How to get a Brazil Tourist Visa

How to get a Brazil Tourist Visa

How to apply for a Brazilian tourist Visa So you always wanted to go to Brazil, you have everything in order and then you realize ugh, I need to get a tourist visa Not a big deal! I’m going to walk you through a very simple 4 step process That highlights everything you need to know to make this easy for you and get you on the way to the beaches! So if you are living in Canada, in Australia, in Japan or the United States, You’re going to have to get a Tourist Visa to legally enter the country of Brazil. This cannot be done on arrival, this has to be done in your home country prior to departure. They’re also other countries on that list of those needing tourist visas: some parts of Africa, the middle East, Asia…but please do some research online to double check because that list is long and is always changing. Step 1. I’m going to use the United States as an example because it’s what I know, but every country works very very similar. Let’s start from the top. You find your Consulate that deal with people living in your jurisdiction For example in the States there are 10 Brazilian Consulates. So if you don’t have one in your specific city, all major cities have one. Then you need to find the address of the one that is close to you. And you’ll probably have to drive or pay a local travel service agency to do it for you. They often do this for a small fee, but it takes away a lot of headache and is very much worth it. So you find your consulate and then you’re wondering well… How long is this process going to take now that I found the Consulate. Every Consulate has a little different time that it takes to complete the processing and get your visa. It often takes them a couple days up to a couple of weeks depending on how backed up they are. So you have to confirm with your specific Consulate. Number 2: You found your Consulate,
now you need to go to their website and you need to confirm the list of documents required by them for you to get your tourist Visa. The rules change quite frequently. I will go over the major documents you will usually be required. But please, once again, double check and read thoroughly all the documents required by your specific Consulate. Number 3: Preparation of the documents Just because you can print out the documents online, doesn’t mean you can just fill them out and mail them in. Once you print out all your documents, go to the appointment section on the website and make an actual appointment time during the week, normal office hours, for you to go in and personally hand in your documents. If you work full time, also again, not a problem you can pay an outside service or family members to do it for you. There is a small $20 fee incurred if you don’t deliver them in person. But hey.. to save a headache once again, it’s not a big deal! Number 4: Then you have to submit all the paperwork once you have your appointment & you printed everything out. You’re going to have to go submit the paperwork, then wait just a little bit of time And then you’ll be on your way to the beaches of Brazil! Okay, all of this information is accurate as of March 2017 (but should remain about the same for years to come) And I’m going to explain to which documents you will probably be required to give. Number 1: You need a passport. So if you are in the U.S., you need an actual U.S. passport, not a copy of a passport. Confirm that this passport is valid for up to six months after your date of departure. So for example, I’m going to Brazil in March this passport needs to be valid up until September. Also if you are a big traveler make sure there are two full empty pages you are going to need one for the actual Brazilian Visa which is very large and a second page for the stamp of arrival and departure. Also very often people forget to sign their passports. Make sure that your Passport is signed & that it is official! Number 2: You need 1 passport photo, in addition to your passport. This is a professional two by two photo taken on a white background. Do not take this picture yourself. Please go to… Costco or another professional photography studio. Pay 5 or 10 bucks. Get a photo taken, they often come in pairs. Save one for another vacation somewhere else. Because you will definitely have to submit this for your application. Number 3: The online Visa application. On your specific Brazilian Consulate website there will be an application for your specific tourist visa. Choose the one that most fits what you’re going to be using (it for). You’re probably just going to be using a regular tourist Visa not a volunteer Visa or a Dr. Visa. etc. etc. If so, find what’s appropriate for you, click on it. Open up the document. Fill it all out. Once you fill it all out, you will be… you will receive a confirmation page online. Also print that out because that will have a specific protocol number for your Visa which you will need when you actually go and submit your paperwork. Number 4: A Copy of your driver’s license or Utility bill. This is just showing proof that you actually live in that Consulate’s Jurisdiction, so they know that they can legally handle you. Number 5: Travel Itinerary This doesn’t need to be a travel confirmation. In fact, I recommend not actually purchasing your ticket before you know what date you’re going to be receiving your visa. Because things get delayed sometimes in the Brazilian Consulate. So what you do is to go online, you can make a travel reservation or you can “buy your ticket online”. And most websites nowadays, they offer a 24-hour grace period to cancel free of charge, so you can go online book your reservation… So you have an actual confirmation to print out, and then go ahead and cancel it and rebook it when you know you are going to get your Visa. Or… if you can find a travel agency, which they still do exist, you can go there and they can book for you: a “confirmation of your reservation”. Brazil just needs you to furnish proof of the dates that you plan on entering and leaving the country. They have to be from your home country as well as. If it’s from another country you’re going to need some written explanation of why that is. Number 6. There is a Consular fee. This is a $140 us dollars if your paying in the states. And the fees in Japan, Australia and Canada are very similar. If somebody else submits the application for you, then this fee is $160 us dollars. You cannot write a personal check or you cannot give straight cash. It has to be an actual money order, so you go to the United States post office and you ask them to write a check to the Brazilian Consulate for $140 or $160 dollars. And…well that’s about it, really! There are four simple steps. You get it all together, you have your appointment time. Go there. Submit your papers. Get your Visa. Confirm your flight… and then you’re on your way, workin’ on that tan… dancing all night long feeling the sand in your toes hearing the music & just being a part of this marvelous country of Brazil. If you have any other questions doubts, needs recommendations or advice, I’m available for you personally. Just email me here and let me know what your questions are and I’m happy to answer them. Well… Boa Viagem! Beijos!

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  1. What is your email. I filled out the application online about 10 times but it won't let me upload picture!!!!!! Help. I;m in NYC I know where the consulate is.

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