25 thoughts on “How to Go Camping in Your Backyard

  1. Step 1. Set up a tent in your yard.
    Step 2. Try to sleep outside.
    If this doesn't work than sleep in your bed and tell everyone you slept out side!

  2. I would have never been able to figure out how to camp out in my backyard if it wasnt for this video!! Wooww Weee

  3. this video is good if your state governor is a moron and wants to close 55 state parks.take a guess what state that is?

  4. @snoopyloopy wrong answer i live in new york state and our governor is as mean as a horse shutting down 55 state parks.can't wait till he is out of office!

  5. @RavishingRedheadd yea arnold threaten to shutter up to 200 parks here in ca. don't think it actually ended up happening, but just the mere fact that it was suggested is a problem.

  6. @snoopyloopy well one year in spring/summer 2005 all parks were closed even smaller ones not just state parks.all of the people in albany are over paid in ny and this clown in office is cutting back on everything why don't they just cut back on their stupid high paid salaries?

  7. @RavishingRedheadd heh, already tried that. last year, ca legislature ran around slashing services like crazy. (even services that are mandated minimum funding levels and can't legally be reduced by legislature.) pretty much all state workers took at minimum 10% salary reduction if their job wasn't eliminated. but when the legislature was supposed to get a 18% pay cut, they were the first in line at court house filing suit saying that the group that did their pay cut wasn't authorized to do so.

  8. @timelordthetrain LOL true dat. This is how it went down here on Sat. Step 1. Set up tent in yard. Step 2. Make lil fire for s'mores. Step 3. Melt 1 marshmello & notice sudden gusty winds and creepy dark clouds Step 4. Fire goes out as we chase lawn furniture & yard ornamentation around the backyard in the wind :/ Step 5. Rescue tent from tree branch. Step 6. Run for cover from rain. Step 7. Wonder who's bright idea it was to camp in yard without checking weather report first.

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