How to fill up Canada visa form

How to fill up Canada visa form

First, we double click on google chrome browser Now, we write URL Click on english Click on “Find an application form” Click on “Come to Canada temporarily” Click on visitor visa Click on Instruction Guide of apply on paper Click on “Complete the application” Click on “Application for temporary resident visa” Click on download button Now, click on save button to finally download the form Open the downloads folder where you download the form This is the Canada Temporary resident visa form Select English in which you want service Select Type of visa you’re requesting Enter your surname Enter your first name Put tick on no, if you do not have any other name Select your gender Enter your date of birth in the format of YYYY-MM-DD Enter your city or town Select your country Select your citizenship country Select your current resident country Select your resident status Put tick on no, if you do not live in previous countries as residents Put tick on yes, if you are applying from same country as of your residence country Select your current marital status Put tick on no, if you’ve never been previously married Select your native language or mother tongue Select the language you use most frequently Select your language of communication Put tick on no, if you’ve never taken a test from designated testing agency for proficiency Enter your passport number Select country from where you are issuing your passport Select the issuing date of your passport Select the expiry date of your passport Enter the street name of your mailing address Enter your city Select your country Enter your postal code Put tick on yes, if your residential address is same as above Select the correct purpose of visit to Canada Enter the dates you are planning to stay in CANADA Enter the funds available for your stay Enter the name of person you will visit Enter the relationship between you and him or her Enter his or her address in canda Put tick on no, if you do not have any post secondary education Enter the year and month from when you are employing Enter your current occupation Enter your current employer Enter the city where you are employing Select country where you are employing Put tick on yes or no after reading the basic questions related to your security and background Signature of the candidate is to be done here Write the date of application here

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  1. Hello! I have doubts about section DETAILS OF VISIT TO CANADA. I'll not visit anybody nor any institution in Canada. I'll visit the city of Québec as a tourist. So, do I need to COMPLETE that section? Should I have to inform hotel's name?

  2. hey I have question regarding giving a employment details for the past ten years do you really fill up just only the current situation you have or list other.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for uploading..
    i need one information, i have to fill each form for individual applying
    total 4 members

  4. I have questions, once i done everything like I'll print out that paper and did sign on them, then after that ,where do i need to submit that form?
    Like back to website or Canadian emabassy??

  5. I am from Yemen living in Saudi Arabia and because of the living conditions and the imposition of fees on every resident of Saudi Arabia in July, I and my family so that I can not return to Yemen because of the deteriorating conditions in Yemen of the wars and diseases of cholera spread in Yemen, how can I travel to Canada or New Zealand or any country Another European so that I can improve the income and living in which I and my family through tourism and then after applying for asylum, because the progress on the visa travel to Canada from Saudi difficult for the resident or foreign

    Please help me

  6. Hi am Ikechukwu Michael, a Nigerian and a banker by profession. Please am interesting in relocating to canada, what do i need from start to finish.
    Kindly assist me with the necessary informations needed.

  7. I have use Adobe acrobat pro dc.but form 5257e not save properly. I have all uptation software but not save this fill form.after save open this saved file and showing empety form.pls help call imidatly 9872188011

  8. Hello . I want to apply supervise for my parents. My mother had applied for the visa around 5 years ago. And she got rejected .can you please tell me what do I write in the background information of rejecting the visa. The reason at that time she got for rejection was no travel history and she won’t return. Thanks so much. Can you please reply ASAP.

  9. Hello! I have a question what if someone send you an invitation letter from canada do i have to follow all these process? Thanks

  10. hi i am Gloria from Ghana is it necessarily to apply for the visa online or send the necessary documents need for the application

  11. Quick question: If for example I am a Filipino currently on a J1 visa for one semester in USA, what country should I put in COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE? Thank you!

  12. how to fill imm5645e form in my native language punjabi because punjabi is not working on this form please help and tell me it's necessary to fill this in native language also,?

  13. I am from the Philippines and I am applying for Visitor Visa in Canda. What dates should I put in QUESTION 9B?

  14. Hello i want to apply for canada visa.. im a student but i want visitor visa as im going to my aunt's place.. will i get visa with just invitation letter from my aunt? Or do they prefer study tour as im a youngster

  15. I have question about Canada visa how much time take that embassy to release result when we receive file number ?

  16. hello i have a question, if i have a mistake in fill up the form after that i can to edit it online ? when i press validate it will be change by online ?

  17. I'm filling in IMM5257BE and some sections I'm supposed to fill are not highlighted thus I cant put a curser in then. How do I go about this?

  18. i am pakistani and i am recedint of qatar can i come to qatar i want to go canada plz can you helpe me my contact number 0097431255246

  19. Dear Rising Star Team! First you need to upload up dated video bcoz every one ask about the Detail of Visit to Canada No.4 if traveler are tourist how can he mentioned hotel details. As you should mentioned in video about relationship only. Also let us clear Employment section if a house wife travel then what would she right right with dates. Hope to hear from you soon.

  20. Dear Sir/Mam, I am Bangladeshi & Rotarian but living in KSA. Now I want to join Rotary convention in Toronto. Is it possible to apply from KSA? Please advice me. Thanks

  21. I have a refugee travel document issued by Austria and i want to go to student exchange (less than 6 months) and already have the acceptance letter from the university, I know that I need a visitor visa and not electronic one, BUT HOW CAN APPLY ONLINE VISITOR VISA, i already have an account. tnx in advance

  22. Hi my question hv need any response litter for Canada side frds.becoz i want to apply TA visa form Singapore to Canada ??.my frd hv there .so I just only fill need any litter

  23. I am a Bangladeshi. I like to work at Canada and according to category c9417 I have enough document for apply.Please
    anybody can help me for apply.I don't know how to apply,where to apply.

  24. Goodnight. The application has been completed on the line for the transit visa, and I have all the documents available and reviewed, but the option to upload the application does not appear. For what is this. What details should I review in more detail?

  25. You did not mention in the background section if somebody got rejected or refused previously so what to do or write!

  26. Good evening, thank you very much for the video. I have a question. I filled out the application on 5/11/18. What are the next steps? Will I send the passport?

  27. Hello sir,
    I received my refusal letter from cic one week ago and I want to reapply again online ,would pls guide me what should I do ?
    1- Should I prepare eligibility again or the Last code is enough?
    2- Should I make another account or the Last account is enough?
    3- Shall I get the new biometric or the last one about 15 days ago is enough?
    Thanks a lot

  28. I have filled my application form and now I am trying to upload but there is some errors how can I upload my form please suggest me

  29. Please guide.. I have following doubts for filing application online for study permit:-
    1. The forms ask for tuition fee… the letter of acceptance shows expected tuition fee for 1 year.. Should I mention tuition fee for 1 year or multiply it by 2 to get the tuition fee for complete duration of the program?

    2. Also, the supporting documents such as academic certificates, bank statements, passport copy etc. Should these be notarized or self attested or should be uploaded as it is. All the documents are in English.

    3. The section in the form – who will pay your expenses in Canada. What should I chose myself or parents? If parents is to be chosen, then do I need to attach their bank statements supporting documents in the financial proof section?

    Please help!!

  30. hi, in applying for canadian visa online, do i still need to pass my marriage certificate, and my children birth certificates? where do i upload it?

  31. I need more pages to fill my 10 years employment but they have only 3 sections,Can someone tell me how to add more pages under employment section so that i can fill my complete 10 years employment history

  32. What to write under Employment Category, if one owns rent houses, and that is his only source of income?

  33. I am 16, can I apply for visitors Visa and if yes what would I do about the employment information part of the form. Should I just leave it empty? Please reply as soon as possible

  34. Mai v krna apply pls tuc meri help kar sakde o apply karan as tym mere kol japan da study visa. 1 saal da visa aje vaild a pls help me

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