How to deal with camping

How to deal with camping

Hi there, my name’s Dong Huap I HATE campers Whenever I play League and I get camped I jus- (stuttering) Things just feel so hopeless, you know? I don’t even feel like playing the game anymore And I just want to AFK at like 2 minutes A lot of people don’t know how to deal with camping I’m going to explain to you a safe strategy that counters camping and things you should always be doing and things you should never be doing when you’re getting camped So the best way to fight a camper is to understand a camper So usually you’re going to be camped by…the jungler Think about what the jungler’s main job is Most people seem to think that the jungler’s main job is to farm jungle and to gank That’s not his main job His MAIN job… …is to FUCK YOU That’s his job All junglers are rapists
(All men are misogynists…) and they are out to FUCK YOU Whenever a jungler’s about to gank they say shit like: “I’m going IN” or “I’m going DEEP” TO FUCK YOU All they do is FUCK people So how do you deal with campers? DON’T LET THEM FUCK YOU simple.exe So what are some good ways to prevent people from fucking you? First, is never over-extend The best way to prevent people from fucking you is never be in a position where people CAN fuck you The only way that someone can really fuck you is…from behind “The only good way to fuck someone is from behind”
–Dong Huap If you don’t over-extend no one can get behind you so no one can FUCK you simple.gif What else can you do to never get fucked? Buy wards Wards are the BEST defense against fuckers If there was a real life item that would set off an alarm every time a rapist got near you everyone would have one That’s what wards are THEY LET YOU KNOW IF SOMEONE’S ABOUT TO FUCK YOU If you die to a jungler the first thing you buy is not more damage items You HAVE TO BUY A WARD An Amplifying Tomb is not gonna help you survive a fucking Here’s something else you should NEVER do when you’re getting camped Often times when people get camped they blame their OWN JUNGLER How the FUCK is it his fault? It wasn’t HIS decision to camp you That was the OTHER jungler’s decision to camp you If you’re getting camped It’s probably, mostly your fault Ask yourself: “Why is he camping me?” “Why did the jungler pick ME to have a shitty game?” It’s because every time he comes to your lane he gets something out of it A kill A flash Something; a summoner spell Something He keeps getting stronger every time he comes Why is he getting these things? Because you’re not doing what your SUPPOSED to be doing You’re not warding He FUCK YOU You over-extend He FUCK YOU You’re still playing Hearthstone™ HE FUCK YOU He keeps fucking you because you keep fucking up A lot of people get upset at their own jungler Saying things like: “WOW, this guy’s camping me and you haven’t ganked for me at all what’s wrong with you?” You have to remember something Your jungler wants to fuck people just as much the other jungler But he looks at YOUR lane and says: “Oh… …your lane has already been fucked a bunch of times… …I don’t wanna fuck something that’s already been fucked a lot no thank you.” No one wants to fuck someone who’s already been fucked a lot Even if your jungler does come to your lane there’s no guarantee that you’ll even get back into this game Your jungler will probably go to a different lane one that hasn’t been ganked yet and he’s going to fuck THOSE people He’s going to go to a different lane snowball that lane and makes sure HE carries you And there’s nothing wrong with that It’s like choosing to have sex with either Taylor Swift or with Urgot (?) Does- does Urgot even have genitals Does anyone know? Does he HAVE genitals? I’m not sure The lore doesn’t specify what- if he HAS them or not He could probably install one You call it the “Urgina” The Urgina… …it’s almost as soft as Urgot’s damage
(ow) So what do you do when you’re getting camped? And your jungler doesn’t wanna come gank for you What’s the BEST strategy to be camping? You gotta be a bitch You gotta be a total bitch You gotta sit under your turret and you be a bitch You don’t walk up to your laner You don’t trade with your laner You don’t harass your laner You don’t even throw salty comments at yo– You just sit under your turret and you be a bitch Now I know that being a bitch isn’t–you know–manly or exciting or whatever But think about it this way Bitches are hard to fuck In LoL and in real life They KNOW you wanna fuck them They sometimes HINT that they’ll let you fuck them But in the end you never fuck them They waste your time and your money and you don’t get to fuck anything So you gotta be a bitch (Most of you got it down in real life already) That’s how you deal with campers

100 thoughts on “How to deal with camping

  1. weird listening to this since i'm a jungler meaning i'm the one commencing the fucking. i'm a rapist and i love fucking everyone

  2. always when I pre with girls and they loise their lane or get camped they flame and I am like “wtf its your fault that you suck“

  3. everything he says except one thing is true my jungler isnt want to fuck other lanes as enemy jungler do my jungler wants to fuck me as much as enemy jungler do!

  4. Had a game where a Sejuani camped mid so hard that I was already lvl 13 (GP) when the enemy mid (Lux) hit lvl 10.
    Neither of us died and we had almost the same amount of time on lane, She probably a little bit more tbh. We both didnt roam much cos Sejuani was trying to force a kill mid. Maybe important, I ulted 2 times for a total of 3 assists but thats max 1 lvl bonus, if even 1. I basically stopped counting after she had been mid for the 5th time at 6 minutes into the game. It helps so much that you got so many trinkets now, + GP can place 1 or 2 barrels in a bush to get vision ;).

  5. Only players have brains and use sweepers to kill wards haha. Also players have no brains and dont even watch the wards.

  6. I got camped so bad, every time i got under turet to farm or to ward,Boom lee came and dived me….like the fuck…and i blame my jg,not because of me being camped,but him not ganking any lane,than going afk… Typical low elo. I discovered i played against higher elo after game but i was still fucking gp good until i got camped

  7. as a jungler main all he said is well and true but one thing he missed one crucial thing that jungler wants you to do and it is all about that sweat tillt and salt. I personally like geting capmed when I play lane as I really do not mind you just keep your spirit high and tell that bitch come again man come again and he will oncee you died few times iit wont mater as enemy laner wont kill you under your tower therefore making push so slow/hard so hee will continue to gank wasting time on what I call a spoonge or whatever you wanna call it. Be nice to them always say things like man come again you didnt visit for quite some time and use a counter tillt just dont get down and say to your jungler do not come to my lane ignore it till I get to inhib turret then they overextend and die its simple

  8. Jungles are meant to either carry, or aid their team in carrying. Either supports/tanks or skirmishers/divers jungle. Both types carry games, but one type carries by feeding his team.

  9. NNNNoooo, im afan of dong. every video is probably right but not this one, you should know counter jg and keep track and time of the opposing camps. top and mid are 2v2 lane not a solo lane, this is a team game. Probably coz dong huap dont really play high elo jg. Nightblue3 Ambition Spirit and Karsa will agree, If u spent time study their vd. Top pros can even time exact time period that the opposing jg can show up in a lane ,btw every propular jg champ standard clear time is know by heart in top pro level.

  10. None of these tips help when I'm pushed up to tower and their jungler can CC me outside the lane's cirlce, or downright kill me under turret because I'm so far behind in CS.

  11. but sometimes i am in between my turret and the middle of the lane and the glorious k6 junglers fucks me from my front even if im not overextending.. one, and two, and three times.. sooo its not only for overextend… sometimes the other jungler just gank you because his champ can delete you or dive you freely xD

  12. why? iTs bEcAuSe vi has a target knockup for yasuo at a 50 sum second cd who just presses ult after to dive you. If you run, rip that tower. If you . don't watch yourself feed

  13. just went afk from a game bc i got ganked 17 times at 17 minutees no motherfucking not excaturating right now. After watching this, not only you made my day but I also have a bag full of condoms next to me. Thanks appriciate it.

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