How to get a tourist visa to Australia from Philippines

How to get a tourist visa to Australia from
How to get a tourist visa to Australia from Philippines? A popular desire, most definitely. How to get a tourist visa to Australia from
How to get a tourist visa to Australia from Philippines? A popular desire, most definitely. We at Down
Under Visa get requests for a tourist visa to Australia from Philippines all the time, with
many a lovestruck Australian man wanting his Filipina girl to come to Australia to be with
him. The thought of seeing her face in the arrivals section at the Aussie airport wheeling
her suitcase through the sliding doors and lighting up when she sees him. The thought
of waking up the first morning to see that smiling face again instead of just a cold
pillow. Magic! You fellahs get me, don’t you?
So how do you make this dream happen? Well, by asking help from Down Under Visa,
you’re certainly on the right track. Yes, you can save some money by doing it yourself.
You can put it together the way you think it should be, and say something about “Surely
that’s all they want? It’s just a holiday visa after all!”, and hope for the best. And you can hope you’re not one of the approx.
1:5 or so who get their applications refused. Or you can do what you appear to be doing
and that is seeking the help of a professional, and increasing your chances considerably as
well as reducing your stress levels and large amounts of confusion.
  What are my requirements for a visa? We’ve explained many a time why we can’t
give you a list of paperwork requirements at this stage. Once you become our client,
you will get a customized To-Do List which will suit your own situation, and that will
happen after we start on your visa application. Your own personal requirements to get an Australian
tourist visa grant? Start with having a genuine relationship with your Filipina girlfriend
and to be able to show this to people who really don’t know you. You are a stranger
to them, so saying “Surely they can see…….?” won’t cut it at all, because from a lightweight
application no they cannot see anything. They certainly can’t see what you can see. It’s
like pointing at something when talking on the phone, and wondering why the other person
doesn’t follow. They know nothing about you, and it’s up to you to show them you’re
a genuine couple and have a good reason for your Filipina lady to visit you in Australia.
  Do you have to visit her in the Philippines
first? Remember the days of dating? And this is assuming
you are older, and your first dates weren’t via a text message saying “Can you touch
my hand? I want to tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel.” Did you ask the
young lady to meet you at your place? Or did you go and pick her up from her place? Did
you make that effort? Now I will ask you: How do you think it looks
to the Case Officers if you haven’t come here and met the girl in person, but you want
her to come to you? Yes, I know that many of you are busy with
business/work, and there are good and practical reasons for her to meet your family and to
see how you live in Australia. Plus, three months together is better than 10 days or
so in the Philippines. However we’re talking about your first meeting. You can do the meet-the-family
bit later. Right now, you should be doing the jetsetting version of ringing the doorbell
with a bunch of flowers. It’s a sign of how seriously you are taking
the whole thing! It’s showing that you are NOT one of those sleazy characters who spend
a couple of months chatting away with “some Filipino woman” and then getting a bed-partner
for 3 months before sending her back and getting another. Yes, they exist. Or rather I should
say they DID exist before the Embassy tightened up and started refusing (from our experience)
all applicants who haven’t met in person before.
  So, what are your practical visa requirements? • If you haven’t met the girl in person,
go and meet her. Meet her friends and family, and go see where she lives and grew up.
• Make sure your relationship has some substance. Don’t expect they will grant a visa to a
girl you’ve known for 16 days, even if you HAVE met her in person.
• And fill out a visa assessment form on the Down Under Visa website, and get some
expert help and guidance!

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