How To Get SIX PACK ABS Fast For Summer | 2018

How To Get SIX PACK ABS Fast For Summer | 2018

97 thoughts on “How To Get SIX PACK ABS Fast For Summer | 2018

  1. Hey i wanna pick up a new routine, i kinda can handle this, i wanted to know the diffrence between this routine and the one of your other video, Fastest way to get 6 pack abs (you can do everywhere). which one should i chose?

  2. This is really easy, (my opinion. plz don’t get mad or something like that) however I don’t have equipment so I can’t do some but the ones I could were very easy, is there a higher “level” one of these but without equipment? That would be great thanks

  3. I m french'french, i don't understand all that you Said but you give me motivation to be better

  4. Yes please make a video on nutrition as that is one aspect of this that I don’t full understand how to tailor it to the different workouts

  5. Without over doing it if your metabolism is slow on processing, what is the food that you should eat and avoid. Thanks

  6. WTH you have 200 pounds of muscle and you still struggle with those exercises, i have beer belly how am i supposed to do them?

  7. You're body tattoos 100/100
    You neck tattoos really looks disgusting ?
    (Please dont roast me its just a opinion).

  8. I have a question so what if the person already has there own diet, can they still follow this workout routine?

  9. I was sooo madd at him while I’m doing this! I literally was screaming to my phone: ‘are you fucking sirious?? I can’t do that’ ????

  10. 45 seconds each exercise + 15 seconds rest
    1. Jump Rope 2:40
    2. Burpees 3:30
    3. In and Outs 4:30
    4. Russian twist 5:33
    5. Toes to bar 6:34
    6. L-sit hold 7:30
    7. Knee Raises 8:31

  11. Nice Programm but some people like I have no training room and I have a question is it normal that my ''six pack,, feel smaller than before the training?

  12. Repeat routine 3 times.

    45 seconds on, 15 seconds off
    Jump rope
    In and Outs
    Russian Twist
    Toes to Bar
    L-Sit Hold
    Knee Raises

  13. I used to do that L-Sit Hold at my sisters’ softball games on the bleachers and be like “dang, this would be a good workout,” I didn’t realize other people had thought of it already ? good video

  14. i gotta question , what if you sprint for as long as you can which probably isnt that long cause everyone usually gas out within a minute , but the real question is will it burn more fat and calories cause youre giving everything you got

  15. Just bumbed into ur channel, ur a pretty cool young, no pretention, i like that, this old geezer will now follow ur info, thanx young man….

  16. But u don't want to have all muscle but I don't want to be fat. I didn't want to sink and blame my muscles for it

  17. Chris can you make video about what you think about Whey proteins and are they bad for health? Many people use them but can you talk a little about it?

  18. I am a Nutritionist…and I would like to see what your thoughts/tips are on helping develop an abdominal "physique"

  19. I’ve just turned 15 and am trying to impress my friends(and girls) so this was the perfect workout for me. I’ve been doing this once a day except for Saturday and Wednesday and have seen excellent results In less than a month.

  20. I hate these videos cus nothing ever works for me . It’s my fault tho . Like How do I get more dedicated , I already pull females fairly easy . So my motivation is low . But I’m 6’1 190

  21. Some of you will say it's impossible. Same goes to me, a year ago. But since I joined firefighter crew, I know sky is the limit. I can do something I never thought I would ever do. It's all about our mentality. Never say never!

  22. Yo Chris where can I find your Nutrition stuff? I wanna try ur routine plus maybe I need some information on diet to make this whole workout effective.

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