56 thoughts on “How To Get Quick Color Before Vacation | SELF TANNING | ANN LE

  1. I love your off the shoulder top!! Where can I get one?
    Your hair looks so good in this video! Perfect!!

  2. why would you want to tan before going on vacation…wont that get done in the process…like, go white as a beluga whale then come back as a bronze babe…thats how it works, isnt it…i feel old already and im only 23. wth.

  3. This was me this morning, put on a skirt for work and my legs were basically see through haha I need a little tan in my life!

  4. Thank you for this video!!! I have a dry skin too !! I didn't know that brush before! I'll try to find it !! ?? #snapchatfam

  5. i think you should do something with your haircolour, i think you look much better with a darker colour:) 😉

  6. Hi Ann, does this type of self tanner immediately wash off in the shower (like Sally Hansen)? If not, then how long does it last? Is it water proof?

  7. don't the sunless tanners leave your clothes a orange hew on your clothes? anytime I try them my sheets and clothes turn dirty orange.

  8. Hi Ann,thank you so much for your reply as I live in UK where am unable find this in my local superdrugs store, it would be great if you can send me link with pictures so have look online.. please.. thank you ?

  9. Is this the Instant Tan one or the gradual glow daily lotion? If it's the instant tan one, is it actually a tanner or a leg/body makeup that comes off at the end of the day? I want this product but idk what it actually is.

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