How to Get a Tourist Visa in Japan (ENGLISH SUBS)

the answer is yes you can go to Japan without any guarantor but yourself hey guys this is Chev, and i`m here again because someone mailed me last week and she is in the Philippines she asked me on how can she go to Japan so i made this video for our country men who wants to go to Japan as of December 2014 Japan opened no VISA or VISA exemption arrangement on 67 countries unfortunately Philippines is not included So going to japan with NO visa is just a false rumor but the good news is they are not that strict anymore back before, when you try to apply for tousist VISA even if you have good standings in the Philippines they will not approve you because they wanted to prevent illegal employment for tourist foreigners but now, as long as you can meet their requirements you will have the chance to be granted a visa and they call it single entry VISA or temporary visitor and we call it tourist VISA ok there is also what they call multiple entry VISA but this procedure is not that easy because their purpose on going to Japan is quite different there are many kinds of categories, but most of them are for businessmen , engineers , investors , student and ,etc. but today we will be or business owner in the Philippines who only wants to take a tour in Japan but please take note that this video was made for basic guidance only this is not an assurance that you’ll be granted a VISA or what so ever so let’s begin 1st question is who are the persons allowed to apply on this? if you have travelled to Japan for the last 3 years this part is slightly tricky because there are only few that have this but dont worry there are still other ways, now if you havent travelled to japan yet your second option is if you have travelled as a tourist on one of the G7 countries the G7 is considered as the group of richest countries in the world please take note that we can’t use our working VISA but i’m sure this is still likely not possible for most people like me who can not afford to go to these places. so let’s move on next is if you have job in the Philippines, so this is the exciting part because when you say JOB it could be you have a business, or what ever you are selling can be clothes , food , rice , meat or any of that or you could be an employee to a company,doesnt matter if it’s small , as long as you are an employee. we will focus on here and i’ll explain what you`re going to need you need to submit documents that will prove you are financially stable in the Philippines so what are those ? 1st income certificate here, they will need to see your salary income the whole year, i think you can get that at BIR number 2 you will also need a bank statement because you are a tourist in other country they would want to know if your savings can contain your explenses while abroad. but please don’t make any monkey behaviours like borrowing 50,000 from your friend put it in your bank, then you will get bank certificate because the 50k is there after that you’ll withdraw it please don’t do that !!because they will surely know and make sure that you really have savings because if you only have 10k on your saving you wont last a day abroad. ok next is income tax return or (ITR) or form 2316 you can also get this from BIR i heard you can apply on this online but you can ask the nearest BIR in your place if your working in the Philippines i’m sure you know where this is and next is real state or deed property if you own a property, you should show it to them or land titles or any documents that can prove that you dont have any plans aside from taking a tour one of some reasons why they need this document is because MR>JAPAN is worried that after arriving, you will run away to work so you have to show that you have properties in the Philippines to attend to and you have no plans on working or running away etc so next is certificate of employment which you can obtain from your company but if you have a business bring your company license or business permits because it is written there the owner`s/proprietor*s name which could be you please do not hesitate whatever your business is .as long as you have income certificate and you can provide everything that we’re discussing now; YOU HAVE A CHANCE next is you have to fill up an application form and i prepared it for you, the link is below (application form going to Japan with no guarantor) download and print it , sign it hand writen next is letter, you will explain in the letter what your purpose is,be brief as much as possible make it long , you need to get it right the first time because if your VISA is not approved you will not be allowed to re apply for the next 6 months next is 2X2 picture white background bring atleast two number 9 birth certificate and it should be from NSO . should be new you can’t use the one you took 2 years ago now if you’re late registered there are additional documents for that and check the other tutorial video on the other video titled how to invite relatives forward the video up to the 9th minute so you wont have to watch the whole video you need to have those documents or else they wont accept your birth certificate. let’s go back to our list number 10 marriage contract, if married, and yes it must be from NSO and next is Philippine passport with signature next is you have to fill up a daily schedule during your stay in Japan they also have a form and i prepared it already and the link is below this video before you fill that up you should know the hotel your staying , places you want to visit your airline and airport port area vice versa and don’t forget to write the date of your flight going back to manila after gathering these documents you gonna need to bring these to the accredited agencies you don’t need to fall in line but your personal apearance is required there are lots of accredited agencies in Manila and i’ll show them on the screen later on after submitting these , the agency chould call or mail you for the results from Japan Consul this will take time . 1 week earliest but some took 1 year for the full informations of the accredited agencies try searching for list of accredited agencies of Japan embassy in the Philippines and please contact them directly for feesand for you to confirm that you are bringing the right documents so the tutorial ends here and if this helped let me know by by pushing the subscribe icon or comment below or you can like our facebook page filipinos in japan sa facebook and you can also add me on my private facebook account Chev Chiba can’t wait to hear from you guys SEE YAAHH!!!!

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