42 thoughts on “How to Go to the Bathroom While Camping

  1. Just use environment safe toilet paper. They will desolve after a few days in the ground. Why carry a plastic bag of Sh*t paper? Gross dude.

  2. uhh toilet paper will desolve and the crap just fertilizes the ground so i wouldn't put it in a bag next to me when i sleep

  3. Just take a carp anywhere and bring toilet paper how hard can it be and who gives a shit if someone sees it, it's not a big deal!

  4. How to go to the bathroom when camping you will need shovel or at least hands. Step one dig a hole step two do what you got to do

  5. There are campsites that have bathrooms and showers, you know. You still use a tent and everything. No shame in that…

  6. I prefer to poo into a light fragile thin bag. I do not like traveling with my poo or digging holes when you need to go bad. I tie fishing line to the bag and hang it up over the trail. It is released by a trip line by hikers dropping the gift on hikers. Having a deer cam focused on the spot is priceless entertainment.

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