How To Do Canoe Camping

How To Do Canoe Camping

On this episode of how to do, Florida It’s a father-and-son trip way Down upon the Suwannee River this morning River is absolutely one of the prettiest rivers I’ve ever been on in Florida and chef Justin sharing his recipe for southern style spicy smoked sausage corn succotash simple ingredients with great flavors Yeah, a nice thing to it and then we’re headed to Jacksonville to learn how to sail on the mighty st. Johns River all right So get ready to experience the Sunshine State Like never before as we head out to do Florida Hey today, we’re canoe camping and we’re gonna show you how show yous how’s that Chile? The black water of the swanee River winds through jagged limestone cliffs and past high bluffs top with ancient oaks This remarkable landscape is unlike any other place in Florida. It deserves to be taken and slowly There’s no better way to experience this primitive beauty that by venturing out on a canoe camping trip to access the river that divides Florida’s panhandle from its peninsula we headed to the historic town of White Springs Located 70 miles west of Jacksonville and about two and a half hours northwest of Orlando for my son Chase’s birthday I decided to take him on a father-and-son trip of a lifetime canoeing and camping way down upon the swanee River But first we stopped at Gander Mountain and gear up for the trip. We need a stove, okay That’s small portable and light I would recommend the MSR dragonfly lightweight very powerful great for canoe camping heats water very quickly Like it when you’re out canoe camping you want your stuff to stay dry I recommend this bag right here Jace get two of those buddy 30-degree bag looks great here in Florida. Okay. Good Jace you like this one. Yeah Like I really appreciate your help. No problem at all enjoy canoe camping. Have a great time. We will thank you come on, buddy chaser now We’re almost ready to head out for a three day adventure all we needed now was a canoe so we headed over to American canoe adventures a local outfitter in the area There we met up with Charlie Shaw We’ve got to set up with our canoe equipment and maps and canoe camp is about what you don’t bring you don’t have to bring Big cots you don’t have to bring big paint pots and pans that’s really the neat part of canoe camping is keeping it small There’s no big bags of charcoal No, big stacks of firewood is really just about bringing exactly what you need Would you say well there were mistakes people making canoe camping is over packing the canoe over packing? They’ll bring a van load of gear with them or actually three or four car loads of gear and try to put it in one Boat if you do it pretty much just like backpacking Bring what you can tote yeah? You’re good to go and when you’re loading these boats you want to put all the heavy stuff in the bottom you want to spread Your weight out you don’t want to stack it up above the gunnels, but everything’s in dry bags You seen any pack like so I believe you’re in good. Shape well. This was it. Just me and my son About to embark on what I hope would be a canoe camping trip that Chase would remember for the rest of his life Buckled in here chaired y’all have a great trip. See you in three days sir see y’all later You’re my power guy one of the things that struck me the most about the swanee was it’s calm black water tannins leached from plants in the Okefenokee Create this dark rich color or possibly better described by Chase who said dad are we floating in root beer? But the Suwannee is probably best known for the song that made it famous back in 1851 the song old folks at home which is Florida State song by the way was written about this very river the Suwannee River Stephen Foster the gentleman who wrote the song never actually even visited the river Stephen You don’t know what you’re missing buddy from the walls of cypress knees lining the banks to the remarkable white limestone Cliffs the swanee is a magnificent sight to behold More than a hundred years ago steamboats cruise these very waters selling their wares to folks living along these banks The swanee River is absolutely one of the prettiest rivers I’ve ever been on in, Florida I think you’re right buddy. You ready, yep, let’s start looking We’re looking for a nice flat shoreline. This is a good spot to camp you Want help they set this tent up, right? When setting up camp your priority is always shelter believe me. You don’t want to be setting up your tent in the dark Yours in there is your staking good tents up next up Campfire when you coming out here on these canoe camping trip bring some light or not some people call it lighter wood It’s light small, but it gets in fire going really fast well I got the campfire going chase does what he does best Explorer looking for firewood On the fire everybody There you go chili or stew makes for a great canoe camping meal. It’s easy to pack and hearty enough to fill you up How’s it looking man you like chili? I had been waiting all day to give chase his birthday present and this seemed like the perfect time. I have something for you I have a gift you want open up now or tomorrow There you go What do you think about that man I’ll never forget but my dad gave me my first knife pretty cool And sitting here with chase next to this fire. I’m reminded of how blessed I am to be able to carry on that tradition with my own son. Happy birthday, buddy It’s darkness fell over the campfire on the banks of the Suwannee River We ate dinner next to the fire watch the moon listen to the wildlife But mostly we just enjoyed the moment it’s beautiful out here at night in it At first slide with a gentle mist rising over the black water it was time for a hot breakfast ham and eggs and Don’t forget coffee on buddy. We got to pack up and get on the river good Chaser now were taking in a little after breakfast fishing when a visitor paddled up to our campsite morning It was Bob jarda park service specialist at the Stephen Foster State Park Bob And I sat down with a cup of joe why he told me all about this exceptional area And what a beautiful spot here Bob some you guys have places to camp all on this river? Don’t you I came up from Woods ferry it’s one of our campsites Just upriver, and it has elevated sleeping platforms that are screened in they’re just beautiful we have hot and cold running water Places to cook so it’s almost all the conveniences of home And you still get to leave home so Bob if somebody wants to come out here and do this What’s the first thing they should do two things? I would recommend that they do first contact a local outfitter after they’ve figured out where they want to put in and where they want to take out and then the second thing would be to put together a travel plan that lets someone else know who’s not going on the trip when to expect them and what to do if they’re not heard from when they’re Expected to be pulled out so Bob. What are some things to do here, and you know out here on the water? There’s lots to do in fact. There’s mountain biking swimming fishing hiking canoeing camping Birding I mean yeah You another rope swing Anyone’s hit the rope swing. I don’t blame him. It’s a great day for it. Well Bob Thank you so much for coming out here. Thank you I really appreciate it so here’s how to do canoe camping Contact an outfitter for your canoe Equipment needs and maps pack for camping with just the basics Don’t overload the canoe put everything in dry bags and rope it all together and leave a travel plan with someone who’s not going on The trip so you can be located in case of emergency before heading off to the rope swing we broke down our camp and pack the canoe up and got ready for the next leg and Our journey down the river when you get down to it. It’s really what canoe camping is all about a journey It’s paddling down a beautiful river taking in the amazing scenery and stopping to check out something that looks like fun Just because you can At nightfall you make your camp and rest before moving on the next day as you continue to explore what lies around the rivers Ben Hey learn more about canoe camping go to our website at how to do Florida comm Still to come we’re headed to Jacksonville to show you how to do sailing good But first chef Justin’s dialing up the heat on a recipe for southern style spicy smoked sausage corn succotash come spoon this in beautiful, okay You’re watching how to do, Florida and we’ll be right back This Florida cooking segment brought to you by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Hey, it’s colorful, and it’s fun to say corn succotash and in today’s Florida cooking segment. I’m gonna show you how to do it Let’s get started you guys ready to make some succotash All right, Chad. I’m ready man. All right I got my pan on about medium high heat here, okay? And then we’re gonna start by sauteing a few things little garlic little onion, okay I’m gonna make this happen, and it’s just really just start doubling stuff in a pot. That’s it I got my spoon you always start with butter every time it just a little bit of butter Little onion nice and fine dice nice That up you where’s my story? Oh, I do have a spoon right here This is my sport is that this is a part spoon part orange. It’s a sport Oh my goodness be part of the sport. Yes little cousin Come in here Thank you most practical tool, but it does work Ryan here. We got it. We got our oranges and our butter in here They’re caramelizing nicely. I’m gonna quick. Chop a little bit of garlic get in there. We want some good garlic flavor. Don’t lean okay Okay, so the garlic’s in there next we’re gonna. Go ahead and add some smoked sausage. Okay, the smoked flavor is gonna. Give it Now is this the Tash This part of the Tash. This is the sucker lime juice Wow, that’s true. You’re right all right, so we really want to get our sausage in here We want to get a little brown carmelization on here, mmm. That’s no good when this gets a little caramelized We’re gonna add our corn okay Florida sweet corn and you guys know that Florida produces a whole lot of corn But most of all of our corn goes this fresh market corn, so it’s the exact corn you see at the grocery market It doesn’t get processing to other things that comes just like this as nature intended all right I’m gonna go ahead and get some of the kernels off here It’s a nice easy way you want to set the flat part of the corn down on the board. I got a serrated knife I’m just gonna run it down. Just like this nice all right now. That’s nice and caramelized Let’s go ahead and add our rock horn mmm a whole bunch here there we go I also have some green piece here now. It’s a pee party you mix some corn and peas Looking good though. All right. We definitely want to season this a little pepper Oh, we’re talking little sea salt go in try to keep it in the dish there Chad alright I’ve got a little bit of hot sauce you’re gonna go in here just your favorite hot sauce is gonna Just give it a little bit of kick Now time to add the suck-up suck-up here. We go lime juice going in I got some great, Florida tomatoes here that have been diced up may toes going in and finally We’re just gonna add a little bit of parsley for a little bit of color in there I’m starting to get wore out here a little Reese’s –n you know this dish was born out of the depression time here in the United States when there was a little bit of money to go around and well needed to make a good tasty dish out of common ingredients Let’s keep it in the pan there All right, I think we’re good let’s go ahead and plate this up plate this sucker. I’m just gonna spoon this in Mmm Beautiful, okay Here we have it. It’s good to have all these different colors in our dishes And it brings all kinds of different textures and flavors you definitely want to eat your colors you guys ready to taste this All right, let’s do it And you get the full recipe for this gorgeous corn succotash and many other dishes like this go to how to do This florida cooking segment was brought to you by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Coming up next Chad’s learning the ropes of sailing first thing We’re gonna do is put the mainsail up you are going to put the main body time to go Hallie when how to do? Florida returns We’re here in Jacksonville, and we’re gonna be showing you how to sail on the world-famous st. Johns River The ebb and flow of sailing is much like to see itself it can be serene mystical and calm or academics and intensity That’s an adrenaline rush like no other You might be surprised to know that Florida’s macdaddy metropolis is not Miami Tampa or Orlando, but the town known is the first coast Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida, and it also has the largest river in Florida running right through it the st. Johns This 310-mile River is at the heart of this beautiful city And with the river this big you need lots of bridges Seven to be exact what a Jacksonville coolest bridges is the dames Point Bridge at two miles long? It’s America’s longest cable-stayed bridge located right off i-95 in the First Coast region of Northeast, Florida Jacksonville is about 25 miles south of the Georgia border and about two and a half hours Northeast of Orlando we headed down to the rudder Club on the west bank of the st. Johns River to meet up with Kim Peru and her two daughters Coleen and Shannon who would be teaching me how to sail on their 33 foot Hobie appropriately named chaos okay? So Kim take me through this okay, and talk to me like I’ve never sailed because I had never sailed okay needed But we got a boat check you need a water Let’s talk a little bit about wind direction we can we Did a nice little mock-up here for you What are some of the principles that we’re dealing with all right with wind direction the closer you are to the wind The tighter the sails are and as you sail away from the wind you let the sails out just a little bit And now you’re going with the wind coming behind you so the wind is pushing the boat So now you want the sails to be out as far as possible to catch the wind to help it push the boat What are some other things? We need to know this is a line. This is the line? This is not a road Okay, we have certain lines that that pull up the sail Those are halyards, and then we have the lines that trim the sails And that would be a sheet so you have a jib sheet Which the jib is your front sail? Okay? Your main is the mainsail goes right here on this boom? There’s a little bit of classroom stuff where we go over some more terminology But actually just getting out and doing it is the best way to learn it Having never sailed before I had visions of me being at the helm with the sea in my hair and the salt in my teeth But quickly my first lesson would be my place on the boat. You gotta get on my way, okay So sailing is a lot of tackle isn’t it it’s a lot of nods. It’s a lot of straps It’s a lot of buckles and hooks and equipment equipment This is the gooseneck sailing is all about communication Chad The main halyard pull hard like this This is the main sheet this trims to sail it pulls it in and lets it out cause it’s attached to the main sail Good Okay, we’re there hey Chad yeah, you need to come back here and trim it you see how it’s all floppy up there Yeah, okay, you want to pull the sail in but first put it around that winch yeah a clockwise pull pull Okay, Shannon’s gonna have to pull it over to lifeline. That’s called skirting the jib let’s pick up in speed a little bit, yeah Good job all right I find we’re sailing, okay, so how do you steer the boat? I push it. This way the boat goes that way. Yeah, see it kind of goes the opposite of where you’re pushing okay? Yeah, so just like an outward tiller enough to bring the word outboard into this car oh He said the word maybe ready to tack Watch your heads There you go successful attack very good nicely done Well, what do you think I think this is pretty cool, yeah? I mean it is just this Amazing feeling to be powered by the wind right now the cool thing about sailing is that it’s a sport for everyone You don’t need any special strength size or ability You learn science you learn when you really learn to appreciate the water It’s way more fun than video games, and you don’t have to be terribly athletic. It’s a sport that anyone can do Ok so here’s what we know you’ll need boat water and wind you need to find a sailing school and take some lessons or? Ask an experienced sailor at your local sailing club to show you the ropes or lines I’ve heard people say that Sailing for them is an opportunity just to really bring their mind to zero sometimes you get so caught up in the day-to-day stuff that you never have a chance to Slow down and just let your mind rest you’re one with the wind you’re one with your boat in the water And you’re just prison sailing is that great blend of excitement and relaxation If you’ve never sailed before I encourage you to try it It’s hard to describe the feeling of being moved by something you can’t see for more information on sailing go to our website how to do Florida comm Now we’re sailing with Greece You want you how to do, Florida we’ll be right back You know I’ve lived in Florida all my life, but her beauty never ceases to amaze me I hope you’ve learned something but more importantly. I hope you feel encouraged about getting out and enjoying, Florida You

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