24 thoughts on “How to Install a Car Seat on a Plane | Baby Travel

  1. That's awful. Do Not advise people to not take a carseat on the plane. If you have an infant, you need to bring your carseat to keep them safe. Just the same as in your car.

  2. Correct title would have been: how to bring an infant on a flight. This video has nothing to do with how to install a car seat on a plane.

  3. Really Jennifer! How about how to buckle It in, do I need my base, which way does it face. You didn’t answer any of these questions.

  4. In cases of sudden or severe turbulence or a rough landing you would have a hard time holding onto your baby. Especially since you’re supposed to be in a bracing position during a rough enough landing. Turbulence is more like to be the issue. Pay the extra money and keep your baby in their car seat. Their life is worth the extra cost. Also, I’ve seen caraways destroyed when checked. There’s no way to know for sure it wasn’t tossed around either even if there isn’t visible damage.

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