How to Get a Visitor Visa to the U.S.A.

How to Get a Visitor Visa to the U.S.A.

English Winners. Do you want to travel or
do business in the United States? Then you will need a non-immigrant visa. So,
here is how to get a non-immigrant visa to the US: A non-immigrant visa is important for
traveling or doing short-term business things. You can also use it for things
like medical procedures or non- professional sporting events. Step 1:
let’s find out if you even need a visa. to travel or do business in the U.S.
There are around 38 countries that have exemptions, where all you need to do is
show up in the United States with your passport and you can travel in the
United States for up to 90 days. So check out the list. If any of your countries
are on this list, get your passport, buy your plane ticket
and come on over to the USA for your vacation. Like I said, if you’re a citizen of any
of those 38 countries, you are good. If not? Too bad. Let’s move on to step two.
Step two: find out what kind of visa you need. There’s usually B-1 or B-2 visas for
these kinds of purposes. A B-1 visa is for business things, like meeting
business partners in the United States, going to a conference, settling an estate,
dealing with contracts… things like that. And a B-2 visa is for people who are
going on vacation, doing tourism, or – if they’re participating in a
non-professional sports event that they are not getting paid for – or if they’re
attending merely a social event. For those things ,you need a B-2 visa. Step 3:
whatever country you live in, I want you to go to the website for the US Embassy
in your country. Now you do this to find out what papers you need to get your
visa. Some of those requirements… some of those documents… may be different
depending on which country you live in. However, there are some things that you
will be required to have, no matter what country you live in,
and here they are. You will need to go online and complete the non-immigrant
visa application form. That’s called the DS-160. You will also need a passport-style photo of yourself A visa application fee, which is,
usually, a pretty small amount of money. And, of course, you will need to schedule
your visa interview. This is where you will talk to someone
who works in the consular department of the U.S. embassy. Consular services… those
are the people who make the decision whether or not you can go to the U.S., so
very important to make a good impression on these people, yes?
Step four: you will need to bring everything I just mentioned, as well as
any documents the US Embassy in your country – their website – says you need, to a
Visa Application Center. Now, the Visa Application Center may be in the capital
city of your country at the Embassy, or the US State Department might have a
consular office or a mission post somewhere closer to where you live, and
usually in a major city, where you can go and do application for a visa. You
will have to look that up yourself because I don’t know which country you
live in. During the interview, you have to be ready to discuss the following points:
The purpose of your trip. What city do you plan to visit and why?
Who are you visiting? What do you do for a living? A detailed
explanation of your job or of what you do on a daily basis. That will help the
consular office understand your situation. 3: You will need to discuss
your direct family. You will have to answer questions about your family life,
like, “Are you married or single?” “Do you have children?” “Grandchildren?” “Does your
family have visas?” And, for students who are still in the process of building
their career, it’s important to speak about your degree program, your courses,
and your plans for the future. You may want to also assemble some documents. You know, bring extra documents with you that prove the things you say. This could be
your degree. This could be your bank statements. It could be your birth
certificate… anything that can help prove what you say is true.
Now, the consular officer might not ask those questions; it depends on where you
are and what the policies are. But, it’s good to have them with you just in case,
ok? Now do not… do not…. do NOT create fake documents, or buy fake documents. That may
prevent you from ever getting a visa to the U.S., or a lot of other countries. The
consular officers frown on that activity, right? They don’t like it. So don’t do
that. If you are in an unsafe country, or a situation where you cannot get the
documents you need, you may just need to be a refugee of a country closer to
where you currently are. The closer a country is to your current country,
the more cultural things you are going to share
with them, so it will be easier to adjust to a newer life. From there, you can work
with that country’s government, get documents, build a case, and from there,
maybe you can get the paperwork and the documents you need to one day get a visa
to the United States. That’s what I would advise, and I think that’s what many
consular officers would advise as well. If I’m wrong, please tell me, okay?
I really want to know. I hope this helps you. If it did, please tell me down in the
comments below. And if you need any more info, I left a link in the description
below that has most of the information I just said. But if you need a little bit
more information, that website can certainly help you, okay? To review, you
need to: step one, see if any of the countries that are on that list are a
country that you’re living in. If they’re not, continue to step two, where you
determine whether you need a b1 or b2 visa. Step 3, apply for an interview and
get all the documents you need, and step 4… you go to the interview,
bringing your documents, and be ready to answer questions about your family your
career plans… where you live… and things of that nature.
I’ve included a link to another playlist and one more video I think you might
like. So I will see you over on those lessons.

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  2. I got a problem in my country they are making it hard on us .. you can get Visa only if you have a job peremet or you are business men or student 。。 not more .. what shall I do then .. and my country is Tunisia

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