How To Get Shredded Fast For Summer (HIIT Home Workout) | THENX

How To Get Shredded Fast For Summer (HIIT Home Workout) | THENX

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    (Don't worry if you didn't win, we do this every Sunday!)

  2. 2nd day in a row. Sore as a mf from yesterday but already notice the difference in difficulty and energy through the exercise. Ready to push through the 2nd round. Wish me luck….

  3. Im going to this to burn the little bit of fat I still got and start working for a 6 pack thank u for this video Chris

  4. I used to be so weak and no abs and no arm strength. I never wants to take off my shirt so thank you for making my 13 year old body ripped!!👍

  5. I've been watching Chris in the past and I learned a lot. During the last summer (actually May too, so 4 months) I lost more than 30 lbs by mainly just running and eating less but healthy food but I haven't been exercising or eating healthy regularly for almost a year and today I will start doing this workout (with some more exercises). I hope this time I'll be able to keep my discipline.

  6. I now think about what I eat, when I eat, the calories, carbs and how I will use those carbs thanks to you. In 1 week of doing your six pack abs workouts for beginners and these hiit workouts my abs are looking better than ever, I am in the best shape I have ever been in and I’m not planning on stopping and I can’t wait to see my body develop even more and try out some of your other workouts because they obviously are working. For anybody reading this or just starting keep your head high and just stay consistent and the results will show so good luck🙂

  7. Thank you so much for your workout videos Chris! Because of you I started working out regularly every day and I feel so much better about my body now. When I lack motivation I just click on your video and start working out with you. You inspire me!

  8. As with most of these videos, there'e way too much talking and not enough action. I stopped watching after 1.29.

  9. Hey really love your videos … You should tell us approximately how many calories does each workout burn .. thank a lot

  10. He needs a timer for people who are borrowing on the phone so we can hear and know when an exercise changes

  11. Shit bro your hiit workouts are no joke. I didn't feel like i was too out of shape but i feel out of shape after 1 round. I dig it though and i really appreciate your videos i look forward to the day that i can complete several rounds. Keep up the good work

  12. Chris go to carbs are spinach, bok choy, asparagus… etc. I pray for his soul, when people say carbs they mean pizza and burgers lol

  13. I know you don't really comment on new comments, so could you like this comment if I'm right? If I don't have muscle definition, and I do this hit 3x a week for let's say 5 months, won't I be skinny?

  14. What's up, Chris! 😀 Had not done this one for a while and did it today. 👍Love the music! 🤙Will do this before my HeriaPro routine during this week! 👋👌

  15. Hi, Chris, your body is my ultimate body goal. Period! the maximum I've ever weighed was 246 pounds. I've lost 44 to 55 pounds in two or three years. Now, I'm about 200 lbs (187 minimum), but of muscles and "only muscles". I've managed to nourish myself way better than ever and know more precisely what to do to lose the fat without starving myself and experience the yoyo anew (I'm not a native English speaker, so do you also use this image of the yoyo in this case?). I've trained myself for quite some time and am ready to go to the next level… to the point where I wanna be very decent looking by November 29th! Otherwise, good luck on your singing career, your sound is cool and fresh! Good luck on your journey, in general, you're inspiring me so much to keep dreaming my dreams!

  16. not true, if you dont use the energy from carbs only ~ 3 % of that will go to fat, rest will become exothermic heat in your body and you will just burn it off overnight 🙂

  17. Amazing… i just did 2 rounds of this video, honestly, i couldn't do more but i know is just a matter of time to achieve more goals..thanks Chris and the all THENX team!!

  18. yesssssssssssss!!!! I made it through all 4 rounds 🙂 you sweat your butt off lol I just have to work on keeping my legs straight on the leg raises

  19. I like every exercise you do. Every time, you do not the same exercise but always with high intensity.
    You are awesome! 👍

  20. Chris heria thanks for changing my life
    Been training in the gym for 6 months now 5 months before i got to know you for these 5 months i didnt lose that much fat like i lost in the past month i already got my 4 pack working for the 6 pack now then imma be training climping my way to hand stands muscel ups etc
    thanks alot!!

  21. I’ve been doing these excises for 7 weeks 4 to 5 times a week. My weight was 14.5 now it is 12.11 want to lose more fat love theses excises thank you Chris Heria

  22. Hello Chris sir thanks a lot for these workout, I started this workout in mid september month , and now its mid December , I weight 75 kg then and now I am 64 kg , so I literally loose 11 kgs in these months , without any special diet or any fancy equipment , I am a medical student from India so i don't have much time and enough space to do these workouts, they are really simple and u just need a small space to do it and ur own body weight, that's it. As now I am really happy with the results, today I subscribe ur channel after getting those results . thanks sir thank u so much keep uploading these kind of workouts. Again Thank you sir ! Sir can I get the link of music plz I'm in love with that music !

  23. I 've started calisthenics,hiit workout and IF at February 2019 weighted 107 kg and now January 1st 2020(happy new year!)my weight is…75 kg!!
    Always motivated!!Thank you Chris!Greetings from Crete,Greece!

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