How to fit a regulator to a camping gas bottle | Know Before You GO

How to fit a regulator to a camping gas bottle | Know Before You GO

Every gas bottle requires a regulator and
in this video i’m going to show you which regular you need for each bottle Ok before i show you how you fit the regulator
on the bottle , I’m just going to show you about the gas hose – which is this stuff,
which attaches the gas bottle to the gas stove. This needs to be fitted onto the end of the
regulator and onto the stove. Now with your gas hose set you’ll get a couple of jubilee
clips, slot those over the ends, the hose then just goes over the end like that. Twist
it on, get it nice and far down – if its no working, try to soften it up and it will go
on a bit easier… So once you’ve got it all the way down, simply
slide the jubilee clip over the top, tighten it up with a screw driver and then your ready
to go. Ok first up its Calor Gas 4.5 butane, for
this one you will need a 4.5 regulator – which looks like this – this one actually bolts
on. So we just spin it around, if you just thread it on, anti clockwise, until its hand
tight and get your trusty gas spanner and tighten it on, until its nice and tight. Swiftly moving on to the 7kg Butane – its
also the same for the 15Kg butane, which is its bigger brother. This is really easy to
fit is this one, its just a click on regulator, so if we just spin it around. You have a safety
cap on, which you just remove. With this one, you basically make sure that the switch is
horizontal, push it down, just push it down, until there’s a click ! The Next one is the Winter campers favourite
3.9 Propane, this is the same as the 6 & 13Kg propanes. Its similar to the 4.5, its a bolt
on one, with a male to female attachment, then just fix it on nice and tight. Finally we move onto our European camping
cylinder – which is the camping gas 9.07 – now this is really easy is to fit, is this one.
It has a carry handle, that screws off, which you need to keep hold of – and then simply
make sure its closed, thats really important spin it on – and when you put it on it will
engage a bull socket – don’t worry about that.. just give it a spin… theres a bit of gas
going .. make sure its nice and tight and thats ready to fit the hose and that it This video is only intended to be a guide,
so always make sure you thoroughly read the instructions and if you need any more information
pop into one of our stores or visit our website

19 thoughts on “How to fit a regulator to a camping gas bottle | Know Before You GO

  1. Good video but you should show how to remove as well… particular the clip on……!!

  2. Hi Sara-Jane. Thanks for your comment and good point! We'll try and fit it into another video, in the meantime to remove the butnae clip on regualtor: 1ensure the gas is turned off and the knob is horizontal (like in the video) 2. while applying a little downward pressure press the knob in towards the regulator – this will release the internal catch and the regualtor will easily come off. Hope this helps for now.

  3. Nice video but try screwing the regulator onto a 907 when its attached to the stove.. wouldnit it make more sense to show the bottle being screwed to the regulator? Just saying 🙂

  4. Hi just found your video!what a god send.I am a pensioner and use the mac gas 13kg in my house.When the guys came with the bottle i was out & didn't know how to put the regulator on and I was scared to try.then I found you on Y tube you made it look so easy and explained it so well.I can now show my sons I am not so Incapable after all.Well done and please accept a great big thank you from me.

  5. handy video – but the sound is terrible 🙁 how could a professional organisation publish this? Try again guys!

  6. Yes agree with others. Loads of info on fitting, nothing on removal! This is what I am struggling with, so it would be useful…..

  7. I bought a new regulator, fitted it and it works perfectly. when I went to the shop, found it easy got the advice I required from the staff and took it home. no problems.

  8. The last European bottle you showed, can an adaptor be used to convert the regulator to work with canisters?

  9. Hi, I would like to ask you if I can use a 4.5 butane gas bottle with a regulator for my trangia gas burner. And what adapters do I need, because I couldn`t find anything that fits from gas regulator to small trangia gas system. Thing is, I am tired to pay a fortune buying small cartridges which last only 2 hrs each. Thanks a lot!

  10. Please don't anybody watching this try and screw the jubilee clip up holding it the manner in this video!! If the screwdriver slips it will go straight through your hand!! The jubilee should also be able to be tightened using a small socket….much safer.
    Tip for sliding the hose on , warm the end in hot water to soften and use a light smear of washing up liquid.
    Good info on the gas bottle regs though.

  11. I am buying a gas stove in the US to ship overseas and want to know the size of the flexable hose so as to purchase the correct fittings out the back of the stove to fit the hose and jubilee clip.

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