How to Get a UK Family Visitor Visa From Philippines

How to Get a UK Family Visitor Visa From Philippines

Upper body (Speaker)
A UK Family Visitor Visa allows foreign nationals outside
the European Economic Area to come to the UK to visit a
close member of a family who is a UK national or residing in
Like most visitor visas, your stay should only be temporary
and shouldn’t use your visa as a way to obtain permanent residency. You must be able to prove that you can cover
the expenses of your visit such as your airfare tickets and
accommodation. You should also have enough money to support
yourself while visiting the UK. 3 PROCESS 3 Upper body (Speaker) Step 1
Complete and submit a visa application form 1B or VAF1B
online. To do this, you must go to the Visa4UK website.
You can find the link of their website in the description
box of this video. Make sure you have your passport, the address
in the UK you will be staying and your itinerary. You will receive an e-mail with your application
number, also known as GWF Reference. Print out and sign your accomplished form Step 2
Pay for the visa fees which can be made in cash at any Union
Bank Branch. There are Union Bank branches without any
additional bank charges. Check the addresses in the description
box. You should have a photocopy of your passport
data page with you when you pay at the bank. Submit your visa
application within (CONTINUED) 3 CONTINUED: 3 10 working days after making your payment. Step 3
Book an appointment at the Visa Application Centre where you
will submit your application form and the following documents: 1. A valid passport
2. One passport sized color photograph 3. Evidence of your marital status
4. Letter from your employer stating your salary, the length of your employment and
that they allow you to have a time off from work.
5. Bank statements or bank books 6. Payslips
7. Tax returns 8. Hotel booking information and travel booking
confirmation 9. Letter from your family member in the UK
10. Your itinerary You must submit original and copies of all
these documents. 4 GRANTING OF VISA 4 (Speaker)
This visa will allow you to stay in the UK for up to
six months. Call us at (+63 2)8231090 or drop by our office
located at The 5th level of the Citibank Center Building,
Paseo de Roxas Cor. Villar streets, Makati City to assist
you in getting your UK Family Visitor Visa. FADE OUT

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  1. Are you from the Philippines? you don't sound like it and its easier to understand. No offence.I didn't know its that simple to get the visa.

  2. you are probably getting tons of questions from this video, but im hoping you can assist me. is employment status important in applying for tourist visa application? i am planning of quitting my job but i also need to get a uk visa to visit my boyfriend on his birthday. what can you recommend? do i need to keep my job while the application is still pending or is it okay for me to resign that way i can have more time in running the documents. Thanks

  3. Hi Joyce, This is not the correct forum.
     But i wanted to check with you like can an Indian National come to Philippines on 9AFSC visa? Does it require to have a pre application filed at  Bureau of Immigration PEZA, I came to know that BI PEZA is no more accepting the pre application, is that true? 

  4. i would like to ask, i dont know how to apply for my mom visa would be nice if only tourist visa at the moment,but im holding a german passport ( eea ) Please let me know what visa would i apply. and how long will it take the visa to be approved. thank you

  5. hello joy i am applying spousal visa I would like to ask what are supporting documents should i give to embassy?and how will i get online application thanks a lot i hope 

  6. Hi…im just wondering if how much is the salary bracket allowed to apply for visit visa to uk?? I hope you can answer my question asap . because me and my boyfriend is planning to visit his friend in uk…we are both working here in dubai..

  7. mam need your best advice,my aunt been in USA citizen,she been asking how to get a tourist visa,what are the necessary documents to start with,how to apply for her sister to tourist visa and USA, PLS RESPONSE,,

  8. Hi good day. Pano po mg apply ng uk visit visa kasama ang baby ko. 1 yr.old po sya. We are planning to visit her father in england. British po ang tatay mg anak ko. Thnks

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