the end
sticking out flush and then we will have a completed picnic table so we’re about
this close to being completely done I’m not Cheers

11 thoughts on “How-To Build a Picnic Table Out of Logs

  1. Time traveling Pioneer chainsaw table!….HAaHhahhahhh…love it! Hilarious! Absolutely killer project Jim. I'ts kinda my thing to
    build all kinds of things out of natural materials just like that. When I build tables like that, I usually notch out grooves for the
    table top logs to sit into. Takes more time, but nicer end result. Dig your style man, and seriously…great video! TFS and be well!

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