How to get 10 year China visa – Multiple Entry Visa China – Chinese Visa Multiple Entry 10 Years

How to get 10 year China visa – Multiple Entry Visa China – Chinese Visa Multiple Entry 10 Years

Hey Guys so I just wanted to make a quick video about how to get your 10-year
multi-entry visa for China just came from the Chinese Embassy here in Phuket and I’ve
been really nervous the last 10 days weather I going to get accepted or not it took 10
days because I turned it in right before Chinese New Year but actually it usually takes only
4 to 5 days 4 to 5 days not 45 so if you are trying to get your 10-year multi-entry Visa
I would recommend as a one year visa for China so with that being said I’m going to cover
a few of the items on the checklist that they provided me that I needed to meet for even
applying and this does not guarantee that you’ll be approved there was actually a British
guy that just went at the same time as me and he he got denied and he asked me about
if I got approved and you heard that I got my 10-year and he told me that he’s been living
there for 7 years So he has to wait 30 days to try again and I was really worried I was
going to get tonight so I’m super stoked right now and I wanted to share this information
with you guys so you need to have one or two passport photos I got some here in Phuket
for 220 baht they print out a sheet of 8 and cut them up for you. Chinese passport pictures are actually different
dimensions than standard passport pictures or thai passport pictures so you have to get
them specific for China. Youll have to provide a flight round trip
just like you’re going to Philippines or before many other countries you need to have a return
flight as well as your arrival flight information provided print out the hotel accommodations
something I had to go and leave and get and then go back again because I thought I just
had to have where I was staying the first night which is the case for many countries
visited but they want to know where you’ll be the entire time so my little recommendation
for this is to book a hotel that has a 30-day cancellation policy so that you can turn in
that you’re staying somewhere for me tired duration to here applying for and then you
can cancel it if you want to without having to have any penalty fees if you obviously
cancel within the time frame you need to have a You need to have a bank statement printed
off official bank statement that shows that you have over a hundred US dollars at least
in my case hundred US dollars a day while you’re in China so if you’re there for you
no 2 weeks 14 days you like me to have $1,400 in your account
You need to have a photocopy of your passport you know that person with your picture however
your country’s looks, heres mine and then you need to have a photocopy of your Visa
wherever it is that you’re staying in my situation I need my Thai Visa stamp page so those are
the requirements that were checked off for me and I was very nervous and like I said
you can deny it can be denied for any things like the gentleman that has been living there
for 7 years the actually had the reasons I got my 10-year multi-entry visa and I was
really worried and so I’m really stoked now I’m going to end up writing a blog post about
this guy’s I’ll have a link down in the do you have any other questions please leave
me a comment and you can contact me on Instagram at nomatic Nava or go to my blog nomadic. but I will be following up with
this with additional details in writing for you guys to help you in the process of getting
your 10 year mult entry visa for china. Thanks for watching!

8 thoughts on “How to get 10 year China visa – Multiple Entry Visa China – Chinese Visa Multiple Entry 10 Years

  1. i did the same last year in Phuket and it took 4 days, i might have had to also give a copy of my rental agreement here in Thailand.good accurate video

  2. I dont understand the last part how can you have a photocopy of the visa if you havent even applied for it yet?

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