how to get a US Tourist Visa from Manila

Upper body (Speaker)
A US Tourist Visa is for foreign nationals who
wish to travel to the US to visit their family and friends, for recreational,
medical treatment, or business purposes. 2 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 2 (Speaker)
Under the US Immigration laws, every foreign visitor is
presumed to be a potential illegal immigrant. And so you
must provide evidence of your strong ties in the Philippines
and evidence of sufficient income. 3 PROCESS 3 Full body (Speaker)
Before scheduling an appointment at the Embassy for an interview, you must ensure that you
have paid the application fee and completed all the necessary forms and documents. You
will need PAUSE
Speaker gestures his hand to the right to point out the list of requirements 1. Form DS-160 also known as the Online Nonimmigrant
Visa Electronic Application[PAUSE] 2. Passport [PAUSE]
3. A certified copy of your birth certificate[PAUSE] 4. Recent passport sized photograph, no more
than six months old, following the photograph specification[PAUSE]
5. Proof of strong ties in the Philippines[PAUSE] 6. Proof of financial capability[PAUSE]
7. Proof of accommodation[PAUSE] 8. Proof of employment[PAUSE]
9. Letter of invitation from your relative or friend in
in the US or letter from your employer outlining the travel and business plans, including dates
of travel if you are visiting for business purposes Upper body (CONTINUED) 3 CONTINUED: 3 (Speaker)
It is very important that you prepare for your visa interview where you will submit
your completed forms and documents. The interview will give you an opportunity
to state your travel intention. You must ensure that your
answers are supported by documentary evidence. 4 GRANTING OF VISA 4 (Speaker)
This visa allows you to stay in the US for three months.
However, it is the consular officers that determine the
validity period of your visa. Call us at (+63 2)8231090 or drop by our office
located at The 5th level of the Citibank Center Building,
Paseo de Roxas Cor. Villar streets, Makati City to assist
you in getting your US Tourist Visa. FADE OUT

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